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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cards hire Scott Teeter for Lacrosse -- Jared Anderson's Wednesday Column -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Scott Teeter was introduced Tuesday afternoon as the new head Lacrosse at the University of Louisville. He is the second head coach in Louisville LAX history, replacing Kellie Young

After a few opening remarks and introduction from acting Louisville Athletic Director Vince Tyra...Teeter took the microphone and gave an opening statement to the assembled media on hand and also answered questions. Vince said: 

"We are thrilled to hire Scott Teeter, who has a tremendous coaching pedigree, to lead our women's lacrosse program. We have established a winning tradition, advancing to the NCAA TOURNAMENT the last four seasons, and we wanted someone who could help build on that tradition. Scott fits the mold, he's very well known in the lacrosse community, and most importantly, he's been a winner." 


-- (On his move to Louisville)  "The University of Louisville is an excellent opportunity for me because I believe that this is the place where our student-athletes can succeed immediately, both competitively and academically. Together, I believe that we can build something very special here. Louisville is a unique place, with a world class university, an exciting women's lacrosse history and unbelievable support and facilities." 

-- (What's he been doing?)  Teeter was the head coach at Canisius College for the last 16 years. He took over a team that had only won just 11 games in the past seven seasons. Under his realm, the Golden Griffins won eight games in his first season there and they won MAAC Conference titles and post season-tournaments from 2011-2017. 

-- (What's the team think?)  Teeter met with the team extensively on Monday and Tuesday and outlined the culture, philosophy and work ethic he wants to see out of them. Teeter says: "I'm not here to be your best friend, but I am here to help you become excellent student-athletes and grow." 

A dozen or so of his players attended the presser and I asked a few of them about their first impressions. They were unanimously positive and excited to be playing for him. They felt he was the right person for the job and are ready to work hard for him and learn. 

An anonymous quote to me: "After what we've been through, it great to have someone who believes in us. As people as well as players. After living through a rough stretch, it's nice to be able to concentrate or practice, performance and studies and not worry about...other things that occurred previously. I'm excited to play for Scott". 

-- (On horse-racing...I tossed the question to him at the end of the presser to provide comic-relief).  "Well, I know what an exacta is."  was a classic response and drew laughter from the attendees.  

And, so...a new era officially begins for Louisville Lacrosse. A shortened roster that he's hoping to add to, assistant coaches to be hired (he did mention that Kay Morissette would be considered if she was the right fit) and a move to Louisville from Buffalo. 

Somehow, you gotta believe that the guy will be successful here. His past performances indicate a winner is in the paddock.

Hear the entire presser here:  Vince Tyra and Scott Teeter -- Lacrosse presser





David Padgett seems to have this coaching thing down. Men's basketball piuled out a whopper of a blowout last night as the took down Southern Illinois 84-42. The guys are now 3-0 and #19 in the nation. 

Unfortunately, I missed most of the game, so my bonus J-A-R-E-D report will be primarily based on what I saw and the box score. 

J -- Jump Shots. Louisville shot 46% from the floor and 31% from downtown. Most of the damage was done in the second half because the initial half's numbers were not impressive at all. I'LL AWARD a small case "j" 

A -- Assists. The Cards dished out 17 assists compared to SIU's 11. Share the wealth. It's a good thing. An extra pass can lead to an easy basket and that happened. THEY GET THE CAPITAL "A" HERE. 

R -- Rebounds. 49 rebounds for the game. WE won't see that often Only 10 of them were offensive which can be improved but the defensive number is impressive, preventing those second chance opportunities. NO PROBLEM WITH ISSUING A CAPITAL "R". 

E-- Effort. I've decided to stick with E for effort instead of efficiency. The bench saved the evening for UofL and produced 49 points. That's good...knowing that there are plenty of scorers and playmakers on the team. The starting five didn't have the greatest of starts last night but the team as a whole picked up the slack. THEY GET A CAPITAL "E". 

