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Monday, January 4, 2021



There is an old baseball adage that goes :'You can't tell the players without a score-card". As we roll into 2021, that could be altered to "You can't tell the opponent unless they show up." 

The Louisville women's basketball team will now play UT Martin for the second time this season, this one Tuesday, Jan 5th. at the KFC YUM! Center at 2:30 p.m.  This contest replaces the game against UNC at the KFC, since the Tar Heels have opted out of coming to Louisville for the third time this season. Also, it was announced yesterday that Clemson will visit Louisville WBB on Sunday, Jan 10th. The Cards were originally scheduled to host the Tigers on Feb 21st., no word yet on whether that'll still happen or not. 

Are you with me so far? Any questions? Hey, who stole my pencil? 

Playing Clemson means, of course, that Louisville WBB's trip to play FSU in Tallahassee on Sunday has been postponed. This is because of COVID protocols facing the Seminoles currently.

So, as we greet Monday morning, let's try to simplify it like this: 

1) UNC -- postponed again. 2) UT Martin -- here again. 3) FSU -- delayed. 4) Clemson -- here earlier than expected.  And, don't forget the Cards WBB squad was scheduled to play at Virginia tonight (Monday) -- but that was postponed last week

Jeff Walz just may be the busiest non-medical or front-line responder individual in the city of Louisville. I had a dream he called me up and asked if the Cardinal Couple crew were available for a game Thursday. We tentatively agreed, provided we could bring in Asia, Shoni, Angel, Jaz and Myisha as members of the Cardinal Couple staff. .  

What it does mean... is that the Cards WBB squad (for now) will at least continue to get a couple of games in after being on the sidelines for most of December. And, a huge amount of credit goes to UT Martin for agreeing to visit Louisville again after starting their 2020-21 season here. Anybody up for including UTM in the ACC this year?

It was announced that tickets will go on sale this morning for the  UT Martin game on Tuesday ($12). You can pick those up through  And, any tickets or parking you had for UNC are still good, as well, for the UT Martin game. 

My highly unofficial account of 2020-21 Louisville WBB has the Cards playing seven games so far and winning all seven. They've also had 13 games either postponed or cancelled. 

The whole thing has me pretty confused. So much so that it put my morning routine in a frenzy. I was going to have cereal this morning. Sonja (my version of the ACC in this scenario) told me that cereal wasn't available (for the third time) but English Muffins were available (for the second time).

In addition, my plans for a breakfast of eggs and ham for later in the week were postponed, but bacon and toast would be moved up from their originally scheduled appearance later this month and be on the menu. Coffee and granola bars are still available at Ticketmaster, the status of bagels and oatmeal are currently being assessed and cold pizza remains on standby. Can a fella get a Happy Meal here?!? You want fries with that? 

In the old television show -- Hee-Haw -- parlance:  "Hey, Grandpa, what's for supper?"

Maybe I'll go back to bed and wait for lunch. Or Tuesday. 

In any event, have a meaningful Monday *unless we move it to Tuesday* ! Jared's got you covered Tuesday with a pre-game report on someone. Unless, it's Wednesday or he opts out for January. 



  1. Thanks for totally confusing my morning Paulie. I ended up putting the dog in the shower and going outside in my bathrobe to take a ...

    Nick O.

  2. ANY games are better than NO games.

  3. Just play baby play. Never know when it might get shut down again

    Curtis "Be Kind" Franklin

  4. News Nyah Green transferring to Duke.

    1. Yeah, it was covered by the Cardinal Couple crew. I guess the lure of Kara Lawson was strong. I personally cant see transferring to a program that has already cancelled their 2020-21 season, but, I do wish her the best.

      Nick O.


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