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Monday, September 20, 2021



A two and one half hour rain delay yesterday at Trager Stadium for Louisville Field Hockey against Iowa, but, the outcome didn't change any after the extended halftime break -- the Cards falling 2-0 to #2 ranked Iowa on a couple of first half Hawkeye scores. 


(The Cards were NOT playing the ODU Monarchs
but this guy showed up anyway)

The loss ended the Cards even-game win streak and was the first time Louisville had been shut out since Boston College blanked the Cards back in March 1-0.

The Hawkeyes put both their scores on the board in the second quarter. Five minutes into action, Leah Zellner sent a rocket to the right corner of the net that Cardinal goalkeeper Mila de Kuijer barely missed getting a glove on. Iowa would add their final score with two minutes until halftime --  Ellie Holley firing a shot on goal that was deflected but put back in by Ciera Smith on a penalty corner.  

Then, thunder and lightning entered the Louisville area during the halftime break and action was stopped a minute into third quarter play. The Cards were getting ready to attempt a penalty corner, but lightning was detected in the area. The stands were emptied and the players returned to their locker room .the squads went through a series of 30 minute delays until the storms moved out of the immediate area. 

Iowa had a 6 p.m. flight scheduled out of Louisville to go back home. Airline policy dictated that the travel party had to be at the airport by 4 p.m.  The game didn't start until 2 p.m., and, as it became obvious this contest wasn't going to end -- or be called -- by 4 p.m., the team decided to skip the airline flight  and bus back to Iowa City.  The team eventually got back on the turf, but the final two quarters were played with neither team creating much offensive at all and no goals. 

In the action, Iowa had an 8-5 shot advantage and 4-2 shot-on-goal edge. 

The Cards (7-1) return to the turf Friday, when they travel to #17 Duke.

Our Jared Anderson caught first half action and did hang around for awhile during the lengthy rain delay, but, finally took his sleep-deprived self home.  A long weekend for Jared with four games to cover and a photo shoot. We feature his first half pictures here today. .




  1. I am a Field Hockey novice but it seemed like the Cards had a lot of trouble moving the ball into Iowa's half of the field.

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  2. Gotta score to win. None of the numerous Cards who have scored this year couldn't produce? That's either really excellent defense or a poor game plan. And, I'm guessing weather played a part as well, but both teams did have to play in it.

    Nick O


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