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Friday, September 27, 2019

WBB Eligibility News -- Weekend Scheduling and Schedule Change -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

E and Liz Are Eligible!

The news we've been waiting for over the last six months has finally been officially released.  When I say "it feels like forever and a day" I'm not entirely wrong.

Liz Dixon and Elizabeth Balogun have both been ruled eligible for the upcoming season.  The duo come from a messy situation at Georgia Tech and have three years of eligibility remaining.

Balogun is a 6'1'' guard and was named ACC Freshman of the Year last year.  She led the Yellow Jackets in scoring and post six 20-point games.  She is a three-point threat. Her clearance gives UofL a very strong option from "the deep". 

Dixon is a 6'5" forward and was named to the All-ACC Freshman team.  She led the team in rebounds with 192 and was third on the team in scoring.

"They are incredible young women, both on and off the court, and they already have a year of experience in the ACC, which is a huge plus.  Adding them really helps our depth," said Jeff Walz.

The duo will play a big role in helping fill the shoes of departed Asia Durr, Arica Carter, and Sam Fuehring.

I'll leave some space for Paulie to add his expertise on the great news.

(EDITOR COMMENTS) This addition of a very capable guard and strong inside presence makes the Walz fortress even stronger and gives the Cards incredible depth inside and out on the court. If this doesn't make the Cards the pre-season favorite to win the ACC, then there are a lot of either blind or jealous voters out there. 

E and Liz are huge additions and will help fill the gaps nicely that the graduation of "the terrific three" created. 

I'll watch with interest on how the coaching staff uses the ocean of talent now on the roster. Scoring, rebounding, depth and defense are now present over on the left side of the Floyd Street practice facility. The building should probably be re-named" Fort Knox - North", because Walz has a wealth of valuable riches inside the structure. 


Women's Soccer Postpones

No soccer to report on as the game scheduled for last night did not happen.  An unfortunate incident involving several Louisville players came up as they found themselves ill.  Luckily, nothing seems to be severe but it was enough to rule the team unable to play.

They rescheduled for this morning at 10:00 a.m.  Let's hope everyone is good to go for the match.

Syracuse is 2-4-1 on the year and the Cards are expected to walk away with three points in the end.

Louisville leads the series all-time 5-0-1.  Last year, Brooklynn Rivers scored with nine seconds remaining in regulation to get the win, 1-0.

A sequence of the game winner from last year.....

Weekend Scheduling


As previously mentioned, women's soccer will play this morning at 10:00.  It will be aired on ACC Network Extra.

Women's Tennis heads north to Bloomington to compete in the Indiana Invitational Hoosier Classic.  The teams participating include Louisville, Indiana, Western Michigan, Xavier, Wright State, Cincinnati, Marquette, Miami (OH), Bowling Green, and Middle Tennessee.  Singles begins at 10:00 with doubles starting around 2:30.

Women's Golf heads out to Big 12 country to participate in the Schooner Fall Classic.  They'll go up against #2 Texas, #13 Florida State, #19 Illinois, #25 Alabama, Oklahoma, Baylor, Clemson, Houston, Miami, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, TCU, Texas A&M, and Texas State.  A neat thing about this event is that it is one of the only collegiate women's golf tournaments to be televised on national tv- Fox Sports Southwest and Fox College Sports Central.

Field Hockey will go up against Boston College at 4:00 p.m., in Chestnut Hill.  The #6 Cards look to bounce back after falling to top-ranked UNC last week.

Volleyball is home in L&N Federal Credit Union Arena to kick off conference play.  They'll take on NC State at 7:00.  Catch myself and Worldwide at the match.  No Ms. Wuf in attendance to accompany her 5-7 squad.

Men's Soccer also plays NC State but they kick off at 7:30 at Lynn Stadium.

Not listed on the master schedule but worth mentioning is Louisville Live- a basketball hype event hosted at Fourth Street Live!, that features both the men's and women's basketball teams.  It's similar to the Big Blue Madness hosted by Matthew Mitchell and John Calipari.  I like ours better.  Sorry, Guv.


Women's Tennis moves onto Day Two of the Indiana Invitational Hoosier Classic and it will go all day.

Women's Golf will continue play in the Schooner Fall Classic.

Softball travels to Lexington for a double header against Kentucky in some fall ball action.  They start at noon.


Women's Tennis will wrap up play in Bloomington, IN.

Women's Golf wraps up play in Norman, OK.

Women's Soccer has an early kickoff in Boston College, kicking off at noon- a quick turnaround from Friday morning's match.

Field Hockey steps out of conference play for a match at Providence.  Sitting at 4-3, Providence has been having a down year.

Volleyball hosts North Carolina at 1:00.  The Tar Heels are currently 3-7 on the year.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!



  1. BAM ! Louisville WBB will now win the NCAA Tournament in the 2019-20 season and repeat as champions in 2020-21 and 2021-22. Hey, Geno and Muffet, have a taste of this sandwich.

    Curtis "We got plenty of marbles, let's play!" Franklin

    That is all.

    1. Oh boy Curtis. They must have renewed your meds prescription. I guess it is time to saunter back over here and restore some reality to the dreamers and pie in the sky optimistic here on your board.

      You have talent but can it come together? I wouldn't want to have to juggle 15 players who ll want playing time.

      If this team does not reach the final four, Walz should be fired.

      And, no one in the Little Birdie nest can compete with Rhyne Howard.

      Paulie, bring your little photo boy Jared and yourself on up here to Memorial on Dec. 15 for a whipping. Bring Sonja too and try to keep her awake for a couple of hours. Just like volleyball, the Kats will clip your wings and dislodge the nest. You have to be used to that by now this season.

      And clean up after your little birdies afterwards.

      Matthew Mitchell for Governor

    2. welcome back Gov. Place wasn't the same without you.


    3. Normally I agree with most of what the Guv has to say but I don't see the Cats handling the Cards in Lexington this year. When the Cats had that 5 game winning streak I thought the Guv had plenty of valid trash talk to spew but now it's a 3 game Cats losing streak about to be 4 after a December trip to Lexington.

    4. Rhyne is a hell of a player, much props, but one player DOESN'T win games at this level.

  2. Big news indeed.

    Planning (depending on weather) to take a little time in January to catch three games live, starting at UNC Jan 19th, then visiting with friends in Gatlinburg before hitting Louisville for the Thursday 23rd game against Virginia and Jan 26th game against Pitt.

    Watson and I are also talking about heading up to Atlanta to see WBB vs. GT in late Feb.

    I can't wait for this season to begin!!

    --The Real Joe Hill --

  3. Let's go Cards! Chemistry is the key, no talking let play.


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