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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Women's Golf Finishes 13th in first round of NCC East Lansing Regional -- Softball Interview -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Louisville didn't get the results they desired in the first round of the NCC East Lansing Regional yesterday -- the Cardinals going around the Forest Akers West Golf Course with a 17-over-par 305 total for the first 18 holes of the 54 hole qualifying event for the NCAA Championships. 

It's Kent State leading the way early with a sizzling 6-under-par 282 for the opening day. They have a eight-stroke advantage over second place Arizona    

Lauren Hartlage was the only one of the UofL group that could manage a par-72 finish, which placed her in 13th place in the field. The junior from Elizabethtown, KY had three birdies on her scorecard. 

Margot Bechadergue did the 18 holes in a two-over-par 74 and finished strong for the Cards with birdies on the 17th and 18th holes. Bechadergue, a sophomore from Aix-en-Provence, France was one of only three golfers on the day to record a birdie on the 389 yard, par 4 finishing hole. 

Other Cardinal golfers competing were Mairead Martin with a 78, Olivia Cason (81) and Delaney Shah (84). For scoring purpose, the totals of a team's top four finishers are used.

The top six teams qualify for the NCAA Championships. 

Action for UofL has been delayed because of rainy conditions in East Lansing this morning. The Cards hope to take the tee box at around 2:30 p.m... weather permitting....with a "shotgun start" for the 18 squads.

You can follow the results at 


I had alluded to the hopes of getting a pre-ACC softball tournament interview with Louisville head coach Holly Aprile in yesterday's article.

I did make an attempt to set it up yesterday, but yesterday was a day off for the Cardinal softball squad and I did not receive a reply to my request until late in the day. Although the offer was there, working out the logistics and type of interview failed and I don't have that Coach interview for you today. 

The SB Cards leave for Tallahassee this afternoon at 1 p.m.  They plan a practice at Ulmer before going to Florida. Phone interviews just don't turn out real well, in terms of sound quality and not having the interviewee in my sight-lines so I can avoid "talking over" them or vice I don't conduct them via phone anymore. A prior commitment also had my morning booked, so we'll try to catch up with her before the NCAA Tournament Bracket Draw and Pairings on Sunday night

Faced with these adversities, I went in a different direction. I decided to meet with and interview a UofL Softball fan last night. 

With conditions.

I received and subsequently honored a request NOT to post the audio of the interview. I also received a request not to publish the name of the interviewee  and have not. This fan knows UofL Softball about as well as any fan can, I suppose, and knows the game quite well.

Our chat below: 

PAULIE:  You've been a Cardinal Softball fan for a while now, haven't you? 

FAN: Yes! I started following them in high school and have stayed with them ever since.

PAULIE:  Who are some of your favorites on the team?

FAN:  I like outfielders, so Celene Funke is a player I am a big fan of! I love her energy and excitement. I like Charley Butler and it was sad not to see her play in the final two Cardinal series of the season but injuries happen and I think Jordan Wolfe has done OK out in left. As far as the rest, I guess I like all the girls. They are a hustling group and it looks like they get along well. Melton is fun to watch and it's kind of sad that this is her last year. 

PAULIE: Your favorite memory of the season so far? 

FAN: Taking the series against Florida State was very special, since they won the National Championship last year. Beating UK was pretty cool as well. 

PAULIE: What's your thoughts on the rest of the year for Louisville Softball? 

FAN:  I think they have a great shot at going far in the NCAA Tournament. First is the ACC Tournament, though, and they have to face a very good North Carolina team to start that. They've beaten UNC, though, and if they can gets the bats active and the pitching is good, well...anything can happen down at FSU. 

PAULIE:  Thoughts of Holly's first season as the head coach? 

FAN:  She's done very well. I was a big fan of Sandy Pearsall and it was sad to see her retire but she had been coaching 35 years and played before that, so that's quite a career. I know I don't want to still be working after 35 years at the job! 

Holly is a quality coach and was a good player before that and I thinks she'll do well at Louisville. it's kind of funny to see her in a Cardinal uniform after all those years at Pitt but she's done very well her first year and the transition has been very smooth. She'll have success here. 

PAULIE:  Thank you for sitting down with me, sharing your thoughts, and doing this.

FAN:  Thank you for asking me and thank you for giving this great sport the recognition it deserves at Cardinal Couple! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday! 


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  1. Softball about the same as last year. I still have questions about the sudden retirement announcement of Pearsall


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