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Thursday, September 30, 2021


 KFC Yum! Center Upgrade

Women's Basketball is just around the corner. No, really. We're 35 days away from the first scrimmage plus another week before the season opener against Arizona.

However, the KFC Yum! Center may seem a little different this coming season. Besides the mostly-empty arena and the COVID-19 protocols from last season, the KFC Yum! Center has made a few upgrades.

The most noticeable feature will be the new video boards that hang from the ceiling at midcourt. The LED video board is actually six separate boards. One board will face each end zone with the sidelines getting two boards apiece. On the sideline, one board will face further down for the media row and court side seats up through the lower section to have a better view while the larger board sitting on top of it is designed to be viewed by the upper part of the lower level all the way up to the top row of the "nosebleed" seats. .

The video boards are a collective three times larger than the original video board that has been hanging in the KFC Yum! Center since opening day in 2010 and will have twice as many pixels. Those of us in the photo and video industry really understand the effectiveness of the increase in pixels. The image will be so sharp that you'll be able to count the number of nachos on someone's tray when they're shown on the video board.

There is also an improved audio system inside the arena. UofL, who loves to blast music loudly at games, has run into blown speakers before, but that doesn't appear to be the issue here. It looks like the new audio system will be easier to run with the controls that can also help for when concerts and other events are held at the venue.

UofL mentioned upgraded concession stands. At first thought, I assumed it was in regards to the issues from football this year, but it appears the upgrades are more for a sleek look at the concession stands as well as minor improvements where maintenance issues may have occurred in the past.

If you're fortunate enough to make it to a suite or box, you will notice a brand new carpet. These carpets are also going to be installed in some of the lounges, such as the ones that you can enter from the lower bowl. The KFC Yum! Center was still rocking with the original carpet in many areas.

Like many places, the KFC Yum! Center needed its upgrades after 11 years in service. We are glad the city and UofL have combined to continue to support it as a State of the Art facility.

Although we do not know the status of media allowance at women's and men's basketball this coming season, we hope to be back in the arena to cover UofL Women's Basketball as Coach Jeff Walz's squad is set to have another great year.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. It looks very pretty! Can't wait to see it during a game.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. Hey Ho!
    It's Dave O !

    Yes, in the words of Robert Plant, it's been a long time, since I've posted here. Or written an article. I do try to read every day (thank you to Mrs. Abernathy, my first grade teacher, for insisting I learn my ABC's) but life has been complicated for 'ol Dave O lately.

    What started out as a small cut in between my toes turned into a huge infection that put me in the hospital for a few days and on antibiotics. The doctors told me I need to change socks every day, when I queried how it went from idle to full-accelerator status.

    But, I'm on the mend and will eventually get back to my beloved past-time of trying to find a white ball in a big field, carrying various sticks and then attempting to hit such aforementioned orb if I successfully find it. Scorekeeping accuracy optional, unless you are playing with the parish priest or law enforcement official.

    I also look at your area's "one great newspaper" on-line quite frequently. I noticed with great interest yesterday that the Noah Peterson saga has come to an unheralded but definite end, with his "resigning" from his position as assistant director of fan experience.

    If you want to believe that it was a "resignation" (I don't)...I've got some prime beach-front property to sell you several miles south of me. A bit of gator and snake cleaning out needs to be done, and installing a road to it are surely just minor aspects of you being a Floridian property owner.

    What was UofL thinking in the hire, to begin with? And, why, are they hiring candidates from other universities when they have plenty of them, fully qualified and capable, that could be promoted from within or who have graduated from UofL?

    "Sure, come to school here! Get your degree but don't even think you have a chance of working here. We gotta hire this guy from North Central Upper State or Spumoni Community College."

    Color me confused.

    And, what is it that an assistant in the fan experience realm does? Help fans cheer? Help them successfully find their game day seats? (rumor is Paulie could have used someone to assist in that years ago). Get in touch with fan's feeling and discuss them?

    It sounds like a made-up title and job to me, but if you're going to have such a job, why not put someone in it that is experienced in knowing Louisville, the fan base, the league and the facilities?

    It's like bringing in a shoe salesman to run a nuclear power plant's operations board.

    Maybe "promote from within" is an archaic and outdated philosophy.

    I understand that sometimes it is not possible to peruse someone's social media footprint during a hiring process, but, failing to do so for a fan experience job is pretty stupid. But, Noah is supposedly "off the ark" now and it'll be interesting to see who replaces him.

    OK, so, in conclusion, I am very excited and extremely proud of Louisville Volleyball and (especially) Louisville Field Hockey. Having a daughter who played Field Hockey on the DI level, I know all about the work those college kids go through to participate in a collegiate sport, keep grades up, have somewhat of a social life and mix practice, studying, games and travel into their daily routine.

    Stick on, Louisville Field Hockey! I'll be watching down here in the land of retirees who have no clue what's going on outside of their social circles, gated communities, senior citizen day at Publix and pickle-ball tournaments.

    Go in peace.

    Dave O.

  3. Way to bring it Watson! A weak attempt by UofL to cover a black eye.

    UK fans will love this.

    Nick O


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