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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jazmine Jones, Bionca Dunham coming to Louisville...WBB getting winners -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

*********BREAKING NEWS!!!*********

Jazmine Jones has said "YES!" to Louisville. Read all about her below. After a visit over the weekend to the University of Louisville, Jones, rated No. 21 overall in the class of 2016, announced a commitment Wednesday to the Cardinals. Other schools on her final list were Ohio State, Miami and hometown Florida State.



2 hours after Jazmine Jones commits, Bionca Dunham says "YES!" to the Cards. The "Philly Post with the Most" will love the up-and-down the court style that Jeff Walz plays and she is a solid rebounder, defender and deadly shooter inside and out. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's flash those "L's". Two new baby birds in the house and...keep the party going Jeff. Bring us more! Lauren Cox, that's a name we like. Jensen Caretti...a wonderful story and she used to dribble around kittens in her driveway at the age of five! 

We'll have much more on this tomorrow.


I'm not an seasoned veteran when it comes to calling high school women's basketball players and interviewing them on the phone. Asia Taylor was the first, and that was primarily Sonja who developed that relationship. She'll always be Sonja's favorite Cardinal WBBer. I loved A-Tayy, too and love her great sense of humor and compassion. 

If Jazmine Jones ends up announcing that she is attending Louisville, she might well be in the running to become my favorite. Mind you, we know nothing at all about any school she might be choosing yet. She's certainly a blast to interview, though.

My call sequence began with a short introductory call to her mother Felicia and the reason I was calling them. She was gracious and kind and invited me to call back after Jazmine got home from conditioning practice. 

Call two found her at home and her are some of the highlights of our chat. 

-- It's hot in Tallahassee, too.

As you might expect. According to Jazmine...'"the heat is everywhere." 

-- Championships, championships.

Jazmine has been on three state WBB championship teams at Florida A&M Developmental Research School, including last season. She started playing there as a seventh grader. I jokingly advised her that if she was considering Louisville that the fans would expect the same. She got a big kick out of that...

-- Decision time.

Jazmine will be making an announcement today. Not on a new car, purse or pair of shoes...but where she'll be attending college. She's not going the donning of a ballcap route..."that's for boys"... according to her, but instead...putting on a shirt or wearing her schools shirt underneath a coat. 

-- She liked the visit to Louisville.

"I really felt at home there. That was the great thing about it." 

-- What she'll bring to the school she chooses.

"Nobody in the country can out-match me with my athleticism and jumping ability." 

Strong words? Sure...but have you seen the YouTube spots on her playing? Whoa. 

-- Is she a Shoni or Angel?

"Angel. That's what Jeff Walz has told me...that I remind him of a young Angel. He said he if chose to come to Louisville he'd strengthen my game so that I'd be pro-ready when I graduate."

-- And she prefers?

 "An up and down the court game. Shot clocks and 10 seconds rules won't bother me. I like to get up and go. " 

-- Favorite food? 

"Ribs !" (We heartily agree here at Cardinal Couple.) 

-- Favorite NBA player?

"Lebron James"

-- Favorite ice cream?

"Cookies and Creme" (with a nod to Butter Pecan also)

-- If you were a car, how would you describe yourself?

"Audi R8"  (it's described as 'designed to exhilarate')

-- If you could trade places with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?

"Michael Jordan"

-- If you could do one thing to change the world, what would you do?

" Feed the poor, the hungry, the unfortunate here and in other countries...especially in Africa...who don't have what we have."

-- Favorite actor?"

"Jason Statham. Especially in TRANSPORTER!" 

Jazmine Jones will make a decision today. Where to spend four years of her life. Where she'll get an education, play basketball and learn about the steps needed to take to pursue her future.

We hope Louisville is that pathway. 


We were honored to be a guest on the Howie Lindsey show yesterday and talk UofL Women's Sports. If you haven't caught the show runs from 10 a.m.- noon on 93.9 FM and can also be heard via internet. A great 10 minutes with Howie. Our segment starts at the 19:30 mark at the link below....but the whole show is a "must listen".





  1. I sincerely hope UofL gets here. What a great addition she would be.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Dare I dream THAT Walz gets Jones, Dunham, Cox and Caretti...who I think has the potential to be the best out of the four. Hey guys, go watch some vid on Jensen Caretti. Incredible!

    Blue Lou

    1. Jensen Caretti is an amazing story over triumph over adversity. Would I like to see her come to Louisville? Yes, indeedie do! She's a player, she's court savvy and I'll follow her career whether she chooses Louisville or not.

      I hope she does choose Louisville, though. It's so much fun watching quality players.

  3. Paulie

    will Walz take more than four in the 2016 class?

    Nick O.

    1. Not having a telekinesis mind link with Jeff Walz...I can't say for certain...but let's do the math.

      10 players on the roster right now. None graduating. Add 5 next year and E comes back that is 16. for 2016-17.

      There are always things that can potentially happen. Girls occasionally leave or transfer.....let's be brutally honest here....girls get hurt. Why not take six and let competition and possible attrition/injury work itself out.

      I never, ever want to see this squad down to what it was the year after the fantastic run in St. Louis. It's become a trusism that top talent wants to play for Jeff Walz. Our fan base appreciates good talent. Why not fill up the grocery cart and head to checkout?


    2. Numbers, schumbers..Paulie. Good kids are what matter and it looks like Louisville is raking them in. Cox and Caretti would be welcome additions to this squad. Keep fishing, Jeff. You're pulling in keepers.

      Curtis Franklin

  4. YES! YES! YES! JJ a Card! I'd dance if I had any coordination.


  5. Pauline, any guesses as to what Dunham's commitment means as regards Lauren Cox? Add Dunham to Shook and you have two bigs. Could this mean that Walz feels he will not get Cox? I've been hearing that ND might be in the lead for her.

    1. Paulie, I don't know where "Pauline" came from. Darn autocorrect!

    2. LOL. Been called worse, Mike! Jeff Walz is very interested in Lauren Cox. He visited her today on his recruiting trip.

      Paulie (or I usually type it the first time)


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