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Friday, July 30, 2021

Summer entertainment and activities; FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Welcome to the weekend! We finally made it! 

The Louisville Bats are out of town which gives me the opportunity to check in with Cardinal Couple readers and listeners.  As Jared informed, I will be out for radio again with a previous scheduled appointment.  Getting all my check-ups in while I can before the fall season's kick off.  UofL 'button-pushers' did get the tentative work schedule for womens and mens soccer, field hockey, volleyball. I was glad to see my name back on that schedule... 

Our group chat has been consumed with all Olympics talk.  We've all been tuning in to a broad variety of events.  I've tuned in a lot for water polo, soccer, volleyball and the triathlons.  Definitely have not caught enough gymnastics yet this year... I know it's been a hot topic for the general public.  I'll save my preaching for after the games have wrapped up.  Right now, I am enjoying the process of it all - especially the Opening Ceremonies! 

 The first recorded Olympic Games were held at Olympia in the Greek city-state of Elis in 776 B.C., but it is generally accepted that the Olympics were at least 500 years old at that time.  

The thought of this long-standing worldly tradition of athletic competition gives me chills!!! Think of the thousands and thousands of athletes and the millions and millions of viewers over the years of these events.   Plus i find it pretty magical that as a planet we can come together to speak the same language - the language of sport. It really is a beautiful thing. 

As i mentioned, I tuned in for almost all of both the mens and womens triathlons.  Cancer survivor, Kevin McDowell placed a historic national best 6th place for Team USA while the red white and blue found a bronze medal finish from two-time Olympian, Katie Zaferes.  The transitions from one leg of the race to the next was my favorite part.  Watching the athletes switch gear and have to follow particular rules in doing so was fascinating.   And if you haven't seen it yet, the false start on the mens side was enough entertainment to last me until the next Summer Olympics.  Seriously, if you havent seen it yet, go look it up now.  I'll give you a hint... there was a boat involved.  

All of this Olympics talk, I am glad to have picked up a new hobby to keep me active.  A couple years ago I was invited by UofL to participate in the Annual Cardinal Press Box Classic.  Even though I had not picked up a golf club at that point in my life, I said of course I'm participating.. How the heck do you turn down an opportunity to play along-side UofL coaches and fellow media members?!  I spent about 6 weeks learning to swing a club and make contact with the ball to TRY and not look like an idiot.  As someone who came from a softball background... you'd think putting the club to the ball would come like some second nature to me.  ha. ha.  jokes on me right?! 

Just kidding, it wasn't so bad.  We played best ball, the event coordinators paired me with a sweet and very patient soul that helped inspire my passion for the game and desire to want to drive that ball a solid 100 yards at a time. I have become a woman obsessed with the game of golf, to say the least.  I will be participating in my second Cardinal Press Box Classic this coming Monday and I cannot wait to show Kenny Klein how much I've improved over these past two years!  Golf played a huge part of therapy during the pandemic for me and my close friends.  In fact, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday with a golf trip to Florida in May.  I was disappointed to not see any gators while i was there, however. 

I bet when you logged on to Cardinal Couple today, you did not know you were going to get the Daryl story.  I hope I have not bored you..   

I don't have much left in the tank to say this morning.  Other than I hope you all have a cool place to stay in this blistering heat of the summer.   It's so gross out right now so don't forget to stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen!  

Have a great weekend out there, Louisville!

Go Cards and Go USA



  1. I played golf for a couple of years but just didn't have the temperament for it or the skills. I took up pickleball and have had a lot more fun with that.

    Blue Lou

  2. When does Verhulst play?


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