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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Back on the Winning Side - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Softball Evens the Series

After a rough Friday, with both Softball and Lacrosse coming out on the wrong side of the scoresheet, we have a couple of wins to celebrate today.

First, Softball answered the Yellow Jackets with a win yesterday, 4-1.  Alyssa Zabala, who certainly didn't have the game of her life on Friday, was back in the circle yesterday and went the distance, holding Georgia Tech to four hits, and only issuing three walks while striking out five.  A solid performance, for sure.

The Cards did take some time to get their offense in gear, however.  Georgia Tech struck first with a run in the 3rd, and UofL wouldn't answer until the 6th, ensuring all Cards fans were at their most stressed before coming back for the win.

I should, to be honest, phrase that as "Riley Frizell answered" as the first score was a Frizell rip over the center field fence to lead off the 6th.  That wouldn't be the only home run of the inning, however.  First, though, Bailee Richardson drew a walk, chasing the GT pitcher, before Vanessa Miller took her 3rd pitch over the left field fence.  Georgia Tech was unable to answer in the bottom half of the frame.

The Cards would add some extra insurance in the top of the 7th.  Pickle Winkler drew a walk to start off the inning, but was called out for leaving the base early on a Daisy Hess single.  Of course Hess stole 2nd, because it's Daisy Hess.  Richardson then sent a double out to center field, and that's all Hess needed to finish the circuit, bringing the Cards to the 4-1 final score.

Louisville will finish out the series against Georgia Tech with a noon start at Mewborn Field in Atlanta.  Today is their "Bark in the Park" promotion, where fans are encouraged to bring their dogs out to the park, so if you're a dog lover like me, there's extra incentive to watch the stream on ACC Network Extra.  If good softball wasn't enough of a draw, hopefully getting to see some good doggos will help.


Volleyball wrapped up their spring season last night with a five set win over Tennessee.  There was no stream presented, and no stats kept, so we're going all vibes here today.

Tennessee came out of the locker room looking strong, winning the first two sets.  Interestingly, Coach DBK decided to play a 6-2 offensive gameplan for those two sets.  This means that the setter on the court is always in the back row, subbing in and out in place of right side hitters, which also keeps a right side hitter on the front row the whole time, increasing offensive options.

Wait, who's our second right side hitter, you may ask if your familiar with Louisville Volleyball's roster.  Allana Bankston was pressed into service there.  Bankston has a demonstrated history of playing just about any position, left, right, and middle, in addition to being a competent defensive player.  She's kind of the go anywhere, do anything player on the squad.  Louisville does have a transfer from Arizona State, Sofia Maldonado Diaz that is expected to be primarily a right side attacker, so this may have been some prep for a potential 6-2 in season.  At least as an option.

Again, there was a lot of switching between Nayelis Cabello and Elle Glock in the setter role.  This is definitely an open position battle for the fall.  I still tend to lean towards Cabello getting the starting role in the fall, she seems about a half step quicker than Glock, has a pretty impressive serve, and is clearly a better blocker than Glock.

Credit to Tennessee, they put some good blocks occasionally, but were particularly good digging, extending a number of rallies that would've been Cards points against many other teams.  Also credit the Lady Vols for being willing the play the tie breaking 5th set, which a certain other SEC team wasn't willing to do against us.

Charitie Luper was back to full front row attack mode, and was wearing her knee brace again to do so.  Anna DeBeer is definitely done with hers and you can see the improvement in her mobility by not being constrained by it.

Hannah Sherman had some great rotations in the middle hitter/block position, including a couple of epic solo blocks, but I suspect the MB positions will still be lead by Phekran "PK" Kong, and Cara Cresse.

Elena Scott continues to do Elena Scott things.  As fellow writer here at Cardinal Couple, Jared Anderson, put it on twitter, "I got into every match thinking [Elena Scott] can't do anything to top watch[sic] she did the previous match and every time she pulls the 'watch me' card."  To which I responded, "And it's always like a double flipping half twist over a table single armed dig with her hair on fire.  And it's an absolute dime to the setter."  It truly is hard to comment on Scott, other than maybe to say, if you want to know what the Libero position is supposed to do, here's the prime example.

The Cards Volleyball fall schedule should be announced soon, and of course, we'll break that down for you when it comes out.  After that, should be the tradition Red & Black scrimmage sometime mid August.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

Case, Jared, Paulie, and I made the call...well, I was a little late.  This one was an adventure from the get go with some vaguely Not Safe For Work innuendo and joking around at the beginning.  But ultimately we did quit procrastinating and get to discussing the tough Friday news for Cards athletics.


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  1. Yeah, Elena is probably my all time favorite female athlete 💯


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