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Monday, February 28, 2022

Cards WBB dismantles Notre Dame -- Softball Falls to Arkansas -- ACC Bracket


Louisville women's basketball jumped out to a 31-3 first quarter lead (and, no Micale Cunningham was NOT on the court) and had Notre Dame totally dismantled by halftime 54-15 in Purcell Pavilion Sunday afternoon. 

The Cards were hot and Notre Dame was not in the first twenty. Forget the fact that Notre Dame won the second half 49-32. The Irish were never a challenge to the Cards, missing 15 of the first 16 shots and falling behind 18-1 in the first quarter. Louisville hit their first seven threes en route to handing Notre Dame their first home loss of the season.

Hailey Van Lith and Kianna Smith had 20 points each for the Cards and were joined in double figures by Emily Engstler (17 points) and Chelsie Hall (13 points) 

The Cards shot 80% in that sizzling first quarter and 58.5% for the game.

Notre Dame couldn't stop the Cards in a zone, went to man-to-man and fared no better and faced a 71-34 deficit at the end of the third quarter. 

Olivia Miles led the Irish with 13 points. She also got a bit chippy with 2:49 left in the first half and shoved Kasa Robinson after a layup that made it 48-10 Cards. After an official review, four players were assessed intentional fouls -- Miles, Robinson, Hailey Van Lith and Dara Mabrey. It may have been the stupidest move of the season for Miles -- woofing when down by 38.  

Norika Konno returned to the court for the Cards in this one and played eight minutes, hitting her only shot, getting a foul and committing two turnovers. 

" We could play them 50 times and I wouldn't expect a first quarter to be 31-3. It was one of those days for them, but, defensively -- I felt we caused a lot of it." -- Jeff Walz. 

For sure, Cards fans won't forget this beatdown of masive proportions for quite awhile.


We bring in Freddy Kruger for the
"Nightmare in Purcell" for Notre Dame. 

FREE THROWS:  The Cards went to the line four times and hit two of them.  Seriously.  (Notre Dame had 24 attempts). Any time Eric Brewton calls a UofL WBB game, the opponent never fouls. 50% won't get a letter, but, the disparity is glaring.... the striped crew called five fouls on Verhulst in just 11 minutes. Almost laughable. 

REBOUNDS:  The Cards dominated the boards 40-22. Engstler led the way with 10 for UofL. 30 defensive and 10 offensive grabs. No problem with a CAPITAL "R" here. 

EFFORT/EXECUTION:  That first 20 minutes may have been the best I have seen a Cards team  play against a top 25 team in the Walz era.  19 assists on 38 made baskets and just 14 turnovers. The Cards were unstoppable in the first three quarters. Crisp passing and excellent execution in the half court. A definite CAPITAL "E" here. 

DEFENSE:  A complete shutdown of anything Notre Dame wanted to do in the first half. The Cards had six steals and, if the fourth quarter was a bit sloppy for UofL, when you're up 42 in a game, your concentration tends to maybe waiver a bit, focusing on the ineptitude of your foe.  I'll go lower case "d" here -- for three outstanding quarters defensively and one that wasn't so defensive. 


Two massive beat-downs of the Irish this year, and no one else I'd rather see the Cards administer them to. Dana Evans was on hand to watch the romp. it didn't change where the Cards would be seeded in the ACC Tournament (at #2) and Notre Dame still goes in as a #3 seed. The Cards play Friday at 6 p.m.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ahlana Smith, who was not at the game. A death in her family and she was with them. 



In the restructured Wooo Pig Classic in Fayetteville, Louisville played Arkansas Sunday and jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, 

It didn't last, though, and the Pigs came back with two runs in the fifth inning and four in the sixth for the win. 

All five Louisville runs came on three home runs -- Smith,.Otis and Miller going fence. Taylor Roby went four innings in the circle for UofL. The loss went to Gabby Holloway.. 

The two squads are scheduled to play two games Monday. Maybe...with the rest of the teams originally slated to play in the classic back home already, it seems like a plan.



 It's finalized and set. Louisville plays Friday at 6 p.m. 

In opening Wednesday action:

Game One -- Syracuse and Clemson                                                                                          Game Two -- Duke and Pitt                                                                                                          Game Three  -- Wake Forest and Virginia

I got my bracket copy HERE but there are plenty places to download it. Just do a Google search . (Make sure you have the 2022 ACC one, I nearly posted the 2020 !)  

Good luck to all in the Cardinal Couple Pick Em Challenge !!  Rules on "The right side of the site"  Entries are open, may the best one win ! Jared's e-mail is:  and Paulie's is:  Or ,you can leave your picks in any comments section up to Wednesday noon. (Don't forget the total score...) 

Sonja's Picks: 

Syracuse, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, NC State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, NC State, Louisville, Louisville  Points: 141




  1. What a complete beat down!! I'm like Walz, that fourth quarter point giveaway doesn't bother me either. This game was over at 7-0.

