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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Track and Track plus radio -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Cars Turning Left

Case will be the intrepid reporter on the scene at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for probably the most famous car race in the world.  The Indianapolis 500 will be contested today on the two-and-a-half mile oval in Speedway Indiana.

UofL Volleyballer Melanie McHenry is from Speedway, and competed as a Speedway Sparkplug for her high school volleyball years.  We love good mascots here at Cardinal Couple, and The Sparkplugs ranks right up there as one of the best.  Incidentally, Melanie also competed in soccer, and even football during her high school career and might've been able to go to school on her kicking talents instead of her ability to pound a volleyball into the ground if she had chosen that route.

I must admit to only being a marginal car racing fan, but having an engineering background, I do get
nerd sniped by the impressive engineering work that goes into the endeavor.  The quantities of telemetry data, and the horsepower of the computing systems to ingest, massage, and present that data in a useful way to the racing team so that they can make the best decisions about how to run the race is amazing to me.

Best of luck to the competitors on the raceway, and let's hope for a safe and clean race.  And to Case and the other spectators...plenty of water and sunscreen is the order of the day.

Track and Field field is set

UofL completed the last day of the Track and Field preliminaries in Jacksonville, FL yesterday.  The Cardinals were not able to add to their record setting number of athletes that will be competing in the finals, but it was a good event for UofL just the same as they are advancing 5 athletes to the Championship in Austin, TX.

On the women's side. Ivine Chemutai qualified in the 10,000 meters, Makenli Forrest in the hammer and discus throws and Gabrielle Leon in the pole vault. Martice Moore (400m hurdles) and Albert Kossei (3000m steeplechase) qualified for the men. 

The Championship event will take place June 5th through 8th at Mike A. Myers Stadium on the campus of The University of Texas.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

UofL Athletics events are getting thin on the ground, and so was the crew in the studio at WCHQ yesterday..

 (Well, no one has called me thin in quite a while, but there were only two of us in the studio, is what I mean).

Paulie and I held down the fort while Case was heading to Speedway, Jared is enjoying time with his delightful lady friend, Katy, in South Carolina and Daryl has been having a grand old time...across the nation. I think she's in Daytona, now?  I can't keep up with her.

We did have a good discussion and analysis of the soccer and volleyball schedules that have been can see me get almost deliriously excited about a volleyball schedule with the whole non-conference slate taking place within 200 miles of Louisville, making it all oh-so-very road-trippable.

We also caught up on Cards in the WNBA.  Also note that Paulie introduced a section on the right side of the site that will be updated periodically with some results from our WNBAers.

Also, you can see how I react to trying to co-host a radio show, while also trying to triage and investigate a fiber cut in New Jersey...the joys of on-call rotation in Network Engineering.

We did not have a Cardinal Couple quiz but Paulie asked me and phone guest Jared Anderson a couple of WNBA questions.

1) Do you know how many colleges and universities are represented in the WNBA? 2) Which school currently has the most players in the WNBA? Check out the re-broadcast of the show below for the answers to these questions.

Check it all out at the Facebook Live replay at:



  1. I think probably about 50 schools represented in the WNBA? And UConn probably has the most players...maybe 12 or so? I'll listen to the replay of the show and see how I did.

    Curtis "Turns left on red when clear" Franklin

  2. 50 schools for 144 players seems high. Maybe 45? UConn by far has the mot. A dozen sounds low, maybe 15?


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