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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Where we are


- 1700 posts and still here

I recently noticed that Cardinal Couple passed the 1700 mark in posts. I had to reflect a while on that...and think a bit about what Cardinal Couple is today and what it was when we first started...back in early January of 2010.

Sonja and I had an idea that we would start a website about UofL women's sports. We would cover events on a daily basis...add commentary, analysis and human-interest articles on the women student athletes at UofL.

We received encouragement from some very important people to do so. Julie Hermann, Tom Jurich, several UofL women's head coaches, Kenny Klien, Charlie Springer (who we'd previously been writing for over at):

Charile has been my guru on journalist philosophy. He is a trusted and wise counsel. I consider him a friend.

And... Howie Lindsey...who has been an incredible proponent and positive backer of what we do. Love ya, big guy...

The early days of getting established were a lot of work but great fun. David Watson would write several article a month for us. We eventually added a few columnists, they stayed for varying periods of time and we went about securing things like media passes, interviews with coaches, a radio show and t-shirts.

We dropped advertising and made the site reader and listener-sponsored. We're still non-profit, barely hanging in there financially and still have T-Shirts available. We still accept donations and Pay-Pal funding. When the finances get tight...we ask for contributions. My own personal costs are irrelevant. I'm still living in a house and not under the 2nd Street Bridge.

I thank God for my horse-racing handicapping skills that have pretty much supplemented the costs associated with the site and show. I ask for future successes.

Over the years, Sonja has moved to an administrative role and no longer writes but is immensely helpful in helping me form ideas for articles and provides invaluable insight on games, teams and coaches. She determined that constructing articles wasn't her thing but providing insight and handling other aspects of the site was. She's be-friended some very talented UofL women's student-athletes and provides a very clear and rational observation of events and performances.

What Mama wants, Mama gets. Makes life a whole lot easier. I am a very lucky guy...

We've had some changes in our columnists...but each and every one of the former contributors know they are welcome back at any time. Things happen. They contact us on issues they are concerned and proud of. We appreciate that.

As Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd said many years ago:

"It ain't for everybody...being in the spotlight. Only you can decide if it's right for you. Ain't nuthin' in the world wrong with a person who'd rather observe than participate. They're the ones that keep you pumped and comin' back...because they are the ones who keep you driving...makin' you want to try to please and satisfy them. They are the gas that keeps the engine runnin' "

Through it all, we've tried to present Cardinal women's athletics from a fan's perspective. Jeff and I are huge fans of UofL women's sports. David Watson still chips in now and then...the tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and humorous "Mr Watson"...Gary sends us great commentary and reports on women's basketball and our former writers still read, e-mail ideas to us and comment. Jenny ( who has been a very popular columnist here) has indicated that she'll consider a return when her life slows down a bit.

We understand. No promises, no demands. She's family.

When Jeff (Worldwide) first came on board...I knew we had something special. He continues to provide it each week and is one of the most insightful and unique people I've had the pleasure to know. His intelligence level and way of breaking things down is amazing. He's also popular and connected with UofL folks. He's got great parents. We're pretty sure he wasn't an original Brady Bunch sibling. We accept what he wants to give and we're happy as hell to receive it. No demands. Just tons of gratitude. He dishes it out and can take it. He tells it like it is. I dig that.

We have so many fantastic readers and commentors in our comments section and via e-mail. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and your words.

Things change. I went back to work full time. We've seen three conference changes. We've seen new coaches, a multitude of excellent athletes and unparalleled success for many of the women's teams at UofL.

It will continue. We will continue. We'll still agonize over losses, celebrate victories and discuss them here.

We have radio now. We enjoy it. We are assured of eventually progressing from an internet and low wattage AM station to an FM choice in Louisville. The beauty of it is that we can be heard anywhere on the globe. Listener choice. We work with a wonderful, witty and delightful station owner who provides an unmatched format and personally engineers each and every show we do...adding her own welcome and appreciated additions to our broadcasts.

Crescent Hill Radio is family. We're proud to be relatives.

The main thing...the key is this:

It wouldn't be possible, it wouldn't have grown to an amazing daily readership across the globe without you...the reader, the listener.

We can only humbly thank you and pledge to try and provide you with interesting reading and listening material. We welcome your comments, observations, ideas and support.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

And thanks for putting up with an old man's recollections, reflections and observations. Here's to the next 1700 posts.

Stay tuned...




  1. Paulie, thank you so much for a wonderful post. I was unaware of the history of the blog and I learned a lot. I look forward each day to reading and enjoy very much your radio show. Jeff really likes doing the radio and, by the way, you may have overrated his parents. :)

    1. Thank you for reading, Charlie! You, Vivian and Jeff are great people and it's an honor and pleasure to know you and realize your loyality to the site and show. Tell Jeff summer is rapidly approaching and razors are on sale at most major retailers...


  2. Paulie thank you for putting this site out there each day and covering all the women's sports. Not just the most popular ones. There are a lot of hard working women student athletes on campus who perform in front of hundreds not thousands. Thanks for telling their stories too.

    Blue Lou

  3. Paul, I'll echo the other posts...thanks for doing what you do. You are a "must read" every morning.

  4. Paulie, Jeff's beard is old enough to buy alcohol. I don't think you will get him to buy any razors just because it is summer. Never miss a day reading the blog.


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