D-- Defense. We knew Rick Pitino had a consistently impressive defensive strategy and Padgett seems to be following in his footsteps (just on defense -- not "other" things). Holding an opponent to 42 points is impressive. Nine blocks excellent. A CAPITAL "D". 

It was the best performance of the season for the Cards. The final: j-A_R_E_D.


Volleyball is edging near the end of the regular season. They visit Boston College tonight before visiting Syracuse Friday. I won't be making the trip up north, so it looks like we've seen the end of my live Volleyball pictures for the season, unless the Cards get to open the NCAA Tournament at home. 

A "thank you" to the four seniors for strong leadership in helping turn this team around. They played a vital role in the successes so far. It's unfortunate that UofL has been snubbed in the rankings this season. 

The only concern I have for the final stretch is service errors. Serving hasn't been great for those in Red and Black attempting it. "You gotta hit the ball over the net" -- a Pep Band chant -- is true. Failure to do score gives your opponent the easiest point they'll accumulate in a set or match. 

Defense has picked up more and more as the number of blocks continue to rise. Communication and staying "in system" has accounted for this defensive improvement. 

Look for the Cards to stay hot and fight to make sure they win the ACC. This team has heart and they "want it". Props to Coach Kelly on whatever she's done to motivate them.

The ACC does not have a post-season Volleyball Tournament Whether that would hinder or help Louisville's chances for a good NCAA seeding is a subject of debate. It does, however, give the Volley Cards a chance to claim the only ACC Volleyball Champion title out there and that's something. 

ACC Network Extra (online) is the source if you wish to tune into the game. A chance for some pre-Thanksgiving celebration. 7:30 p.m. start



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  1. We may yet get some Jared volleyball shots. While I think the Cards hosting is quite a long shot, there's a very real chance that our first and second round matches will be in Lexington (UK is #6 in coach's poll, and a whopping #1 in RPI). Great big ol' huge mixed blessing, there, if it comes to pass. Nice and close for people to make the trip, but BBN on the downside.

    If we ask nicely, though, I think maybe we can get Jared to get press creds and gets some pics there.

    This is all speculation, of course, until the selection show Sunday.

    In the meantime, Boston College 4-14 in the conference, this shouldn't be a struggle, but get it done and move on.

  2. Nice write up today, Jared and Paulie! Teeter sounds like the way Louisville Lacrosse needed to go. Surprised you guys did so much on men's basketball being a women's sports site but it was an interesting read nevertheless. I think it is a travesty that the top team in the ACC Volleyball conference can't break the top 25 and I'll try to watch them tonight...Deloris and I have a quiet Thanksgiving planned and I plan on watching a whole bunch of sports this weekend. I'm lucky to have a bride who shares my sports fanatical need to watch stuff. Speaking of the guys, KICK UK'S ASS Saturday in football!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the CARDINAL COUPLE staff and writers and the readers! Gobble, gobble!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. Thanks, Joe! You and the divine Mrs. Hill enjoy your Thanksgiving also. I personally think that UofL will run all over UK, but that's why they play them.

      I got a chance to talk to Teeter and Vince after the press (off the record). He lived in Orchard Park, where the Bills are and had actually been to Louisville twice with his Canisius squads. I like the guy, first impressions being what they are, and he'll get a lot of press and pub from us here at CC.


  3. Good luck Volleyball and welcome to Louisville Lacrosse Scott.

    David Watson

  4. Remember Erin DeGrate, Louisville WBB fans? She landed at Texas Tech and regained her eligibility this season. She scored 10 points total in the Red Raiders first two games and did not play in the third. T.T. is 2-1 on the season and has played no one of consequence.

    The Deb Factor

    1. Have to wish her the best. She was here a year and it didn't work out. I hope her pastures are greener with Texas Tech.


  5. Let’s hope the Volley Cards get to travel nearby! I most likely won’t be covering the first round (Thursday/Friday) due to work but can definitely cover round two (Saturday/Sunday) depending on the time!

    PS if men’s soccer wins this coming weekend i believe the elite eight game would be Friday night.

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