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Thursday, June 26, 2014


- Guess whose leading the WNBA guard ballots?

For a player that's having a hit-n-miss record cracking the Atlanta Dream's starting five, Shoni is getting a lot of nationwide love. Popularity is what All-Star balloting is about. Check these numbers out... 

Top Five Guards - Eastern Conference
StarterShoni SchimmelDream14,635
StarterIvory LattaMystics5,974
3rdCappie PondexterLiberty5,926
4thBriann JanuaryFever5,341
5thCourtney VanderslootSky4,972
Top Six Frontcourt Players - Eastern Conference
StarterElena Delle DonneSky16,542
StarterAngel McCoughtryDream9,736
StarterTamika CatchingsFever8,341
4thErika de SouzaDream7,579
5thChiney OgwumikeSun6,922
6thTina CharlesLiberty5,897
Top Five Guards - Western Conference
StarterDiana TaurasiMercury10,487
StarterSeimone AugustusLynx10,024
3rdLindsay WhalenLynx8,898
4thSkylar DigginsShock8,447
5thSue BirdStorm4,506
Top Six Frontcourt Players - Western Conference
StarterMaya MooreLynx16,509
StarterCandace ParkerSparks13,704
StarterBrittney GrinerMercury10,214
4thKayla McBrideStars6,220
5thNneka OgwumikeSparks6,129
6thJanel McCarvilleLynx5,048

SWISH APPEAL will tell you:

The rookie guard is running away with it and appears to be a near-lock as an All-Star starter. In fact, she also leads all rookies in All-Star voting. Schimmel had a super start, in particular as a passer in her first four games of the season.

I'll also add this. If All-Star voting ended today, Schimmel would also start alongside Dream teammate Angel McCoughtry. Both of them played their college basketball at the University of Louisville. It should also be pointed out that Ivory Latta was a former Atlanta Dream player.
Schimmel has cooled off  a little since her first few games. This goes into my next point.
There doesn't appear to be much differentiation among the Eastern Conference's guards, beyond Shoni Schimmel.
Yeah. With the exception of Schimmel, whose voting stats could be partially influenced from the Native American and Louisville fan communities, it's a really close race for who's second place for guards in the East. As of today, Ivory Latta of the Washington Mystics would be there, but Cappie Pondexter of the New York Liberty is really, really close.

The point is a league that is crying out for more attendance...the fans have spoken.

Wake up, Michael Cooper. You're a clown...just like the other coaches the program has had since Angel has been there. A figurehead. Do you really think you (or any other WNBA Coach) is responsible for a team's success or attendance? 

Reality check. The fans come to see players they like. The Connecticut Sun should be chock-full of Geno grads. Tulsa stocked with BIG 12 success stories. Same principal applies to the other ten franchises. 

Wake up WNBA. I'll be watching the Atlanta Dream's road attendance with great interest the rest of the year.
Schimmel Magic.

And...if the brain trust of the Atlanta Dream has any common sense at all...Jude Schimmel should be on the 2015 draft list under Atlanta's pick.

Schimmels' at guard. Angel, Sancho and Erika on the front line. You're a "for profit" organization.
Get your corporate heads out of the sand (or elsewhere).

And add Sara Hammond next year. Trade for Asia Taylor.

Move the franchise to Louisville....

(Paulie's commentary is solely his own thoughts and does not necessarily represent the thoughts of viewpoints of the rest of the CARDINAL COUPLE staff, Swish Appeal, any players or coaches mentioned here, NYSE Day Traders, that weird guy at the gas n go who sells me coffee in the morning or Pat Travers.) 

Have a great Thursday. 


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  1. Asia has been doing some blogging about her Lynx experience over at Full Court. Pretty impressive content and nice writing skills.


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