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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

WBB NCAA Thoughts -- Softball at Home -- LAX on road -- Pick 'Em winner -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


For the roughly two days since Louisville WBB was defeated in the ACC Tournament finals, I've been bombarded with a couple of major questions from fans, readers, friends and the IRS. (OK, we'll skip the IRS stuff in this article...) 

First, how are Arica and Sam?  No news from the UofL sources on either as of this writing Tuesday morning. We'll update you when we know. I got an inquiry out to someone who probably knows. 

Second, does this loss to Notre Dame knock the women's basketball team out of a #1 NCAA Tournament seed? I've have seen a lot of responses to this question. In basic terms, it is either a "yes" or "no" answer, and you all have presented a lot of good arguments either way championing your thoughts. Sonya says the loss puts us in #2 seed grouping. Many of you say it shouldn't matter, this loss to UND. 

My thoughts? Louisville ends up as the highest ranked of the #2 seeds and goes to play the lowest ranked of the #1 seeds...which is Mississippi State. Four teams ended the season with better records that Louisville. Baylor, Notre Dame, UConn and MSST. All four of these teams won their conference tournaments. Then, on the #2 line you have Louisville, Stanford, Oregon and Iowa -- in voting order. 

So, Baylor will end up in Greensboro playing Iowa (all these assumptions are based on the idea that the four teams DO win the two games at their home gyms to get them to the round of 16). UConn, the second highest #1 seed gets the Oregon Ducks in Albany, following the "second best on the #1 line meets third best on the #2 line" philosophy. Notre Dame goes to Chicago and will draw Stanford. That leaves the Cards and Mississippi State in Portland.

Just my opinion, of course. Sound off if you agree or have a different one. I will point out I did successfully pick nine out of the ten players named to the ACC All-Tournament team (didn't come up with Taylor Emery) but I chose Asia Durr as the MVP (yep..."homer move") .

Please, please...don't get me wrong. I would love to see the Cards as a #1 seed and in end up either in the Greensboro or Chicago regional. I hope somehow this can be facilitated, but my confidence level in this taking place isn't high. 

After all, it is the NCAA, and they have their "darlings". 


Holly Aprile's UofL Softball squad is 15-7 going into today's 4 p.m. game at Ulmer Stadium. They face a Morehead State squad that is still searching for their first win after 11 attempts. 

Free admission, free headbands to the first 50 in attendance and $5 "walking tacos" (whatever those are) for the fans. 

The Cards went 4-1 in the War Eagle Challenge over last weekend. They are 9-1 over Morehead in the lifetime series and last face in 2011, when  the Cards took a 12-1 decision at Ulmer.

Stop by after work. Or leave work early. Or, if your a teacher, come out way early and tailgate...your off again today in Jefferson County.  If not, catch our pal Donnie Russell with the play-by-play on the ACCNE. 


This match is the first of three this week for the "Fighting Teeters" and it starts off in the city of three rivers, the Rothlisburger, the Fish That Saved Pittsburgh and Primarti Brothers.

Duquesne off to a nice start to the season at 4-0 and winning games by an average of 12 goals. A noon start and on ESPN+, for those who have that service. 

The wins for the Dukes have been against Longwood, Butler, St. Francis and Detroit Mercy. They've had two matches cancelled or postponed due to weather. 

Louisville (2-6) comes into the play in Pittsburgh off a tough, three-overtime loss to Duke that eventually finished up on Sunday after lightning postponed the scheduled Saturday match. Louisville got excellent play from Tessa Chad and Rachel Florek in goal was solid and kept the Cards in it. 

Go Cards! 


Our winner went through the 14 games with a 12-2 record and successfully picked Notre Dame as the tournament winner. I present to you the 2019 Tournament winner: 

Nick O. 

Nick lives in Lexington and has a baby daughter. He enjoys Louisville athletics, hates UK, likes playing soccer, gaming and is a Dungeon-master in the popular Dungeons and Dragons game. 

He chose the Panera card. So, we have a Cracker Barrel card available for a possible NCAA Pick 'Em Challenge. Maybe even another Panera Card as an option if I can talk a certain franchise owner into releasing one for us.  I'll get with our Tournament Director Jared Anderson to see if he's willing to monitor the correctly submitted entries for such a tournament and let
you know here at the site whether we will stage this popular Pick 'Em. 

Remember, if we do have a contest, you need to submit a pick either in the comments section or by e-mail. Word of mouth is not a legitimate entry. If we ask for a total score in the final game, please be sure to submit one. 

Congrats, Nick! 



  1. I humbly accept the award. I thank you, my daughter thanks you. Our stomachs thank you.

    Side bar. Paulie, I have always felt if someone finds an issue or error in the daily writings here ,they should contact you or the day's writer personally by e-mail (as I have in the past).

    Calling you out in the comments sections is not the way to handle it.

    Nick O.

    1. Nick, you are 100% correct. I was not intending to "call Paulie out." I should have thought first and done what you suggested.

      Paulie, please accept my apology.

    2. No worries, brother.

      At least you weren't asking about Sam Purcell (who I blame for everything) was wearing on the flight home.


  2. I'd prefer that and respond to all comments at either


    text 5022913651

    I can also relay messages to our other writers. If I can sober them up and they'll agree to listen. Two huge factors.


  3. Cards will get the #2 seed. I expect they'll head to Albany.

    Hoping Sam and Arica get positive news.

    Been pulling double shifts the last three days. I am exhausted and would like to participate in a NCAA Pick 'Em

    Curtis "Dang that pillow lookin' good" Franklin

  4. I forgot to congratulate Nick on his win!

    I was in Virginia/North Carolina all week with just my iPhone (no tablet or laptop) and for some reason I was able to compose and (I thought) submit comments but they never appeared. Anybody have an idea on why that happened? So I couldn't enter the contest but my picks stunk anyway.

    I usually avoid Paulie's NCAA pick-em because my picks stink so bad. But I'm gonna give it a try this time.

    My uneducated bracketology:
    Albany - UConn - Stanford
    Greensboro - Baylor - Louisville
    Chicago - Notre Dame - Iowa
    Portland - Miss State - Oregon

  5. I would rather be a two and be closer to home than a one and get sent to Portland. With that being said, if the NCAA still relies on the RPI, Louisville is third and is deserving of a one seed. Connecticut is fifth and Mississippi is 8th, both should be a two but we know that won't happen.

  6. I say a one seed in Portland, with Oregon as the two. Just can't see us being knocked all the way down from the overall #2 seed to being on the two line because we lost the tournament championship game of the best conference to another #1 seed, plus, throw in a starter down.
    ESPN and Creme we're already pushing for ND in Chicago even before the game.

    1. The NCAA does NOT like Louisville. They WILL make us a #2 seed. They would send us to Siberia if they could.

      Curtis "Does not like NCAA" Franklin


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