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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Field Hockey, hoops and more


- We hear from Pam

- Worldwide to have surgery

- The Schimmel effect

Last week...we ran an article on one of Louisville's future ACC opponents, the Duke Blue Devils. I had sent an e-mail to head field hockey coach Pam Bustin to see if she would provide an update on the Duke squad. It's a busy time of year for all coaches and I probably sent it too close to the scheduled time for the article...but I got her reply last night:

Well hello!

Good to hear from you. Very exciting for Louisville.

As far as the Duke Blue Devils, we have just graduated eight significant
leaders to our program, six of them starters. So, our 2014 season will
have quite a different look. Our incoming class is full of talent, and our
returning core fortunately experienced an amazing climb to the 2013
National Championship game. We will see how long it takes to get this
collective group clicking and finding our 2014 stride.

I was very pleased with our scrimmage against the Cards and very grateful that Louisville
agreed to play. We only had 13 players this spring, 2 goalkeepers, and one
substitute. After playing a full day on the Saturday before, we were able
to dig deep and compete well on the following Sunday versus a strong and
experienced Louisville team winning 3-1, I believe.

Thanks for your continued interest and hope you enjoy the ensuing summer

Pam Bustin

As always, we are grateful for any input or information
coaches, fans and players care to share with us. Looks like the Cards may have some work ahead of them to catch up and beat Pam's squad. We'll find out soon enough...the Cards and Duke will square off in field hockey on Friday, Oct. 3rd at Trager Stadium in Louisville.


*                      *                    *                     *                  *

Keep our columnist and radio co-host Worldwide Jeff McAdams in your thoughts and he goes in for gall bladder surgery today.

He'll be absent from the site and radio show for a bit while he recovers. I have no earthly idea how I'm going to do an hour of radio without him...but I'll figure something out. 

I remember when I was a kid, they let me eat all the ice cream I wanted after I had my tonsils removed. I wonder what they'll let Jeff have after gall bladder surgery.Hopefully, an ice pack...

With that in mind, here are 10 things that might indicate your surgery isn't going to go so well:

1) Doctor walks in operating room with Surgery For Dummies 101 paperback book.

2) Doctor is glancing at WEB MD website while operating

3) Nurses and staff get up a jackpot on whether surgeon will remove the right organ (and ask you if you want in).

4) Surgeon mutters repeatedly that he's late for his tee time during procedure.

5) Surgeon continuously asks nurse where the gall bladder is during prep work.

6) You gaze up from the operating table and Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk from Star Trek are standing there.

7) Doctor asks you which foot is being removed...for knee surgery.

8) Anesthesiologist is sharing your sedation drugs with the surgeon and staff.

9) Last thing you hear before going under sedation is " We can rebuild him...bigger, stronger and bionically."

10) Mariachi band and taco bar is getting set up in the operating room just as your going under sedation.

Good luck and heal quickly, Worldwide.

*                     *                        *                    *                  *

Gotta love this pick of Shoni and family after an Atlanta Dream game.

Shoni Schimmel came out of Louisville with guns blazing, securing her place in WNBA history by matching the record for most assists in a player's first two WNBA games with 21. Schimmel is also averaging 9.6 points per game and a solid 6.7 assists (2nd in the league).

She has also made quite a splash in the community, bringing along with her thousands of fans who have followed her career ever since she left the reservation she grew up on in Oregon.



  1. Paulie, thank you so much for your mention of Jeff and your concern. He is out of surgery now and at our house taking a nap. The surgery went very well and the surgeon told us that the gallbladder was in very bad shape, worse than could be detected on the pre-surgery tests. So he is now mending and should be as good a new soon. Thanks again for your support and thoughts.

  2. And, they fixed him a grape slushie....was sitting there when he first woke up and he thought it was excellent.

  3. If you have to have an organ removed, the gall bladder is the perfect one to lose. Had the surgery myself, December a year ago. Should be back to his old antics in due time. Heal well, WW.

  4. Yup, grape slushy sitting there waiting for me when I woke up in recovery. Best. Nurses. Ever.

    Softball is done, so watching Baseball SuperRegionals (Candy v Stanford at the moment...Go Cardinal!) UofL on ESPNU at 6:30 if you can't make it out to Patterson (like me)

  5. Glad to hear that all went well. And a grape slushy as well! I guess that $20 I slipped the head nurse in the recovery room was well spen after all...Hmmm...Jenny - gall blader surgery, Jeff - Gall bladder surgery, Sonja - appendix surgery...I'm detecting a trend here and not sure I want to be in the loop.
    (Although some think I'm a prime candidate for brain exploratory surgery)

    Geaux Cards!

  6. I'm glad to hear all went well, Jeff. Heal quickly and return to the site. Paulie keeps threatening me with assignment of multiple articles in one week.

    David Watson


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