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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Cardinal Couple

Volleyball Time Change

The UofL Volleyball team still has a weekend on the road before they return to the hopefully friendly confines of Cardinal Arena, but that return match has had a time change announced.

The Duke match on Friday the 21st has been changed to a 4pm start.  Websites haven't been updated, yet, but an email message was sent to season ticket holders announcing the change.  (Confusingly, Duke's website has a 6pm start listed, not sure where that comes from)

We'll be sure to bring you any other updates that might occur.

A match on Friday the 21st and Sunday the 23rd will overlap with the Field Hockey Semifinals and Finals...and oh how I hope that's a problem that we have to deal with.

Soccer Hang Up The Boots

As was expected, the NCAA selections for the women's soccer tournament was announced and the young Louisville squad didn't make the cut, so the 2014 UofL Women's Soccer season has come to a close.

As we said a number of times, this was a young team, but there is a great deal of talent that will be returning with a bit more wisdom and experience for the 2015 season.

Speaking of Young Talent

Tomorrow is the opening of the early signing period for most NCAA sports, so expect signing announcements from many UofL Sports teams.

Not included in this signing period is Football and Soccer...well, and Men's Water Polo as well...

We've talked for a while about the recruits that are expected to sign with Jeff Walz's team.  Will there be some extras in the mix?  Stay tuned Wednesday to find out.

I'll be looking with particular interest at the signings for Volleyball and Field Hockey.  I'm looking for some solid passing and defense for Volleyball to try to shore up our shaky passing that we've experienced this year.

Similarly with Field Hockey, I'll be looking for some backfielders to replace the likes of graduating seniors Mallory Mason, Allysa Voelmle and Paige Monsen.  There are a few other seniors graduating, but they aren't quite the impact players that the senior backfielders have been.

Waiting for the recruits to come rolling in! 
The early signing period does include spring sports such as Softball and Lacrosse, but its even harder to know what will be needed as these are players signing that will be joining sprint sports in the spring of 2016, more than a year away.  We think Softball will be in good shape for pitching by then, and Lacrosse will still be returning much of the talent that they have on the team this year, so I don't have any particular areas that I'm looking to see emphasis on for these sports.



Finally, on Veterans' Day 2014, a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have served, are serving and are considering serving our country in the Armed Forces. 

You...better than anyone...understand the concept of working together as a team to function well. A late, great football coach once said: 

"I'll always find room on my roster for a young man who served his country and wants to attend college to get an education and maybe play a little football. Most of my guys biggest fights have been for tackles and first downs. The veterans have fought for their lives, our lives and freedom. They get it better than any 18 yr. old kid I could ever recruit." 

Thank you.


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  1. Agree. Thank you for your service. Well said, Paulie. My dad was with Patton when they landed in Italy. I'll remember those stories for the rest of my life.

    -the real Joe Hill-


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