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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Softball Interview with head coach Holly Aprile -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Cardinal Couple had the chance to catch up with Louisville head softball coach Holly Aprile Tuesday afternoon to discuss softball and the UofL fall exhibition schedule. 

The Cards played EKU at Richmond, KY on Sunday and split with the Colonels 5-0, 4-5 according to reports. A chance for Aprile and the staff to see all the players in action and face some competition other than themselves.

Speaking of intra-squad competition, Softball will have a Red vs. Black scrimmage on Saturday around 12:30 p.m.. 

Admission is free. Be advised that concessions will not be open, though, and the event was designed primarily for player's families to attend...although you are welcome to stop by. 

My interview with Coach Aprile (also known as Paulie talks to Holly) took place on the Ulmer Stadium field on a bright and warm day. Softball S.I.D. Lori Korte caught some of it on video, so look for a segment of that to maybe surface on Go Cards or elsewhere. We have the audio version in today's article.

As you listen, here are a few listening points: 

-- How did the scrimmage goes against EKU? 

-- Coach Aprile has been here two's the move from Pittsburgh going?

-- What aspects of "Holly-ball" can Cardinal fans look forward to this fall and in the regular season? 

-- The upcoming fall contests for the "Hit and Pitch" Cards.

-- What players are mentioned ? (two are returnees, one red-shirted last year).

-- How is Coach adapting to campus?

-- Did coach celebrate National Cheeseburger Day and where's a spot she enjoys eating? 

A great afternoon to talk a little softball with Coach Holly Aprile on a day that would have been pretty ideal to "play two"! We appreciate the chance to get together with her and a special thanks to Lori Korte for setting it up. LINK TO AUDIO BELOW: 




  1. Hey, ho! Dave O here!

    Coach Aprile sounds like she gets it, understands it. I'm predicting great things for Louisville Softball once she gets her kids in and her style installed with this team.

    The last UofL softball game I saw was back around 2010-11. We were in-town and went out to a game at Ulmer. I remember this third baseman they had named Bemis and a first basemen named Wolny.

    Those two could play! I hope Holly can bring in more like that!

    Dave O.

  2. Those were two of the best I ever saw in Cardinal softball uniforms, DAVID....the "Beamer and Big Wol".Both were California girls.

    Bemis still on campus...working with UofL marketing and see her at field hockey and women's soccer matches this year. Think she bought a house here.

    Wolny still in town, too...last I heard...working as an instructor out at five O two softball academy.

    They may have been the best here all time at their respective positions. Aprile is working hard and she'll get the kids, I have no doubt about that.


  3. hey paulie. whatever happen to that big pitcher from oregon you used to interview all the time? becker i think?

  4. Yeah, that's be Maryssa Becker. She graduated in 2017 and spent last year doing Louisville Softball broadcast commentary on ACC Network Extra and Go Cards TV. She's working toward being a physical therapist. She'll be a good one. When Becker was "on" there were very few better than her in the circle.



  5. I could have done without that picture of Vince with Aprile. He's a poser and a hoser.

    Nick O.


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