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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball, Volleyball Featured Today! -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Sunday Schedule

Well, at least the events today are spread out nicely, although it would be nice if they were in a bit closer geographical proximity.

Let's run them down in order.


Volleyball kicks off the afternoon at 1 at Cardinal Arena.  The Cards are looking for revenge for an early conference season loss to UNC today.  If you'll remember, in the first matchup, the Cards went into the set break at Chapel Hill up two sets to none with 25-19 and 25-18 wins.  The Tarheels regrouped, though, and came out for the 3rd and 4th sets and flipped the script, winning 25-18 and 25-19, setting up the decisive 5th set.  The Tarheels got that one 15-12 for the match, and the Cardinals came back home smarting from what should have been a solid win that turned into a loss.  I suspect Florida State and Miami were none too thrilled, either, as they were the next guests into Cardinal Arena the next weekend who went down to defeat...the first matches to really show the mettle that this UofL squad really had, (and started to show that FSU really wasn't as great as expected pre-season).

Today, UofL is coming off of a very large victory against NC State in Cardinal Arena Friday night.  That match may very well have been the deciding match of the ACC conference season championship.  The Cardinals need to win the rest of the way, including today, and next weekend vs Boston College and Syracuse, to ensure they hang onto the share of the conference championship and that automatic qualifier bid to the NCAA tournament.  A loss in any of the three matches would mean that we would need Pitt to take another loss as well, and with the rest of their schedule consisting of Georgia Tech (today), and then Virginia and Virginia Tech next week, the likelihood of that happening is rather low.

If you can't make it to campus, this one is available, as normal, on ACC Network Extra


The women go into battle at 3pm for the WNIT championship at the KFC Yum! Center.  10th ranked Oregon has advanced through the other side of the WNIT bracket.  Louisville sits in the #5 spot, of course, in early season like this, rankings are particularly impermanent.

The Cards will be looking out for scorers Ruthy Hebard (6'4" F), and Sabrina Ionescu (5'10" G) who had 24 and 16 against Texas A&M.  Ionescu had a triple-double with 11 assists and 10 rebounds.  Other scorers to be wary of are Lexi Bando (5'9" G), and Maiti Cazorla (5'10" G) who both put up 10 against Texas A&M.  Cazorla almost reached double-double territory with 8 assists.  First off the bench vs A&M was Oti Gildon (6'1" F) who scored 12 and pulled down 9 rebounds.

Not coming downtown?  Get the call on CBS Sports Network.

Men's Soccer

Things move back to Floyd Street at 5 p.m. with the Men's Soccer team kicking off their NCAA tournament run against San Francisco.  The Cards bring a 4th seed into the tournament, and a win today will likely bring 13th seed Michigan into Lynn for the next round game.  The Blue have to get past Colgate to do it, that match also starts at 5 p.m..

Still not on Floyd Street?  ESPN3, has this one, still on the ESPN streaming platform like ACC Network Extra, albeit a little more prominently displayed.

Can you complete the Cardinal sports marathon today? Also, be advised that the NCAA Field Hockey championship game is being played at Trager Stadium today as well so parking could be a tough ticket today on the Belknap Campus.

I won't go into a lot of detail here, plenty of sites out there to cover it, but Louisville Football splashed away in absolutely horrible, wet and cold conditions in Papa John's Oven yesterday 56-10 over Syracuse, I stuck in out until the end, dressed like Ralphie's brother Randy in A CHRISTMAS STORY. Lamar Jackson is from another planet or something. Amazing. 381 total yards and four touchdowns. Cards with seven wins now and at UK next week to close the regular season.   -- Paulie -- 


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We were down a knucklehead yesterday in the basement on a hill.  Jared was off being a big fancy.banker, but Julie JC Sullivan classed up the joint in his place, and even brought Paulie his very own stuffed plush Touchdown Squirrel.  You should be able to find the replay at 
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  1. Cards need to come out strong today against Oregon. I'd like to see 40 minutes of full basketball. Asia hitting threes, Myisha strong inside and some defense on Hebard. Go Cards! 3 p.m.

    Curtis "Down-low is the way to go" Franklin

  2. Great write up today! I won't be in the KFC YUM! today since I live in Naples but I will be watching on ACC Network Extra or maybe listening to the radio call. Which leads me to a question. Why isn't Louisville using announcers for these games and just putting the radio feed to accompany the camera work? Can they not find people? Is it a monetary thing? Will be get announcers on ACC Network Extra for ACC games? Why don't you offer to do it Paulie and Worldwide? Questions, questions. Go to the game today if you can!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. I don't honestly know about the no announcers thing but will endeavor to find out, if there are not announcers today. That being said...Nick and A.J. do a wonderful call of a contest...and, I have no desire to do televised play-by-play or color. They'd probably never ask me in the first place. Worldwide, however....that's the man for it.


    2. It was CBS Sports Network with the TV coverage today and they had announcers there. Don't know how they did they were several chairs from me.


  3. Someone snitched and let the courier journal know that at least 1 UL women's team exists.

    1. It's been no secret that Walz has been less that overjoyed at the CJ's coverage of WBB at Louisville. The Courier did have a couple of "representatives" at today (Sunday's) game.

      Walz spent a good amount of time chatting with one after his presser. What was discussed I do not know.


  4. Sam (Kurt Rambis) Fuehring having a great year so far.

    1. Really thought Sam did a great job not doing a Britney Griner and not punching that girl's lights out when she pulled her hair.

  5. Oregon kept coming but couldn’t get it under double figures the 2nd half. Cards 14 turnovers with many being unforced. Oregon had 20.. No question this team is better and more fun to watch than past few years. Myisha’s bball IQ is weird. Comments by Walz in postgame were revealing. I think Mariya made a good move for her and Cards transferring. I said it at the time and it looks more that way now.

    1. Good observation,I thought we would miss Mariya too ,but evidently we're still a good basketball team on the floor also in locker room. The proof is in the pudding.

  6. I gave it a long time but no one came into answer, so Paulie, that movie was Animal House.

    Curtis "never pledged Delta House" Franklin


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