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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weds. Cardinal Couple -- More Lacrosse



A first-time host and two locations that last hosted a championship round more than a decade ago highlight the first- and second-round and regional sites for the 2014 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship, as selected by the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee.

Cities chosen to host first- and second-round games in 2014 include Ames, Iowa; Baton Rouge, La.; Chapel Hill, N.C.; College Park, Md.; College Station, Texas; Durham, N.C.; Iowa City, Iowa; Knoxville, Tenn.; Lexington, Ky.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Storrs, Conn.; Toledo, Ohio; University Park, Penn.; Waco, Texas; and West Lafayette, Ind.

The four selected regional sites are Lincoln, Neb.; LOUISVILLE, KY; Notre Dame, Ind., and Stanford, Calif.

Nice....very nice.

- Yellow journalism in a cowardly fashion

( Note: Regular Wednesday CARDINAL COUPLE columnist Jenny O'Bryan is ill and unable to write today. Instead, we have contacted former columnist and regular reader David Watson to fill in for her.

David has some definite opinions about the C-J report on Coach Kellie Young. David doesn't hold back...-Paulie)

I do occasionally miss sending columns to Cardinal Couple. Time catches up with one, however, and with a daughter playing Field Hockey at an East Coast college, a son competitive in golf and my other daughter fascinated with cross country -- plus working 40 + hrs. a week, I had to let something go. It was Cardinal Couple. I still read the site though and share my thoughts with "the big guy" via phone and e-mail.

To address a recent article about Kellie Young, I must ask the writer -- are you just that stupid or do you sincerely believe that attacking a women's sports coach and program without proper research of the facts is good journalism?

If so, I have swamp land in Florida that has great potential I'd like to talk to you about.

No need to check it out, pal. I swear we ran the gators off months ago.

Your article, and the follow-up by a "piler-on" are cowardly attempts to increase readership in a periodical that long ago lost any relevance in journalism.
What's next in your out-of-the-box, in the trash receptacle style of commentary?

Charlie Strong yells at a receiver for running a wrong pass pattern. Strong must resign. Needs a month of sensitivity training.

Jeff Walz grimaces when Shoni misses a three. Out the door with Walz. The man can't win a national title. He's lost control of the culture for Louisville WBB. Deplorable.

(I've given the author two future articles ideas here.)

You neglect "non-revenue" programs 364 days a year. When something marginally negative pops up, though -- you're "on it" like my Uncle Dave at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Cheer up. It happens. Hitler decided he could conquer Russia. Arsenio Hall believed he'd be a great late-night talk show host. Ford thought the Edsel would capture the car market. Bartman decided to go for a foul ball. The Pacers still play in the NBA.  

It's OK. The world needs janitors and poolboys, too. I'd say I look forward to your future articles -- but I just don't read your publication much anymore. 

The birds seem to sing much more happily since the switch from lining old editions of your tripe in their cage to paper towels. Maybe it is the floral colors. Maybe it was the content in the previous poop catcher.

You seriously want to go after lacrosse? Get on your horse and ride, Don Quixote. The Inspector Clouseau School of Fact Finding sure is proud of you.

University officials have pointed out discrepancies in
comments made about actions related to the "whistle-blowers". But, when have facts ever gotten in the way of "crusader journalism", right?

And, where's the outcry and jumping on the bandwagon from current and past players? If Young is the monster you claim she is, then why isn't the campus and community carrying pitchforks and torches to run her out of town?

The bottom line is that she is a caring and dedicated coach who exudes passion for her craft and sport. Sometimes passion can be misunerstood for other things. Young has no vendettas or sinister plans. She just wants to develop a successful, winning program. 

Isolated incidents, reported by disgruntled former student-athletes, are subject to the scrunity of the revenge filters. And the acid test is clear. Distortion of events and activities equals clear lack of journalistic and moral responsibility.  

It's not Jerry Sandusky. It's not doling out money to pro-prospect players. It's not worth the cost of the paper it was printed on.

It's not a story. It's over-blown and inflated sensationalism designed to be hurtful.  

And it's not needed. Not when there are so many good and positive things to write about.


( David Watson is a retired college professor and has returned to the working world as a claims adjuster in his brother-in-law's insurance firm. Married and the proud father of three children, David enjoys golf, Cardinal Athletics and the NCAA March Madness.)




  1. Howie's site has more evidence that it was a f&*% job by the C-J

  2. David
    Great article which reminds me why I miss regularly reading your submissions where truth and facts took center stage.

    As a fellow past periodic contributor to the CC website --it was well known that Paulie required our articles to adhere to long held journalistic ethical standards and to maintain lines of integrity which were not to be crossed.

    The CC was not to, and has not become an outlet for those whose viewership attention depends on gossip, harmful rumors and sensational but false headlines. I am now questioning if the Courier Journal has tossed aside those standards. WHY would they make a decision to publish without verifying so many easily disproven allegations? Why was one pretty mild (within national coaching behaviors) VM shown as THE smoking gun? WHY, while without taking the time to fully clean the egg off of their face would they compound the situation by next printing an editorial which continued repeating many of the same false statements. WHY?

    Maybe the WHY I have asked is the true story which should be investigated.

    S Walker

  3. Very nice to hear from you Sandy and as you and I discussed today at the WBB basketball luncheon...the fact that the Courier-Journal failed to verify the accuracy of statements...not once -- biut articles shows that the truth is pretty much irrevelant when it comes to controversial stories at the C-J.



  4. Thanks everybody. Was good to get an article up on the site again. I'm with you every day reading. Glad to see you are feeling better Jenny. Someone has to keep Laurel and Hardy in line over there.



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