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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Soccer Prepares for a Trip to Duke and More -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Soccer Prepares for a Trip to Duke

As Paulie covered a little bit yesterday, women's soccer hits the road to face No. 10 Duke.  The Blue Devils currently sit at 11-2-2 and are 5-1-1 in the conference -- a total of 16 points.

Cardinal Couple covers a vast range of women's sports and we use terms & scoring that can be confusing if you don't follow a particular sport closely.  Points in soccer are added up as such:

3 points - win
1 point - tie/draw
0 points - loss

Louisville heads into the match-up at 11-3-0 and 5-2-0 for 15 points in the ACC.  They are riding a
two-game win streak, both being shutouts, multi-goal performances, and conference victories.

Last season, the Cards dropped their match to the Blue Devils in double overtime, 3-2.  Louisville held a 2-1 lead in the second half before Duke scored the equalizer with about 15 minutes remaining in regulation.  Unfortunately, golden goal was not on Louisville's side that night as then-No. 4 Duke left Lynn Stadium with a victory.  You can check out yesterday's article for the interview with Coach KFD following that match.

Duke is averaging exactly 2.00 goals per game while allowing 0.73 goals per game.  They have dominated corner kicks 95-30.  Duke is a perfect 2-for-2 on penalty kicks on the season.  The Blue Devils have been primarily a second half team, scoring twice as many goals in the second half as the first.

Kayla McCoy has been a threat on offense with nine goals and five saves.  Taylor Racioppi has added six goals and one assist.  Ella Stevens has been pass-friendly and is up to eight assists along with a lone goal on the year.  Nine Duke players have scored a goal this season.  To compare, Louisville has 11 players who have scored thus far with Brookylnn Rivers and Maisie Whitsett leading the charge with eight apiece.

What Must Louisville Do To Make the NCAA Tournament?

For starters, not lose out.  Three losses to close the regular season and a first round exit in the ACC Tournament (if they even make it in this scenario) would be the worst thing to happen as it would send their RPI plummeting and chances of a ticket to the Big Dance would follow suit.

With three conference matches to go for most teams, any team except Pitt or Syracuse can tie or pass the Cards if Louisville were to lose out.  Earning three points would put the Cards in the top nine at worse.  The top eight teams make the ACC Tournament.

Louisville needs to earn a minimum of four points to secure their finish in the top eight and get them to the ACC Tournament for the first time in history.  A trip to the ACC Tournament would also keep Louisville high enough in the RPI that they should receive an invitation to the NCAA Tournament.

Similar to basketball, conference victors are automatic qualifiers, leaving approximately half of the rest of the field as at-large bids. Unless a miracle occurs in the conference tournament Louisville will not be an automatic qualifier.  North Carolina is the current favorite for that.

Ultimately, Louisville controls their own destiny.  They can easily finish this season as the best in half a decade.  The talent is there and they play like a team.  The news of Mollie Rouse transferring has not affected game play, and although the news is unfortunate, it cannot be used as a distraction.

So, we hope the future holds good things for the Kickin' Cards as they roll into their last three of the regular season.

Cross your fingers and hope the current roster remains healthy and that they stay strong to finish out the season.

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Great insight into WSOC today, Jared. Obviously, the Cards could control their own fate with wins.

    Looking at who is below them in points is also important. Louisville has 15 points. Clemson has 12 points. They have a very good chance of picking up nine more in their final three games with Wake Forest, Va Tech and Syracuse left. None of these three have more points than Clemson.

    FSU has 10 points. Their remaining schedule is Pitt, VA and Miami. Neither Pitt or Miami has more points than them. Virginia does. FSU has a good chance of picking up six more points.

    Va Tech has 9 points. They have ND, Clemson and Louisville left. All have more points than them. They will have a hard time gaining any more points.

    Notre Dame also has 9 points. They end with Va Tech, Pitt and Duke. It is possible they could pick up three points against Pitt but Duke has more points than them and they are tied with Va Tech. 3 points gained would not push them past UofL. Six would tie them with the Cards if the Cards cannot pick up any more points.

    My prediction for the top eight qualifying for the ACC Tournament:

    1) North Carolina
    2) Duke
    3) Boston College
    4) Clemson
    5) FSU
    6) Virginia
    7) Louisville
    8) Notre Dame

    For the Cards, it's Duke, NC State and Va Tech. Sadly, the Cards probably won't gather points against Duke. They could however pick up points at NC State, who is below them. The key game is the final game of the season against Va. Tech, when they come to visit Louisville.

    The Cards MUST defeat Va. Tech. to secure a play off spot it would appear. A win against NC State would be great and help secure a spot among the eight teams in the ACC Championships.

    About the trip.

    We arrived back yesterday and ol' Curtis did some heavy sleeping until I had to go to work. Fortunately, no one called in sick and my night wasn't too rough. I cannot put into words what I saw in Mexico Beach, the panhandle and southern Alabama. Those sights and memories will stay with me a long time. We shared the driving between the two of us. Even had someone buy our lunch when they found out what we had just done. The Red Cross is a great organization and I recommend that everyone should support them financially.

    Curtis "Definitely has gained a whole new respect for the power of Mother Nature" Franklin

    1. Good stuff today, Curtis! Thank you for what you and your church have done. Glad that you are back safely!

      The Cards control their own fate. Let's hope for a Cardinal upset of Duke tomorrow night. That would bring a lot of comfort to those who are worried about UofL making the ACC Tournament and would be a great thing to have on the NCAA Tournament resume.


    2. thank you, Curtis, for you r good work.

  2. Neighbors of ours in the condo complex down here have a son and daughter in law that were stationed at Tyndall A.F.B., which was massively damaged by Michael. They get the chance to return to the base today and see what's left of their residence and belongings. They left last night.

    They spent a few days with his parents down here. I had a long talk with the son when we returned to Naples. He's thinking he'll probably get transferred to another base. The reports he's getting are that it could take years to rebuild at Tyndell, if that is, indeed, something they even attempt. Fortunately, none of the F 22's were destroyed from what he had heard, but quite a few sustained some varying degrees of damage. All this from conversations he's had, he actually hasn't seen anything yet. These Stealth Fighter planes are incredible flying machines. He helps repair and maintain them.

    Women's Soccer at UofL had made great strides this season. Let's hope the season continues with an ACC slot and NCAA Tournament invite.

    What are you hearing about Davenport and the other UofL prospects for WBB Paulie? Or anyone chime in!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Wow. So many names. Blackwell and Davenport announce Saturday. Zia Cooke, Breanna Beal, Laeticia Amihere, Rickea Jackson and a few I've probably failed to mention.

      For years, I did not put a whole lot of thought and time into the recruiting process. If it's a match and they sign, good for us was the philosophy. This year, my interest has picked up a bit. I liked the way both Davenport and Blackwell played for USA in Mexico City and I want them here in addition to the ones that have already committed. Anyone else is just "gravy on the potatoes" in my humble opinion.


  3. And then, there's this:

    1. Best dancer in college women's basketball right there and the Cats will get Amihere.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor

    2. Goodness gracious almighty, has that man no shame or common sense? Like a portly butcher trying to do Travolta moves. It boggles the imagination. Avert your eyes!


    3. And, as Mr. Walz will tell you: "Matty likes to dance in October. I like to dance in March and April."


  4. Amihere announces Nov. 14th. She's the one I want. The Canadian dunking queen, Down to Cards, Cats and Gamecocks.

    Nick O.

  5. You want Maori Davenport on your roster. Good luck beating Miss. St. out to get her. Wish she had an IU interest.


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