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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

ACC Tournament Begins -- Pick Em -- Lax at Butler -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

ACC Women's Basketball Tournament Begins

The postseason is officially underway as the ACC Women's basketball tournament tips off in Greensboro.  The three first round games feature the 10-15 seeds.

Game 1: #13 Boston College vs #12 Virginia, 1:00 p.m.

The 3-13 Eagles challenge the 5-11 Cavaliers in the first game of the tournament.  Virginia won the lone regular season game 79-77 in an overtime thriller in Charlottesville in early February.

Game 2: #15 Wake Forest vs #10 Virginia Tech, 3:30 p.m.

The second game of the day features the 1-15 Demon Deacons and the 6-10 Hokies.  In the most recent game for both teams Virginia Tech won in Blacksburg 69-57.

Game #3: #14 Pittsburgh vs #11 Duke, 6:30 p.m.

In the final game of the day the 2-14 Panthers and 6-10 Blue Devils will take the court.  A the beginning of February Duke blew out Pitt 74-55 in Durham.

Make sure to check out Paulie's Twitter (@cardinalcouple) for updates on all 14 games of the tournament.  Also, tune back into the site periodically to see what updates he gives us.  I expect that his updates will be in a different color at the top of the page to help differentiate the new vs old.


As of 10:00 p.m., last night there have been 17 entries.  I know of at least two more on the way with Worldwide and Case figuring out their final formulas for the perfect bracket.

The entries I have are:
Cardinal Couple Chimps
Paul Sykes
Sonya Sykes
Curtis Franklin
Nick O
K Stark Sr
Seminole Sue
Dave-O Watson
Joe Hill
Vivian McAdams
Douglas Anderson
Jason Wyrick
Daryl Foust
Thomas Irwin
Jared Anderson

I just noticed that K Stark Sr uses a photo of Shelby Harper so we already have a winner of the ACC WBB Pick Em!  No, I can't actually award a winner for that reason but Shelby Harper was my first 'celebrity crush' when I got to UofL.

There is still time to get your entry in if you have not.  Get that submission in by 1:00 p.m. today, before tip-off of the first game!  If you submitted an entry, either by comments or by emailing Paulie just let us know and we'll make sure to get it added in without any issues.

Here are a few notes of some trends from the 17 submissions we do have...

  • Louisville is picked to win in 13 brackets, Notre Dame 3, Florida State 1
  • There are 7 picks for Boston College and 10 for Virginia
  • There are 2 picks for Wake Forest and 15 for Virginia Tech
  • There are 3 picks for Pittsburgh and 14 picks for Duke
  • There are 10 picks where a team playing on Wednesday makes it to Friday.  Only 1 has a team making it to Saturday
  • Only 6 picks have a team not named Notre Dame or Louisville making it to the championship, 2 of them are in the same bracket.
  • There are 63 upsets (of 255 games) for an average of 3.7 upsets per bracket.

Lacrosse Takes Road Trip to Butler

Louisville Lacrosse (1-5) heads to the northern side of Indianapolis as they prepare to square off against Butler (2-3).

The Bulldogs have two victories- 13-10 over Kent State and 10-8 over St Bonaventure.  Both wins came at home.

On the year, Butler is averaging 10 goals per game.  Ashley Guerra leads Butler with 13 goals and eight assists.  Karina Latsko is close behind with 12 goals and three assists.

Defensively, they allow 13.5 goals per game.  Goalkeeper Amanda Rumsey has 43 saves with a save percentage of .422.

The Cards lead the all-time series 1-0.  The lone game went in favor of the Cards 20-4 in Indianapolis last season.  Three Louisville players recorded hat tricks during the game.


IN FIRST ROUND action, Virginia's second half bested Boston College 77-61 and Virginia Tech
destroyed Wake Forest 85-63. So far the better seeds are winning. Duke and Pitt in the final of the night. Since I have been up over 24 hours, I may not get the final to you on this one until Thursday morning

Duke dunked Pitt 86-63. They get FSU for their efforts tomorrow.

Regan Margarity and Jocelyn Willoughby are the co-MVP's so far for Wednesday.


Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!



  1. As promised, I humbly submit my entry here... It's very hard not to pick chalk...

    Day 1: Virginia, Virginia Tech, Duke
    Day 2: Syracuse, UNC, Clemson, FSU
    Quarters: Miami, Notre Dame, Louisville, FSU
    Semis: Notre Dame, Louisville
    Champ: Louisville

  2. Here's the Worldwide "In before 1pm" bracket:
    Day 1: BC, VT, Duke
    Day 2: Syracuse, GT, Clemson, FSU
    Day 3: Miami, ND, Lou, FSU
    Day 4: ND, Lou
    Day 5: Lou

    145 pts

  3. Game1=BC
    Game2=VA Tech
    Game7=FL St
    Game11=NC St
    Total Points=128

  4. Sandy Walker
    Day 1 Virginia, VT, Duke
    Day 2 Syracuse, GT, Clemson, Fla. State
    Quart Miami, ND, Louisville, NC State
    Semi's ND, Louisville
    Final Louisville

  5. Asia named ACC player of the year again!

  6. we here in Greensboro. A memorable trip, including a white-out snow blizzard on the West Virginia Parkway.

    Off to the Coliseum!


  7. Jared, I have to figure that everyone who didn't follow the instructions about putting a number of total points in the final game will have to be disqualified in a tie-breaker. Don't anticipate that I will need to be concerned...already down one game.

    1. I will check with Paul on that to see what we’ll do. I sent him a copy of everyone’s picks so he can follow along and double check me for any errors as well.

  8. We'll see how it plays out. If you neglected to add a score, I think it would be OK if you add it tomorrow (Thursday) in a comment here.


  9. Final score
    Louisville 68 Note Dame 61 = 129 points
    Sandy Walker


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