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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Giant Killers strike again -- Louisville Field Hockey downs #4 Duke 2-1 --- Saturday Cardinal Couple


The Giant Killers strike again.

For the second time in two weeks, Louisville Field Hockey has defeated a top five program in NCAA Field Hockey...knocking off #4 Duke 2-1 in a rainy Trager Stadium Friday night. The Cards win streak on the home turf increases to 15 straight on an evening where ESPN3 was on hand to chronicle another upset dealt out by Justine Sowry's stick swingers. 

Louisville started out in a defensive struggle with the Blue Demons for the first 12 minutes before Erin McCrudden returned a missed Alyssa Voelmle shot into the net on a penalty corner play. It was McCrudden's first score of the season.

Sowry and Bustin enjoy a pre game chat

Three minutes later, the Cards capitalized on another penalty corner attempt...Chile Garcia getting the feed from Paige Monson and Mallory Mason to put the Cards up 2-0 with 20 minutes left in the first half. Louisville's defense held strong to put the Cards in the locker room with the two goal advantage. 

Duke came out strong in the final half...getting off two shots and a penalty corner attempt in the first 10 minutes. They cut the UofL lead to 2-1 when Martine Chichizola took one into the circle and fired one past goalie Sydney King.

Mallory Mason and Alyssa Voelmle celebrate the win
It would be the last the the Blue Devils were heard from, though...Louisville's defense holding strong and King closing the net with six saves for the game. 

Things got a bit chippy near the end of the game...Alyssa Voelmle drawing a yellow card and sitting for five minutes. The Dookies could not capitalize on the player advantage, though...and Louisville goes to 9-2 and 3-1 in the ACC. 

Justine Sowry recaps the win:
The coaches exchange post game handshakes

"We were nervous in the beginning. I think both teams were a little jittery. As we started to get in a rhythm, we starte to play to our strength and our identity. It was a very impressive first half. In the second half, Duke came out really strong. They're a very good team, so we knew they would come out strong. It was a gritty win. We has to be disciplined and we're happy with the win." 

The Cards outshot Duke 11-10 but the visitors had a 8-6 edge in corners. 

The game also marked the return of former UofL Field Hockey coach Pam Bustin to Louisville for the first time. Four years ago, she probably never dreamed she would be back here playing and losing in an ACC match against her former assistant. 

The Cards return to the field Sunday for a 1 p.m. match against #15 Michigan. 

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Worldwide and Paulie will be back in the studio this morning at 11 a.m. for another exciting edition of CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO on Crescent Hill Radio. 

The lads will discuss the big Field Hockey win, Worldwide will offer Volleyball musings and women's soccer, cross country and other UofL women's sports will be on the docket as well. 

They probably won't discuss Paulie's colonoscopy...but you never know. It's a good thing they don't use a video feed...he has pictures. 

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  1. OT: I know each story and set of circumstances are different but it appears that some of the situations where women NCAA student athletes requested transfers are being denied are just examples of petty and vindictive actions by coaches/ schools.

    As an step towards parity of power over the lives of all of these folks it is past time for coaches contracts to includes financial penalties equal to their agreed upon future salaries for each year they leave a school before the expiration of their contract.

    I have no idea why schools should be obligated to pay coaches they fire but owe nothing to athletes whose scholarships they do not renew when the only reason is over recruitment.

    It would be a fun time to currently be recruiting to women's basketball prospects against Alabama, Florida and Kansas State.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Job jumping is a risky business. Look at Tom Collen for example...leaving Louisville and Angel to go to Arkansas. Count Collen in the ranks of unemployed. Many schools that get a coach to jump will, in effect, buy out that coach's previous contract as part of the hiring.

    The major reason kids leave a program is over playing time. Over-recruiting, while it does happen, is all about the competition. A player is not entitled to any amount of playing time just because they accept a scholarship. If a coach can get a better player, they will. The "over-recruited player" can always stay and try to keep their playing time by improving their skills. Many choose to go where they can play on a less talented team and see court time.

    I don't like the premise of dropping a scholarship because a player isn't talented enough to stay on a time...granted...but these coaches know that wins equal job security and better players increase the chance of winning. Look at Agnes Berenato...a great, caring and wonderful coach at Pitt. The wins weren't coming, though and she was released.


  4. I am really enjoying this blog and learning about all the woman's sports and how they are competing. I live in Sacramento Ca and am not a Louisville alum and am a relatively new Louisville fan due to the Schimmel sisters and the TV exposure in their 2013 NCAA tournament run. Paulie you do a great job !

    1. Thank you for reading! We appreciate it!


  5. This is a bit off topic but how did Chastity Gooch get away from us and end up at Western Kentucky? Was she a late bloomer or just overachiever? Did we recruit her? I am pulling for them except when they play us.

    1. That 2011 class had Bria, Sara and Jude in it and a strong, veteran squad returning. Dyer and Vails were playing...along with Asia and Cierra Warren. Walz also had Shoni, Gibbs, Becky Burke, Mo Reid, Nita Slaughter and Shelby Harper. Monny Niamke was supposed to be a part of it too but ended up at Lindsey Wilson. Even though Gooch was All-State as a senior and I'm sure the coaching staff was well aware of her... (and this was before Michelle Clark-Heard went to WKU) all honesty, the Cards probably went with what they considered stronger recruits at the time.


    2. Franklin-Simpson forward Chastity Gooch got official offers from Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Austin Peay and Tennessee State, according to coach Lex Lindsey.
      Gooch, a senior, is coming off an exceptional summer AAU season which saw her named an AAU All-American. Even more impressive was Gooch’s play after a second knee surgery. That helped her gain interest from the likes of Louisville and Oklahoma, although neither of those schools have offered.

    3. Wow, Gooch bounced back from two knee surgeries in high school? Pretty amazing story. Talk about a real sleeper. She is the epitome of one.


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