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Wednesday, April 3, 2024




A day of practices and planning for the spring sports squads on the UofL campus, but no scores to report or outcomes to debate and complain about or celebrate.  So, let's take a look at how our spring sports are progressing. 

Our softball squad is 22-14 and prepares for a potentially huge series with visiting #18 Florida State starting Friday. a team to reckon with, no doubt... if you are looking to improve your conference record (3-6). The weather might be a bit chilly for the series, maybe something that might fall in favor of the Birds. The Cards got rained out last night in their attempt to play NKU. We hope you survived the storms OK.


The big thing here, in keys to a Cardinals win, is whether the bats are still popping and the pitching shows up..Four home runs in the series fnale against Pitt is encouraging, but can the Cards do that against a much better pitching staff from FSU?  And, we know how much the Cards depend on Alyssa Zabala in the circle, but how will she hold up against an Noles squad that is 25-9 and on a seven game winning streak? 

Just down the street at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium, Scott Teeter's group will play an exceptionally early one Saturday when they face Virginia at 11:30 am. I don't know the reason when they are opting for such an early game, maybe that will come out in the next couple of days...At 6-7 the Cards have had some nice successes this season, but are coming off a 22-12 loss at Syracuse. The Cards are in a three way tie for ninth (or seventh) place in the conference and a 2-4 isn't so bad, some years, it took quite a while  just to gather one win in the brutal ACC schedule, or even finish the conference slate winless..


One of the schools at 2-4 in conference with the Cards is Clemson, who was the unfortunae butt of a April Fools internet prank that had them levng the ACC, along with FSU.I fell for it. Clemson hasnt been at LAX too long, but hasn't started too badly.. The Cards Saturday opponent...Virginia... is a longstanding powerhouse in ACC LAX and their 9-3 record this season holds up with that. 

It would be a big feather in Louisville's hat to get a win over Virginia. They have shown the scoring possibilities of being a team that could spring a huge upset, in the past. We'l see how Saturday goes. 


Four teams to go in the NCAA WBB Tournament. How did you do in successfully pickng which four would battle for the tiitle? i picked two 0f them, in NCST and UConn. Out of all our Cardinal Couple Pick 'em contestants. only two participants had all four in their bracket. Stanford, LSU and Notre Dame seemed to be three schools a lot of people liked that did not get there, plus...we had a few contestants that rode sentimental longshot Louisville and their chances. 

We should have two great games, leading to the final, in NCST and South UConn and Iowa.  We do have four animals this year in the Final Four. At least mascot wise. Huskies, Wolves, Gamecocks and Hawkeyes. 

Have a great Wednesday! 


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  1. All the WBB headlines still seem to be about Pigtails and Crazy Lady. I hope Van Lith does reunion wit Crazy Lady. They deserve each other.


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