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Thursday, January 13, 2022


 Louisville Hosts Syracuse

In a semi-surprising move, Louisville Women's Basketball will be playing their scheduled game tonight against Syracuse at 7:00 p.m. The Cards are back after a one-game pause from a COVID-19 outbreak.

You can catch this game online on ACC Network Extra and it is rumored our favorite attack Yorkie, Jess Laemmle, will be on the call tonight. Let's hope those rumors are true! You can also tune into 790-AM WKRD to hear Nick Curran and AJ give you the most brilliant basketball radio call in these 50 states.

What we currently don't know is everyone available for the game. It's a long shot to see the full roster on the bench and active for the game in such a quick turnaround. We also don't know which players will be on limited minutes as they are still on the recovery process.

We don't know too much about Syracuse either. With a roster that's made up of mostly new faces for the Orange and a brand new coach, this is a much different team than we've seen in the past. The Orange are 8-7 on the year and 1-4 in conference play. They dropped 116 on Central Connecticut State and have won five games by 30 or more points as well as beating a ranked Ohio State team by six. They also have some really bad losses with four losses being by 20 or more points. Inconsistency has been their theme.

Syracuse has a strong offense, averaging 76.1 points per game, second in the ACC. They also rank last in the conference in points allowed per game at 69.0. They average a lot of steals (10.9), shoot well from three (8.2 made three-pointers per game), and have been fantastic from the free throw line (78.6 percent).

The Orange have four players averaging double figures in scoring. Teisha Hyman (14.8) and Chrislyn Carr (14.2) have been the top two scorers. Seven different players average 3.0 rebounds per game or better. Their assist-turnover ratio is almost 1.0 exactly.

It's hard to say how this game will go due to the fact of uncertainty on who is available for the Cards as well as the up-and-down season Syracuse has had.

Louisville's defense has been incredible this year and I expect will be the difference maker. The Cards have almost two starting lineups worth of players who can step in on a moments notice on defense and be fine.

Offensively, Louisville has still being trying to find themselves. We've seen many different players step up with hot shooting nights including Emily Engstler, Hailey Van Lith, Kianna Smith, and Payton Verhulst. Finding fast break opportunities from a strong defense will help the Cards get a rhythm going on offense.

If you choose to avoid going to the game due to your own COVID-19 concerns- numbers have skyrocketed since the holidays- we certainly understand and won't blame you. If you do choose to go, although masks are not required, I highly recommend wearing one. It's not just members of team that have been dealing with COVID-19 situations. Multiple members of the media/photographers and several spirit squad members have been dealing with issues too.

Let's see what happens at tonight's game and hope for a win!

Hailey Van Lith

The NIL regulations have afforded student-athletes great opportunities. Hailey Van Lith is one of those student-athletes. She is the first Louisville player ever to be able to sell and profit off her name on a Louisville jersey while being an active student.

HVL has her #10 jerseys for sale in a partnership with Retro Brand. At $135.00 for the hand-stitched numbered jerseys, it's a bit out of my price range, but to cover the Louisville Cardinals copyright, the price has to be high. She does have some t-shirts out there too for a much cheaper price.

Whether you plan to buy HVL's shirts/jerseys or not, it's cool to see this step taken for student-athletes to be able to take control of their own lives.



  1. Glad to see that the game is going to be played as scheduled.

    We are in the "not going because of no masking" group. I don't understand a "mask optional" policy during this Omicron-fueled spike in cases. UConn is requiring masks and proof of vaccination to attend a game at Gampel. I was talking with an Oregon buddy last night and Oregon has had a "mask mandatory" policy in place throughout the entire pandemic. I believe that the University of Washington had a strict policy in place when we played out there earlier this season.

  2. Jersey is out of my price range, but DEFINITELY getting a t-shirt 👍

  3. It had to happen, I suppose. Two people I work with closely went out yesterday with COVID. I'm getting tested Friday. Not feeling bad but I'm skipping ball game tonight...just in case.

    I hope Cards can avoid a slow start.

    And, I'm probably good for an HVL t-shirt. Where are they gonna be sold?

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  4. Good thoughts your way Curtis. I'll be masked up tonight..why take a chance?


    1. Paulie, we've been masked up since the season started. But nobody around us is. Hence our sabbatical.

  5. I will watch on-line but I'm not going to attend.

    My own persona; thoughts here. UofL is being irresponsible in not mandating a mask mandatory policy. And a proof of vaccination for attendance. With numbers higher than they have ever been in Jefferson County, why take the chance with your fan base? I've gotten my shots and booster, but, I'm hearing of people who are coming down with it who are fully vaccinated and boosted. And, then, there are those who haven't been vaccinated. Personally, I don't get that, but, maybe it's me?

    Curtis, I hope you don't catch it. I have a neighbor who went into the hospital last week with it. He's not on a ventilator yet, but, it's being considered because he isn't getting any better.

    Wise up, UofL. Follow the lead of other universities. Maybe it's because there is no clear leadership on campus, with no President or A.D. These "appointees" seem pretty worthless to me. Our Board needs to hire and hire wisely. Soon.

    OK, blast me if you want.

    Nick O

  6. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !

    Here's how it is down here:

    In accordance with Clemson University’s announcement on Jan. 3, face masks are now REQUIRED inside all University buildings statewide for all persons until further notice, unless actively eating or drinking. This requirement applies to all individuals within Littlejohn Coliseum at basketball games until this protocol is lifted by Clemson University.

    My opinion, but I THINK y'all are foolish for not following suit. Especially when you draw probably ten times the amount of fans we do for WBB.

    Of course, it's free admission to Clemson WBB this year. still, peole don't show. We'll drive down in a bit here, dine at our favorite restaurant in town and go. Miami tonight. They are coming off playing NC State pretty close. We have lost five in a row. I forsee anther ACC beatdown for us, double digits at least.

    Maybe Amari and Delicia will show up. One can hope anayway. Good luck against Syracuse.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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