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Thursday, September 6, 2018

#24 WSOC Cards travel to Purdue -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

5-0 Cardinal Women's Soccer Faces Purdue Tonight

The newest member of top 25-ranked teams on the UofL campus - women's soccer -- puts their undefeated record on the line tonight against a formidable Big 10 opponent in Purdue University tonight. The West Lafayette, Indiana university is not far from the Wabash River and boasts notable alumni of "first man on the moon" Neil Armstrong, late astronaut Gus Grissom and NFL star Drew Brees

One of Louisville's favorite "hometown heroes" -- Jeff Brohm -- is the head coach of the Boilermaker football team. 

The 5-0 record that Karen Ferguson Dayes and the kickin' Cards have compiled is their best start since 2012. Against Purdue, Louisville faces a squad with a 3-1-1 record that has only fallen to #15 South Carolina, on the road, in their last match. 

Purdue is led in scoring by Kylie Hase, a sophomore midfielder/forward out of Orland Park, Illinois. Orland Park is a Chicago suburb. Hase has three goals on the season. Another threat when the Boilermakers have the ball is Sarah Clark, another sophomore, who is listed as a defender and hails from Brighton, Michigan...which is a Detroit suburb. 

The Cards lead the all-time series against Purdue 2-1-1 but fell to the Boilermakers last year on Sept. 8th. in Lynn Stadium. 

Purdue goalkeeper Katie Luce has been stingy between the pipes, allowing just four goals in five contests. The Boilermakers have scored eight goals so far this season...a season high of three at home against Eastern Michigan to start the season. 

On the Cards side, scoring hasn't been much of a problem so far. Louisville has 15 goals on the season...Kentucky holding them to just one in the Louisville win last Friday. Brooklynn Rivers, a junior, leads Louisville in scoring with four goals. The Fort Thomas, KY native has actually scored the Cards last four goals....three against Michigan and the lone goal against Kentucky. Freshman Maisie Whitsett has three goals so far this season and fellow freshman Delaney Snyder has also found net success twice...along with Louisville Manual graduate Emina Ekic. 

It's a 7 p.m. start tonight and that's Eastern clear your schedule and, hey, what the's rumored you can "do" West Lafayette in three hours outta Louisville (two hours maximum if Daryl Foust is driving), all Cardinal fans are encouraged to make the journey 

Tonight's contest is on the BTN2Go Network, which means you have to cough up the credit card to view it. It's rumored, though, if you order get free fries and a $1 milk-shake if you choose the drive-thru option. 


Other options involve a radio link (are you listening UofL...Purdue broadcasts women's soccer on the radio) which is:   or you can check out live stats at:

Go. Cards. Beat. Purdue. 


It was December 10th., 1985 and the Louisville men's basketball team was playing Iona in Freedom Hall. Three days earlier, Louisville had knocked off Purdue University at the same venue and the Cards were having an easy time with the Gaels. 

A popular cheer, which is still around in several of the UofL sporting events involves the cheerleaders rushing to half-court or mid-field armed with four poster-boards. They raise the first one to the crowd behind the benches and it says "GO". The crowd is encouraged to respond by shouting "Go!"  Next, the end zone to the right of the benches -- the non-student end zone. They see the poster board reading "CARDS" and hopefully respond by shouting "Cards!" 

This continues to the fans sitting across from the benches..."BEAT" is the option and the litany continues to the student-section end zone...where the opponent's name is on the poster-board. 

On Dec 10th., though, the cheerleaders forgot to replace the "Purdue" placard from three nights earlier with a "Iona" placard. So, during a time-out, the cheerleaders started the cheer but the students were seeing PURDUE instead of IONA on the placard. They responded to what they saw. "PURDUE" was shouted. 

This had to confuse the rest of the 16,000 plus in Freedom Hall. It probably confused the Gaels, who were in their time-out huddle. I was at the game, way up in section 334, and nudged by a buddy, who was laughing. His response was classic: 

"I don't think reading is a part of the requirement to be a cheerleader."

Or, words to that effect. After all, it was almost 35 years ago. (No offense intended to the current group of cheerleaders, who have won 18 National Cheer-leading Association Championships and are led by James Speed, Misty Hodges and Todd Sharp). 

"They think we're Purdue!" 
The GO. CARDS. BEAT. PURDUE. chant continued several days later when Western Kentucky came to town. And it prospered when the Hoosiers visited several days later. It carried on for the rest of the home schedule. Even though the cheerleaders had Memphis, Syracuse or whoever that night's opponent was...the students responded with a loud and hearty "PURDUE!"   Imagine the radio guys from...let's say Cincinnati or Virginia Tech hearing that and wondering "What the -----,  they don't know who they're playing?" Or, "They must really have something against Purdue..."  

