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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Louisville women's soccer holds their fate in their own hands -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Will the Louisville women's soccer squad open the ACC Tournament at home or on the road? That the question before the Cards (12-4, 6-3) tonight as they welcome Virginia Tech into Lynn Stadium at 7 p.m. in the final regular season match of the year. 

The Cards are in the ACC Tournament, the question is where will they be seeded? Eight teams make the tournament. The Cards could go into the three game tournament as high as the #3 seed. Or they could drop to the sixth seed depending on how they fare against the 8-6-3, 4-5-0 Hokies. Ah, the point system...which awards a squad three points for a win and one point for a tie. A multitude of possibilities for the 14 teams that play ACC women's soccer. (Ga.Tech does not field a squad). 

A win over Virginia Tech (who has 12 points) gives the Cards three points and keeps them in at least a tie for third place with Virginia at 21 points. If the Cavs defeat N.C. State tonight in Charlottesville, they would clinch third place, the Cards would drop to fourth via the tie-breaker (Virginia defeated Louisville earlier in the season) but still open at home in the "round of eight" against the #5 seeded squad. Karen Ferguson Dayes' squad could face either Boston College, FSU or Clemson...depending on how those teams fare tonight. 

A tie or loss tonight isn't what Louisville wants to achieve.

A tie gathers (1) point, as mentioned earlier and would give either Boston College or FSU a chance to tie the Cards with 19 points should they win. Both have 16 points currently. The B.C Eagles face Pitt in Boston, who is tied for last in the ACC with zero points. FSU goes to Miami to face the 'Canes...who have seven points. 

A Louisville loss would be a blow and could plummet the Cards to a tie for sixth with Clemson, who needs a win tonight against win-less Syracuse to move up. Since Clemson and Louisville did not play in the regular schedule, a tie-breaker comes into play. BC and FSU would vault past the Cards if they are able to win and the Cards lose.  

Confused yet? 

Don't worry, all should be clear by 10 p.m. or so tonight and the eight will be determined. With four teams battling for that eighth spot (VT, Wake Forest, Notre Dame and N.C. State) and the right to play #1 UNC on Oct 28th...a lot of people will be checking the conference scoreboard as the night progresses. 

Worldwide probably couldn't develop a I.T. solution for this scenario, Case would have a hard time constructing a blueprint for all the possibilities and Jared...well, that's a lot of change in the offing that he'd have to count, sort and cipher. I just smile and nod. It's what I do best. 

Oct. 28th. (Sunday) will be the next time Louisville plays after tonight, regardless of how they do tonight and they'll be appearing in the Great Eight.  Then, first round winners advance to Cary, NC for the semifinals on Nov. 2nd (Friday) and potentially the finals on Nov. 4th. (next Sunday). 

Based on the regular season stats and performances, it looks like the road to the title will go through UNC. 9-0 in conference play, and 14-2-1. The Tar Heels defeated the Cards 5-1 earlier in the season in Chapel Hill. 

NCAA bid implications? That's a whole different scenario and we'll look at that after tonight's slate is complete.  

Right now, the best thing the Cards can hope for is a win tonight and a Virginia loss.

Come out to scenic Lynn Stadium, with the spectacular view of the tractor-trailer lot and I-65, for exciting WSOC action! We'll have trains, planes, automobiles and wild-eyed groundskeepers driving golf carts! Mike the Clemson Tiger would feel right at home. You don't want to miss it, but if you have to, ACC Network Extra will be providing coverage.

It will be a wee bit chilly by game time and there is a chance of rain, but when did we ever let that stop a good party and chance to see this hard-fighting, defensive-minded WSOC team take the pitch and go to battle? And, no sun in Gabby-the-goalie's eyes. 

Plus, they're giving away free UofL winter scarves to the first 300 through the gates! That, alone, should inspire you to get out and be social...Jared will bring the news tomorrow. Wearing a scarf, maybe. 


TEAM                              POINTS        ACC RECORD

1) North Carolina           27 points        9-0
2) Duke                          22 points        7-1-1
t3) Virginia                    18 points         6-3
t3) Louisville                 18 points         6-3
t4) Boston College         16 points         5-3-1
t4) Florida State            16 points         5-3-1
5) Clemson                    15 points         5-4
t6) Virginia Tech            12 points         4-5
t6) Notre Dame              12 points         4-5
t6) Wake Forest             12 points         4-5
7)  NC State                   11 points         3-4-2
8)  Miami                        7  points         2-6-1
t9) Pitt                           0 points           0-9
t9) Syracuse                   0 points           0-9  


Virginia Tech at Louisville
UNC at Wake Forest 
Duke at Notre Dame
NC State at Virginia
Pitt at Boston College
FSU at Miami
Clemson at Syracuse 


Gregory Alan Bush is the guy who killed two people at Kroger yesterday in J-Town.

He also followed me on Twitter and followed Cardinal Couple.

A self-professed UK sports fan, Bush and I never had any interchanges at the Cardinal Couple website. I did some tracing of anonymous comment and replies on the site and none came back to him.  He would, however, occasionally respond to my Tweets about the success of Louisville women's sports. Not in a positive manor. He had no love for Louisville WBB, that was pretty obvious from his comments and replies. 

Let me make it clear that I never met the guy. After seeing his picture, that became more obvious. One wouldn't forget a guy that looks like that. 

I went shopping at Kroger yesterday to get chili fixins' . Fortunately , it was not the Kroger where the shooting took place. I have gone to that one, though, before. It's close to one of my "watering holes" and I've popped in from time to time to pick up a few things on "the Sonya list". 

Our hearts, sympathies and prayers go out all to have been affected by this senseless, horrific act. 

I'm a little creeped out, I don't mind telling you.  




  1. You got this tonight, WSOC. Shut them down a get a few goals.

    This senseless shooting really strikes home for me, since i work for the chain, at a different location, and know a few of the employees at J-Town's Kroger.

    I weep for our society and pray for better, less violent days.

    Curtis "Why?" Frankin

  2. Hey, ho! Dave O here!

    Go Cardinal women'soccer tonight! They have shown some very good defense as of late and I hope they can get that first round home game in the tournament.

    Paulie, that's a very frightening story. It is just a matter of time until some wacko does it at a major sporting event. I pray it doesn't happen.

    Speaking of sporting events, we almost came up to Louisville on Tuesday. My brother up had a minor scare. Angina attack. He thought for sure he was having a heart attack. We got the "all clear" though and weren't needed to come up and care for his invalid wife. Figured we would catch a little football while we were up there if it worked out. Fortunately, he is OK.

    Poor football. Is Petrino gone? Would Jeff Brohm come back? UCF is off this week. I've gotten to where I like watching them. Still Cards #1, though with my Irish #2 in fan support.

    And, yes, the Irish deserve to be #1 ranked in the ACC in women's basketball. Gives Louisville something to shoot for. Winning at South Bend is not easy, though, and Muffet has a strong roster back.

    Still off another week off from golf with the wrist. I am a man without a country.

    Dave O.

  3. LET'S GO C A R D I N A L S!
    LET'S GO C A R D I N A L S!

  4. Further update: The killer was a Fern Creek grad 1985. I graduated a few year before that and did not know him from school.



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