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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Mid-July sports notes: Get your tickets NOW!! -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We've switched up the line-up this week, readers.  Daryl checking in with you for Wednesday's coverage. 

Students are back on campus gearing up for the start of the school year, student-athletes adding practice and team work-outs to the agendas.  UofL starts classes on August 23rd, the athletic calendar kicking off with Women's Soccer vs Ball State Saturday, August 14th.  For me, the two fall sports I'm most looking forward to are both ticketed sports this season so I wanted to remind everyone to get their tickets and get them NOW! Follow the link  for your fall sport ticket needs. 

You can find the fall sports schedules to the RIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Reading over the gang's coverage this past week, Jeff had an interesting feature article talking about women's vs men's coverage and the work dedicated to the operations of local and other national squads (check out Sunday's article to read what I'm referencing)  I noticed this when visiting the WBB & VB ticket pages both through ticketmaster.  I did click the WBB tickets first.. no particular reason why.. and was amazed to see this is what the selection page looked like... Super cool visuals of the KFC Yum! Center and downtown Louisville. 

I mean.. this is what recruits see.. and their parents/friends who are not lucky enough to get on the guest ticket list. 

So imagine my disappointment to follow my search with an visit to the volleyball ticket page and not get the 3D pic of L&N Arena and Floyd St (shoutout Jared's UofL facility read from yesterday). I mean... it's not like it's an unacceptable graphic... it's just underwhelming (and I could be underestimating the effort it takes to make it happen; I am most certainly not on the CardCouple IT team) compared to the link for WBB season tickets. 

This is a very small mid-summer qualm I am vocalizing this morning, I do realize that much.  But I figured "I've gone this far, might as well keep on going"

I'm probably going to have the Olympics on in the background at work for the rest of the week for Team USAs events which looks like Softball and Soccer to finish out the week and Basketball over the weekend.  Tokyo, Japan is 13 hours ahead of the United States' Eastern Standard Time.  So either set your DVR or alarm clocks! And Let's go TEAM(S) USA!!!! 

Some personal business will keep me off the rotation until atleast next week so I'll sign off with well wishes to everyone reading this and as always, Go Cards.  



  1. A mixed bag of results yesterday for USA squads in the Olympics. Softball got it done with a 2-0 win over Italy but womens soccer fell to Sweden 3-0.

    I watched softball for about ten hours it seemed like yesterday. Japan isn't anyone to fool around with. They slaughtered Australia.

    Nick O

    1. Indeed. I saw the end of Japan v Aus and, wow. Got me to look up the Olympics run-rule. I *think* it's 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings and 7 runs after 5 innings.


  2. Who was the Louisville Softball player that played for England National team and are they in the Olympics?

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin.

    1. That would be Alicia Wolny, and, no. She has retired from competitive play. I'm not sure GB qualified for the Olympics in softball anyway. I think when they missed was when she retired.

    2. Alicja. Phone insists on autocorrecting that.

    3. "The Big Wol" now a hitting instructor in Arizona.



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