Louisville defeated Duke (not Purdue) for the 1986 NCAA Championship...Denny Crum's second title at Louisville. I did not get to Reunion Arena in Dallas for that Final Four, so I don't know if the chant made its way to Texas or not but it was part of the wild celebration on the UofL campus that night after the game...I vaguely remember we started it on campus that night outside the fraternity complex. Allegedly. 

Pressure from the administration (gee, UofL has never seen that, right?) on the student-groups led to them eventually dropping the "Purdue" insistence. The cheer still surfaces from time-to-time, though...including when Cards WBB hosted Purdue early in the 2015-16 season. 

We probably won't hear the cheer tonight at the away soccer game, nor at Volleyball's visit to West Lafayette for the Purdue Invitational this weekend...but, now you know the story behind the legend. 

Go. Cards. Beat. Purdue.



  1. Excellent article today Paulie. I never knew the full story behind the chant. Thought it was maybe at football or something. Go Cards tonight!

    Curtis "Go. Cards. Beat. Purdue." Franklin

  2. I was probably at that game. My Dad had great season tickets back then but I was only seven at the time and don't remember.

    Go Cards beat Purdue.

  3. Good ol' Denny. Anyone know how he's doing these days? A travesty that Vince tossed him out of his office. No respect.

    Nick O.

    1. From WDRB last year:

      Crum sat in his study overlooking a small lake, his dogs at his feet, in good spirits after having what doctors said was a small stroke last week in Alaska. He responded quickly to medication and appears to have recovered with no ill effects.

      “I was working, then I wasn’t,” Crum said. “But I worked 46 years, that ought to be enough for anybody. I did as much as I could do, the best I could do. I’m really kind of happy right now. I’ll be able to more fishing and hunting and spending more time with my family and doing all kinds of stuff.”

      Crum started a scholarship foundation to give tuition money to deserving students from the Louisville area to attend U of L, but says recent uncertainty around the U of L Foundation leaves him unclear what will happen with that fund. In addition to $550,000 in scholarships paid to the university over the years, Crum said his fund gave $600,000 to the foundation last year.

      “That’s a question that I haven’t really come to grips with yet,” he said. “I’m not sure. I gave them a lot of money that we had raised. And . . I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say. It wasn’t enough maybe, I don’t know. I don’t know what it was. I just know that I’m happy and things are good. I’m content to be able to have the freedom in my life.”

      Crum’s wife, Susan, had approached the university this summer, asking if she and Denny needed to meet with someone to find out what was going on. Soon afterward, she received an email referring her to human resources for questions and outlining final payments.

      Crum was paid $338,000 annually for 15 years as part of his retirement agreement. He also received a lump sum payment last year of $3.88 million, as part of a deferred compensation agreed upon at that time.

      It might seem exorbitant to some, having a former coach on staff as a fundraiser at such a high salary (though his salary last year was cut by a third, with another 33 percent being paid to his scholarship fund instead of to the coach himself).

      This smells of glad he's gone.


    2. Bastards. You treat a Hall of Fame coach that way and have an imbecile in Tyra in charge of athletics? Call it Postel if you want, Paulie, but this is typical Tyra stuff. The man made a living wrecking companies before he stumbled on to the UofL job.

      Nick O.

    3. A bit salty these day, Nick? Tyra had no involvement in this. I know Vince. He's not cut like that.


  4. Just for clarity, Tyra wasn't even named interim A.D. until October, so there is no way he was involved in Dennygate. Check your facts, Nick before making statements.

    Paulie, Purdue -- In addition to the two mascot symbols, also used to tailgate quite well for football and there were a lot of folks "doing boilermakers" in the parking lot. That old tradition involves doing a shot of the bourbon of your choice and then "chasing it" with a cold beer. When I was an undergrad at Memphis, one of my first dorm roommates was a guy named Don Cartwright from Memphis. We called him "Hoss" because he was kinda big and it was a Bonanza reference to boot.

    He and I visited his parents one weekend in West Lafayette and went to a Purdue football game. It's where I was introduced to "boilermakers"

    The rest is kind of foggy.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. I can sort of resemble that...ours was "hops and schnapps" ...where we'd do the same thing with 100 proof Rumple Minze...a peppermint schnapps...and beer. Made you the sweetest smelling drunk on campus. mis-spent youth...


  5. Sounds like Cinnamon Girl. You do a shot of Fireball or Hot Damn and chase it with beer. It's also a Neil Young reference to the song with the same name. It's popular at IU among the students. I've seen it done in accompaniment to the song, where you do the combo every time Young sings the words "Cinnamon girl". I think it's about a half dozen times or so during the two-minute song.

    1. Oh, my. That's still going on in Bloomington? I'm a witness from many years ago (1985 or 6?) when the Cards played at Bloomington and I went. They would line up groups of five shots on a table and have a can or two of beer next to them.

      The thing is, most of the "Cinnamon Girl" references all occur in the first half the song, so the participants were knocking them back pretty quickly.

      Do not try this, or any of the references to shots here if you're going to be driving, kiddies.



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