    Here my are Challenge Picks


    Sorry, I just think the Wolfpack have our number.

    Nick O

  2. We were among the 50 or so folks wearing red at Purcell Pavilion yesterday. My first trip there. My fourth ACC road game. I'll rank the venues Cameron, Carmichael, Purcell, John Paul Jones.

    I have to disagree with the lower case "d". As good as our offense was, I think our defense was better. Notre Dame wasn't able to run anything on offense. Cards earned the "D" in the first quarter. Second half didn't matter.

    Verhulst earned every one of those five fouls. Not a good outing for her. She has a long way to go on defense.

    1. Limited minutes because of defense, or lack of defense, imo.
      I've noticed teams attack her a lot, many times blow by her.
      She switched to Miles yesterday, instant mismatch.
      I figure she'll work HARD this summer improving that👍

    2. You got to see a classic !


  3. Some interesting matchups! Clemson Cuz here, I read you guys most every day, but not much on commenting, still learning about our women's sports down here, we're supposed to be pretty good in softball, per Arthur.

    I will try the pick 'em again this year. Can't win if you don't play, right?


    Clemson, Duke, Virginia
    Clemson, Florida State, Duke, Georgia Tech
    Clemson, NC State, Louisville, Notre Dame
    NC State, Louisville
    Total points: 130

    Clemson Cuz

  4. Cards !!

    Great to go into post-season like that!

    I don't much care for Miles on that Irish squad and she's lucky it wasn't Emily she shoved. There would have been two hits, Emily hitting her and Miles hitting the floor.

    Another ref crew that was anti-UofL. I used to think Brewton was one of the better ACC refs, but he and his crew let the crowd get to them.

    I just wonder how many walls Muffy punched during this one?

    I'll be back later with pick em picks. Got some studying to do.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  5. As focused and hungry a half as I've seen against a quality opponent.
    But again, as in the first game against them here, did NOT see this coming 😲
    I'mma go ahead and say it, that total beatdown, on ESPN, solidified a #1 NCAA tournament seed, regardless what happens in the ACC tournament.

  6. Clemson, Duke, Wake Forest
    VA Tech, Florida State, Miami, Wake Forest
    VA Tech, NC State, Louisville, Notre Dame
    NC State, Louisville

  7. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    Louisville looked like a FINAL Four team Sunday! Notre Dame still probably walking around campus wondering if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that hit them. Too bad, little Mabrey. Don't sulk too long, you have to get ready for a first round ACC Tournament loss !

    We leave tomorrow for Greensboro. Only six of us going this year. I got no faith in us after that Miami embarrassment yesterday. Maybe Amanda gets them together but Syracuse owns us also.

    We go for the fun and social aspect. We've met and still see some great folks from the Carolinas, Louisville, Virginia and even Boston. A shame you're not going, Paulie. I'll miss you and so will Bea.

    OK. Here's my Pick 'Em Contest picks. Bea wants a day to think about it, I'll send hers Tuesday.

    Weds: Syracuse, Duke, Virginia
    Thurs: VT, BC, Miami, GT
    Fri: VT, NCST, UOFL, GT
    Sat: VT, UOFL
    Sun: UOFL

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  8. Hello,

    Irish fan here. I was searching around girl different "takes" on the game yesterday and came across your site. I can't say I agree with all Paulie's recap but, yah, we stunk early.

    Is your contest open to anyone? If so, I would like to enter.

    My picks are, Syracuse, Duke, Wake, VA Tech, Boston College, Miami, Ga Tech, VA Tech, NC St, Lou, Notre Dame, NC St, Notre Dame, Notre Dame. Total points 107


    Clifford #1
    Terra Haute

  9. How do you beat UofL after that performance yesterday?

    I was glad to see Konno back. She adds depth. Good shooter.

    My yearly entry below. As long as I beat Watson, we're all good...


    Clemson, Duke, Wake, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Louisville, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Louisville, Louisville. POINTS: 129

    The Real Joe Hill

  10. Clemson, Pitt, Wake, Va Tech, Florida State, Miami, Ga Tech, Va Tech, NC State, Cards, Notre Dame, Nc State, Cards, cards FOR CHAMPIONSHIP
    points: 117

    Game yesterday was a huge confidence building for the tournament ahead. I was so happy to see Casa and Hailey not stepping down from confrontation with ND all American. I am ready for this team to fly

  11. After hours of debate, mayhem, banana smoothies and golf cart rides. the Cardinal Chimps have come to an agreement on their ACC WBB Tournament Picks and I just received them from Bill the Goat (partially eaten, u know how Bill is...) Here we go:


    Clemson, Pitt, Virginia, Clemson, FSU, Pitt, Virginia. North Carolina, FSU, Louisville, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisville, Louisville POINTS 98

    Timmy, Coco, Cuddles, Blinkie, Bootsy, Jurich, Cassie, Maynard and Lovey

  12. I realized I didn’t put the combined score in the championship in my bracket so I have the championship game total score at 135.



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