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Saturday, January 1, 2022



It has been one heck of a week, so you might notice this post is out quite late. After the last few days, we hit the hay around 10:30PM, not bothering to watch the ball drop, and I caught up on a lot of sleep to start my 2022.

I'm not much of a resolutions guy, having recently taken up the idea of yearly themes instead. Resolutions are very unforgiving and can put you in quite a poor headspace if you aren't able to stick to a new habit or hit an arbitrary goal you created, at least that's the case for me anyway. Themes give you the flexibility to model your year how you see fit and change targets as necessary if the situation demands it. 

My theme this year is the "Year of New", and I'm trying to freshen up a lot of aspects of my work and personal life. I'll be taking a look at my routines, habits, hobbies, physical spaces, and more to try to make the most out of 2022. It feels like the right time for that theme given what has been a bit of a slog over the last two years. 

As the sun sets on 2021, UofL and the athletic program will be going through their own Year of New as well, but theirs is due to a different set of circumstances. Hopefully as fans of the Cards, the new we see can be a new National Champion or two. 

Louisville women's basketball's quest for a national championship continues tomorrow when the two Louisville teams play a double-header against Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Jeff will have more in his preview article tomorrow. As Daryl mentioned yesterday, we'll be back with the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast next week!

Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. Happy New Year to all at Cardinal Couple. I took the Case option and made it an early New Year's Eve and caught up on sleep. My lazy bones are going to bring in the new year watching college football , eating whatever I want and chilling. My New Year's resolution in simple. Be me. They can't take that away from you and there s no need to cover up, mask or hide. I'd also love to be engaged to Taylor Swift, but I'm not counting on that one.

    Nick O.


    Let's make it a good one! A NATTY for WBB and great swimming, softball and lacrosse seasons ahead. I heard an interesting podcast a couple of days go that was themed around: "What are you going to do for you in '22?"

    I gave that question some thought. I am going to try and be a great spouse, fair businessman, positive friend and healthy person. If I can touch all four of those bags, that's quite a homer. Day by day. I'm going for it.

    Go Cards!

    The Real Joe Hill

  3. It's a new year where I'm just going to maintain day by day. Hopes are for exciting sports to watch and acceptable work conditions. I was kind of hoping for a Cardinal sports expectations article out of you all today. But. In lieu of that. I'll toss a few out there. For WBB. a Final Four dance and ending the slate on a winning streak. For swimming, an NCAA team championship. For softball, an ACC title and trip to the college softball world series. For lacrosse a winning season, some ACC wins and scorers. For track and field, some record setting performances and wins over the ACC and national powerhouse programs.

    I hope UofL gets a president that understands the importance of college athletics and an AD that works with ALL the programs on campus fairly and who can help rebuild the donor base.

    Go Cards
    Curtis " Be Kind " Franklin

  4. Curtis, we traditionally give the articles a break on major holidays. I fell Case did that adequately. Good observations by you though. Happy New Year!


  5. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!

    First and foremost, HAPPY New Year to my Cardinal friends! Let's hope 2022 is a better one than these past couple. I think we are all tired of COVID, masks, closings and restrictions. Public opinion differs on if things will continue to loosen up.

    I guess the thought here is gratitude. Grateful I got a bowl game in and didn't get sick. Grateful for the technology today that makes it possible to follow teams hundreds of miles away from me. Grateful that I'm still mentally and physically able to enjoy, comprehend and discuss what I see.

    Tomorrow is guaranteed but there is no guarantee you'll be here for it. You enjoy the moment and be a good person. If you do both, you've had a busy day.

    I look forward to the excellent coverage you bring in 2022. I plan on "being around" to enjoy and discuss it. There is an old Jimmy Buffett song with the line --
    "Good times and riches and son of a bitches. still I had me a good time all the way." I think It like that on my headstone. 20+ years from now.

    You Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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