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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Cardinal Couple - How's Your Weekend?

Weekend for the Birds?

This has really been a weekend for the birds so far, the Cardinal birds.

Field Hockey

First off, the Field Hockey team will be back in action today at 1 p.m. vs Boston College in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament.  Case recapped the Friday game against Michigan in yesterday's Cardinal Couple.  Today is the next round, and a chance to advance to the final four in Winston-Salem next weekend.

The ACC is continuing to be a driving force in the Field Hockey tournament with fully half of the teams in the quarterfinals being ACC squads.  The Cards are squaring off against the BC Eagles, meaning at least one will be eliminated going to the semis, but also guaranteeing an ACC team will make it to the final four.  North Carolina will be facing off against Iowa, and UVA will meet up with former ACC squad Maryland.  The Big 10 is also well represented, with Iowa and Maryland both coming from that conference.

And finally, the AAC and the Ivy League will square up in the other quarterfinal with UConn and Princeton being the contenders.  3 of the 4 ACC schools are the seeded schools in the games, Louisville holding the 4 seed against unseeded BC.  UNC holds the top seed, and UVA is the 3rd seed.  UConn is the 2 seed in the tournament, and yes, there's a whole lotta chalk in this one.

Louisville and BC did meet during the regular season, of course, with Louisville getting the 3-2 win over the Eagles.  Scores from Bethany Russ, Madison Walsh, and Margot Lawn were the contributions.  Jaime Natale and Margo Carlin found the back of the cage for the Eagles against Hollyn Barr.

The stage is set, the first pass back happens at 1p.m. at Trager Stadium.


Hailey Van Lith has signed with UofL to play for Coach Walz.

Let's let that sink in for a moment.

Van Lith is a consensus top 10 recruit and according to one service,HoopGurlz, is number two.

Do you want to see a highlight reel?  How about her video announcing her commitment to Louisville?  Let's do both in one:

UofL WBB just keeps getting more exciting.

Soccer and Volleyball

Again, check out Case's recap yesterday of these matches.  He did a fine job with them, of course.

Soccer advances in the NCAA tournament, and Volleyball gets a big revenge win after a loss to Syracuse a couple of weeks ago.

I will add a bit of a comment on Volleyball.  The team found their mojo, again.  Let's hope they can hang on to it.  Claire Chaussee and Amber Stivrins both contributed big in the win, with 10 kills each in a quick three set match.  Aiko Jones played with confidence again, for what feels like the first time in several weeks.

This team has been unsure of it's footing, and the role each player would play in a post-Melanie McHenry world.  It has taken them a few weeks, but I think they have figured it out and put the team back together.  The talent was there, anyone watching this team could see that, but losing an All-American and the only senior on the team to an ACL tear shakes the team up, they needed to sort out how the team works a bit after that.

We'll see if they can hang on to that mojo Friday when they face Notre Dame.  McHenry tore her ACL during the Notre Dame match in South Bend, and though the Cards did go on to come back from two sets down to win that match, this one may bring the team's re-alignment into sharp focus all the more because it's the same opponent.

So much great stuff happening in sports in Louisville this weekend.

And then there's...

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Paulie, Case, Daryl, and myself convened at WCHQ for the ongoing final laps of the place for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

The CCRH will live on.  It will be in a new home (arrangements are being made for that now), and a slightly altered format.  We'll probably be on Youtube, as it's a bit of an easier platform to work with, and the current plan will be to retain the live aspect of the show and live stream to Youtube.  There will be format (and music) changes, but we'll still be live, we should be able to make it a bit more interactive, and hopefully be able to incorporate more multi-media into the broadcast.  We're also looking at making the audio available in a more traditional podcast form and structure.  Mostly I want to emphasize that, though we'll miss WCHQ, our "radio" show isn't going away.  Stick with us.

Yesterday we chatted about the successes in Field Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball from a busy day on Floyd Street.  We also talked about the signing of Hailey Van Lith for UofL WBB, though we really ran out of time to talk about any of the other signing classes from the week.  Of course, Jared did a nice write-up on them during the week, but I had hoped we would get a chance to talk through some of them on the radio show, but alas there just wasn't time.  It's days like this that make us think, with the new home and format coming up, that we may take advantage of it to not be constrained to having to stop after an hour.  Busy weeks means lots to discuss, and sometimes it might take more than an hour to get through it all.

In any case, check out the current format on the Facebook stream at:


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