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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Come September, comes women's basketball recruiting trips and visits -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


One of the many things that September ushers in, besides college football, is the visits to and from potential talent for college women's basketball programs across the land. 

Here at Louisville, the WBB Cards were set to receive an official visit from 6'3" Lincoln, Nebraska star Nyayongah Gony. Louisville has had her on their radar for quite some time and the Cards were the first to offer her a scholarship. Dozens of other schools have followed suit. 

I sent our intrepid photographer Jared Anderson out on a seek-and-find mission to see if he could find her last night at the UofL Football game against Notre Dame. As of 8 a.m. this morning, Mr. Anderson has not sent me anything. This of course, could mean several things. Maybe he forgot to look for her. Maybe he's still prowling the campus in search of her. And, he does need his sleep so he can roll those pennies and nickles with a clear head and mind this morning. 

Maybe he was so impressed with the alleged picture he took of me, Sonya and a bowling buddy at the football game, he just stopped there. (I haven't received that photo yet, either -- but, in fairness, it was a late, late night for the attendees in Floyd St. and we didn't get home until after 1 a.m.) 

On a side note, I renew my plea for UofL to study how Indianapolis handles huge crowds, gets them into events and how smoothly they handle the traffic before and after such events.

Red faced, screaming guys in yellow are no way to run an airlines, much less a tailgating crowd of over 50,000 trying to gain entrance to Cardinal STADIUM. Due to gate congestion, people cutting line (I saw one fight break out), and, in my humble opinion, way too extensive frisking and search procedures before you even get a chance to show your ticket for scanning -- the delays were excruciating  Sonya and I left the tailgate facility for the gates at 7:10 p.m.

We didn't get into our seats until 8:10. 

But, back to Gony. 

She didn't take up the game until the sixth grade. Bionca Dunham comes to mind when I re-read that previous sentence. 

She has a sister (Nyagoa) who played at Purdue last year. As a freshman she appeared in 31 games, had a start and was named the team's most improved player at the end of the season. 

(Photo courtesy of Daryl Foust)
Nyayongah will be one of many that will either receive a visit from Cardinal coaches this month or come to campus for a look/see. Already, I like the idea of having a Nyah and a Nyayongah on the same roster for three years. Maybe Nyagoa would think about transferring here...toss in current freshman  Nyah Green  and we could get up a student chant of "Nyah, Nyay, Nyag" when the Cards are blowing someone out of the KFC YUM Center. 

(Speaking of WBB, the squad gets in a little dancing at Card March during the tailgate for Lou v ND. Daryl Foust was there to capture on camera.

Louisville most likely will add a couple more to the 2020-21 roster that already has commits from Merrissah Russell and Olivia Cochran. Most serious Louisville  women's college basketball fans I know are hoping that Washington senior sensation Hailey Van Lith is one of those. 

So get ready, USA and points beyond. Cardinal WBB coaches are headed to a gym near you. Be prepared, student-athletes currently on campus. Visitors are coming and we want to put out the best china and fancy napkins

A 2020 WBB class of Gony, Van Lith, Russell and Cochran sounds pretty good to this guy. What say you? . 



  1. Very lucky to be following a team that you can count on recruiting being something exciting to look forward too. Credit to Walz. He’s doing a terrific job.

  2. Watch out for Merrissah Russell. Sleeper extraordinaire.

  3. Security often is this seen at other schools???

    1. One hour. From when we left the House of Cards to when we got to our football seats. Normally a (at most) 15 minute walk.

      I understand that (In)Vince-able spent three hours meeting with (fill in the blank) yesterday to figure out the mess.

      Maybe if he had spent three hours Monday taking a hands-on approach trying to help solve the mess instead of riding around in a golf cart tossing trinkets to the fans and ...OK. Enuf said.

      Gorillas in the midst. Look what we can't do, Louisville. Manage 50,000 people when Indy can handle 10 times that many.

      Boy. I just can't wait until Clemson shows up next month to play us....


    2. Paulie, they don't even have to follow or ask Indy about a better plan of success with this. Right down the street Churchill Downs does it every year on Derby week. Ask the horse guys, UofL.

      Curtis "Had no wait in front of my TV" Franklin

  4. Any thoughts on what happened to the Gony recruitment? She was high on the list and visited with good feedback and then was off the list. As our recruiting list gets smaller, just looking for insight.


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