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Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Cardinal Couple -- ACC: New logo, new challenges


- ACC reveals new logo

- Cards rowing starts NCAA Tourney today

- Crescent Hill Radio Trolley Hop Concert Tonight!

The ACC has revealed their new logo, website address and twitter info. Louisville has unveiled their version of it also.

In case you wondered, here's the old one:

Wasn't it nice of the ACC to do all that just because we're joining? After all, there were no logo changes when Pitt, Syracuse and Notre Dame opted in, right? Cards rule! 
So...what's the thinking here? We'll get past all the flowery words and kudos that the ACC Commissioner pontificates in his introduction of the new brand. That's what he's paid to do. The real question is...are you...the UofL fans cool with the design and look? After all, we are recently invited guests to this party. How are the appetizers and snack food?
Keep in mind, this is something you'll be staring at when Bria breaks loose and cans a jumper from mid-range. Or when Brittany Duncan sends one over the right field fence. An image Kaylin Morissette will be winning her draw controls on top of and a design that Katie George will be celebrating on after a Cardinal kill or point.
It's bolder, underlined and has a background behind it.
Does it matter?
One thing we can all be glad of...there will be no confusion anymore about which conference a particular UofL sports team is in anymore. (Something we're wildly happy about for live Cardinal Couple Radio broadcasts)
Paulie: "And with the win, Jeff...that moves the Cards into second place in the AAC."
Jeff: " Remember, we're in the BIG EAST in that sport."
Paulie: "What? Did I do it again? BIG EAST, my bad. "
Jeff: "Until July 1st."
The league will face challenges. TV broadcasts for Cardinal sporting events will be one of them...since the ACC basically owns all conference member games broadcasting rights. Are the days of Drew Deener and Bob Valvano (or even Sean Moth and Patty Norton Dennison) calling games on the Accuweather channel @ Time-Warner Cable TV done?
Your thoughts? Shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment.
Row, row, row you Cards..
Earning their first NCAA Championship berth as an automatic qualifier with last
Sunday’s dominating win at the American Athletic Conference Championship, the
Cardinals will compete in the three-day event scheduled for May 30-June 1 at
Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, Ind. Overall, the 22 teams in this year’s
championship are comprised of 11 automatic qualifiers and 11 at-large


Louisville’s varsity eight boat was seeded 16th overall and will compete in Heat
1 against San Diego, USC, Ohio State and Michigan. The Cardinals’ second varsity
eight crew was seeded No. 15 and will open the event in Heat 2 against Oklahoma,
Notre Dame, Stanford and Princeton. Louisville’s varsity four boat was seeded
No. 14 and race in Heat 3 against Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wisconsin
and Jacksonville.


More information on the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championship is available online at .
At the Hop!
Hey, hey, hey!  Tonight is the first of the five Crescent Hill Radio Trolley Hop Concerts. This is big family fun associated with the Frankfort Ave/Crescent Hill Neighborhood Fat Friday Trolley Hop gala affair.
The concerts are free. Bring the kids, lawn chairs and enjoy an evening of great music and with John Gage and The Bottom Sop.  J. Gumbo's will be onsite with their food selections. Celebrate the last Friday of the month with us at Crescent Hill Radio!!
(You might even see the crazies from Cardinal Couple Radio if you look around. Don't be shy, come up & say "Hiya, pal")
A guaranteed good time is assured for all...Peace, Love, Dove.

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