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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

WBB Prepares for Thanksgiving Tournament -- Bold Predictions -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Basketball Prepares for Thanksgiving Tournament

Bad news, folks.  As of right now, there is no place to view the women's basketball games in the U.S. Virgin Islands for free.  The GoCards website provides a link to the FloHoops website.  You can subscribe for $29.99/month or $150/year to save money.  Either way I won't be spending that much money on it.

The Cards will face three opponents in three days while out of the 50 states.  They're set to play one game per day beginning Thanksgiving Day.

Radio is a great option. Cards Radio 790 WKRD will have  Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson there to bring all the action. They provide a concise, accurate and informative view of games. Download the app.

Louisville will face UT Arlington on Thursday at 1:00 p.m., E.T.  The Mavericks went 24-8 last year and made an appearance in the NIT.  They have started this season 4-0.

Louisville will square off against Oklahoma State on Thursday at 1:00 p.m., E.T.  The Cowgirls went
14-16 last season.  They are 5-0 this year.  The Cards are 0-2 against Oklahoma State, with the most recent game coming right before Christmas 1993.

The prime time game of this event will be when Louisville matches up with #1 Oregon on Saturday at 3:15 p.m., E.T.  The Ducks have started the year 4-0 and also defeated Team USA in a preseason exhibition.  Oregon went 33-5 last year and fell in the Final Four to Baylor.

The Cards and Ducks are 2-2 all-time against each other.  Louisville beat Oregon 77-61 back in November 2017 en route to one of Louisville's most successful seasons in program history.

Oregon head coach Kelly Graves took his squad to Syracuse and left with a 81-64 win. A close first half against Q and company at 31-30, but the Ducks exploded for 31 third quarter points against Syracuse and went on to win fairly easily.

Graves also called Q a few days before the game with a odd request. He wanted to know what outfit Q would be wearing during the game. The stylish Syracuse coach is back to his designer, fashionable suits this season after going with sweats and tracksuits last year. Graves suggested he switch back to the more casual attire against the Ducks.

Q countered with a classic response, noted that Oregon was #1 in the country and must have received all the Nike clothing gear, including Syracuse's. Said he'd be back in a suit for the rematch.

We can only wonder if Graves will call Walz and inquire about what the Louisville coach is packing, clothing wise, to take to the Virgin Islands.

Paulie will break down the three games more in-depth later this week. I'm not sure what Paulie is wearing this morning when he goes to edit today's article, but I do know he's a fan of retro/throwback Louisville sweatshirts he's collected over the years and "puffy pants".

Jared's Bold Predictions

I've been known to make some wild, bold predictions before.  To make things interesting I decided to add some to today's article.

I'm not going to reveal what I'm wearing the rest the season, though. And, I'm not waiting by the phone to see if "Q", Graves or Walz call me to consult on clothing selections. I just want to see Paulie return to his 70's motif for the rest of the season.

And, if Nike dumped a bunch of clothing items on me, I'd probably return them postage due. After all, Louisville is an adidas school.  OK, the bold predictions:

  • No Louisville player will score more than 27 points in any game this season.  Plenty of Cards have shown they can break 20 points but none of them can pull off 30 and 40-point games like Asia Durr could.
  • The Cards won't break 100 this year.  It happened three times last year and twice the year before.  They were in perfect position to hit the triple-digit mark last game, needing just 42 points in the second half, but they couldn't do it.  UTA and OKST would both be possible 100-point games, but with three games in three days expect to see the starters get plenty of rest.
  • UofL will finish the home season perfect.  Miami ruined that last year and Florida State the year before.  Since moving to the KFC Yum! Center, Louisville has not had more than three losses at home.  Walz has never had a perfect home record in any of his seasons with Louisville, but only one year did they have more than three home losses.  This will be the year he hits that perfect home record mark.
  • Louisville will lose to Oregon by more than 12 points.  Oregon is just that good this year and Louisville has had plenty of early season woes with defensive troubles and missed easy shots.
  • The Louisville-Kentucky game will be decided by single-digits.  Three of the last five match-ups have been decided by less than 10 and both teams are ranked in the Top 15.  Rhyne Howard now has her rookie year under her belt and will have a home crowd on her side.
Thoughts on these bold predictions?  Have your own?  Comment below!

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Sooooo, read it wrong, didn't see that $12.50 a month was only if you paid for the full year. Nope. Radio it is.
    Shame, two top 10 teams and NO television.

  2. Dana will hit for 30+.
    Jaz maybe.
    We will beat Oregon. Okay, but it should be closer than 12. Watched that Syracuse game, and we'll be better against Oregon than they were. Gotta feeling we won't be seeing the substitution pattern we've been seeing, some players won't be getting 15 or more minutes, we'll stick with the vets for the most part. Konno will see the most among the newcomers. Kasa will see lots, and between her and Dana, Sabrina who (although I think she is a very damn good player!).
    And finally, hope we go undefeated in the YUM! this year, highly possible.

  3. Q didn't come out prepared in the second half for the changes Graves made. Walz won't make that mistake

    Blue Lou

  4. I have got to talk to Jared about mixing cough syrup and coffee before he writes (sigh) Let's look at the predictions and I'll evaluate them.

    I have copied and pasted them for reference.

    1) No player with 27 points? Not sure about that one. Both Jaz and Dana have knocked at that door. "E" could get on a hot streak from "3" ball-land and do it. NKU, UT-Martin and Clemson are coming up on the schedule. Walz is narrowing the rotation down. I'm going to say "shenanigans" on this prediction. I'll go with Jaz.
    2) Cards should top 100 against either NKU or UT Martin, in my opinion. Shenanigans, again, Mr. Anderson.
    3) A perfect home season? That one is possible. With ACC home games against Syracuse, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia, Pitt, FSU, Notre Dame BC and Va Tech, it could happen. The tough ones -- Miami and NC State, are on the road. I'll "thumbs up" statement three.
    4) Losing to Oregon by a dozen? Balderdash ! The Cards are going to WIN this bird battle. Pragmatism is one thing, but the reality of the matter, in my opinion, is Louisville is stronger inside. More shenanigans from our brain-drained photo snapper.
    5) A single-digit margin of victory in the UofL-UK WBB game? That one makes sense. Especially in Memorial Barnyard, home of the shrieking, pre-pubescent public address announcer and the "big ass" fans that are secretly altered to blow the opposing team's shots away from the rim.


  5. Hello Friends

    Arthur Here !

    I had trouble leaving comments earlier today. I'm glad you guys figured it out !

    On Mr. Jared predictions:

    I agree with 3.4.and 5.

    I think one of the guards (Dana, Jaz or Elizabeth) will post a 30-point + performance this season. Maybe against my beloved Clemson Tigers. And you could probably put a 100 on UT-Martin, NKU or even us.

    The Cards are jelling. That's dangerous for the ACC and other future opponents. I don't buy all the "poor defense" stuff. Boise is a very good team and will probably advnace to the NCAA Tournament and could possibly win a couple while they're there.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  6. Go Cards. Score a 100 each night, beat Oregon and Kentucky by 15 each. Go for 40 one night Jaz and win 'em all, home and away.

    Curtis "Ain't No Stoppin us now" Franklin

  7. Can't overlook anyone down there. I think all three Louisville opponents are undefeated.

  8. The UK GAME this year is for the first time being played at Rupp, not memorial.

    1. I think Louisville played them there when Angel played at Louisville during the 2007-08 season. That was the game she got batted over the eye but came back after getting stitches and the Cards won 80-65, if memory serves correctly



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