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Thursday, November 18, 2021


Hello Readers!  Daryl checking in this Thursday AM.

With Jared out at Yum! Center last night, I wanted take the opportunity to recap the Cards WBB squad.  It's crazy to think we are 3 games into the 2021-22 season.   Coach Walz loaded the schedule with non-conference challenges that will no doubt help shape the squad for the post-season deep run demands.  

WBB vs UT Martin

I will be honest, I thought this game would be a little more competitive for the Cards than Tuesday night's throttle vs Bellarmine.  But the Skyhawks score got caught on that 5 pt mark for what seemed like forever and I knew we would see some bench minutes early. 

End of 1Q 18-5 Cards

FG %
7-16 43.8% Cards
2-10 20% UT Martin
Reb. 11-6 Cards
3-pt %
4-5 80% Cards
1-5 20% UT Martin

Emily Engstler shines for a second straight night!  The senior went 5-6 for 13 points in the first quarter.  She even left with a couple minutes left on the clock.  The first substitution for the evening was Liz Dixon for Olivia Cochran with 4:34 on the clock, giving O the breather and Liz the opportunity to be a quality rotator for starting five.  A minute or so after entering, Dixon made her presence known recording a block and 2 rebounds for the Cards. The next exits for UofL starters was Kianna Smith, Emily, Chelsie Hall out and Mykasa Robinson, Payton Verhulst, Norika Konno in with 1:37 left and the Cards up 18-5.

End of 2Q 14-6 Cards

FG %
5-14 46.7% Cards
3-11 27.3% UT Martin
Reb. 11-6 Cards
3-pt %
1-3 33.3% Cards
0-3 0% UT Martin

HALF 32-11 Cards

Engstler would not come back into the game until there was 5:34 left in the half.  Hailey Van Lith exited for Ahlana Smith to see the floor and Coach Walz reached even deeper into the bench when he put Merissah Russell in for Liz Dixon with 8:22 on the clock. 

The starters rotated back in with five and a half left until halftime.  The Cards put 9 more points, 5 of them from Engstler, on UT Martin to make it 32-11 at the break.   As a team, UofL made 63% from 3-pt land (5-8) in the first half , Emily leading the charge, going 4-4 from deep. 

End of 3Q 16-11 Cards

FG %
6-10 60% Cards
3-9 33.3% UT Martin
Reb. 5-6 UT Martin 
3-pt %
1-2 50% Cards
1-5 20% UT Martin

Kianna Smith welcomed the audience back to the match when she buried a 3-pt 12 seconds into the second half, assisted by HVL.  Cochran got the block on UT Martin before laying it up on the following offensive possession.  The Cards would not score another basket for almost 3 minutes.  One more layup from Olivia before the Cards went on another scoring drought for almost 4 minutes to close out the quarter.

End of 4Q 14-8 Cards

FG %
5-12 41.7% Cards
3-10 30% UT Martin
Reb. 9-6 Cards
3-pt %
1-3 33.3% Cards
0-3 0% UT Martin


With the Cards holding a commanding lead, Coach Walz let the bench run the floor for the majority of the quarter.  Mykasa Robinson had 4 points on 1-2 shooting, making her 2 free throws, 3 rebounds and an assist in her 16 minutes in the game.  She did pick up all 3 fouls in 4th quarter, though.. I'm sure she just let the technique get a little lax.  Another bright spot was Ramani Parker's 6 points in 5 minutes! 

FINAL 62-30

A quiet night for the starting back court, Chelsie Hall went 0-4 on the night. She did have 6 rebounds and 3 assists in her 19 minutes on the floor... Hailey Van Lith as she went 1-4 for 2 points, missed both free throws, 1 rebound, 3 assists and a turnover.  HVL saw 26 minutes in this game.


(The Cards danced by UTM like the legendary Fred Astaire) 


F-Free Throws The Cards went 9-12 (75%) at the free throw line.  They also committed 16 fouls of their own to send the Skyhawks to the line for only 8 free throw attempts total.  The visitors went 6-8 on the night.   HVL missing her two free throws was rather disappointing.  I give the squad a lowercase "f"

R-Rebounding The game's leading rebounder was Holly Forbes for the Skyhawks with 9.  The Card's outrebounded 36-24 overall, but I would think the team with the taller players should dominate this stat line.  lowercase "r"

E-Effort/Efficiency The team didn't seem to have any tired legs after playing the previous evening.  In fact, I think they could've gone for another quarter or two and been able to get the back court out of their shooting slump.  While they were cold, the energy from the two did not seem to rub off on the rest of the squad.  HVL and Hall combined for 6 assists and 7 rebounds and as a team, the Cards had 17 assists on 23 made buckets. CAPITAL "E"

D- Defense It was a not so great welcome back to the Yum! for the now UT Martin guard, former Card, Seygan Robins who managed just 4 points on 2-7 shooting, 0-3 from 3 point range.  As a team the Skyhawks shot 27.5% from the field and making only 2 of their 16 3-point attempts.   The Cards held their opponents to 'football scores' in back to back nights.  They forced 18 turnovers, scoring 23 off of them.  CAPITAL "D"

FINAL Fred Report: f-r-E-D




Saturday @ Washington - 5 p.m.

Have a great end to the week.  7 days until Thanksgiving!! 



  1. Boy. Engstler again!Has HVL disappeared into a dark nebula and MIA?

    Poor Robins. Has success earlier in the game and Coach Mac pulls her. That's a confidence builder.

    Nick O

  2. I just wonder how good this team would be withou a Hall or Engstler? Thank you transfer portal.

    Curtis. "Be Kind" Franklin

  3. I check out other sites and someone indicated Emily was a one women show at Syracuse. I seemto remember a lot of other talent there like Cardoso,Lewis, Statumire, Cooper and others. Am I wrong here?

    Blue Lou

    1. Engstler was like the fourth or fifth kneading scorer at Cuse behind Lewis (now at Clemson) Cardoso (now at South Carolina) Mangakahia (Las Vegas Aces) and Priscilla Williams (still at Syracuse),


  4. Congrats on the Cards nice win last night! Y'all sure aren't allowing many opposing points.

    We played the dreaded Gamecock of South Carolina in their place and managed to stay close for a quarter. Then they whimper us pretty good and ended up winning by thirty- something.

    We are in for a long season in hoops. Marvelous, simply marvelous.

    Good luck out west and good luck in Volleyball. Wish us a little luck too if you can. We couldn't beat five opera singers on eight foot rims.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Look on the bright side Arthur. You could be a UVA WBB fan. I think Bellarmine could beat them.


    2. I hear the bell ringing for Tina Thompson at UVA. Closing time. Depart quietly and thanks for, well, nothing.

      Blue Lou


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