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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple - WE read YourMail !!


- From the mailbox

We have received quite a bit of e-mail in support of embattled head coach of the UofL Lacrosse squad Kellie Young. We present some of these to you today...



I appreciate the support articles that Cardinal Couple has posted about my former coach and teacher Kellie Young. She helped me learn about life, competition, sportsmanship and teamwork. I came into the lacrosse program a headstrong, egotistical girl. I left an mature and confident women. Coach and my teammates will forever hold a place in my heart and for unknowing journalists that attack a women and a program I love is totally unacceptable.

LAX Rocks!


Thanks for telling it like it is, Couple. As a parent of a lacrosse player I know how hard the young women who participate in the sport work. Coaches like Kellie basically become a mentor, guardian, friend and surrogate parent over these girl while they are away at school.

Like any parent, the coach provide guidance, counsel, discipline, love and life examples to their athletes. Although my daughter does not attend UofL, as a parent, I would be honored for Ms. Young to be the head coach of my Laurie.

From all I have heard about her, she is well-respected in the lacrosse community, took a nearly impossible task of building a program from scratch and has maintained the highest ethical and moral standards for her players, staff and assistants.

Your local newspaper should fire the demon who cast stones upon her. Kellie Young is one of the many saints who devote their lives to the care and nurturing of women who toil in relative obscurity during their college stays but work as hard as any athlete on any campus.

I have patched the wounds, calmed the frustrations, been a supportive listener and the biggest fan in the world for my daughter since she first came home with a lacrosse stick and told me she was going to participate in the sport.

God bless Ms. Young and those like her in the college athletic community.

Janet Taylor
A proud Lacrosse mom



Dear Cardinal Couple,

I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your support of Coach Kellie Young. As a former athlete of Coach Young's, words cannot describe the passion, integrity and genuine care she has for her players.

As much as It saddens me that sensationalism has become more important than responsible journalism, I am even more frustrated by the seemingly overwhelming belief, that it is degrading to expect female athletes to work hard and to hold them accountable for their actions if they don't. Since when are we so fragile that we cannot handle the intense rigors of collegiate athletics, resulting in outsiders viewing our coaches as abusive for expecting us to fulfill our potential? (or simply be responsible)

Coach Young believes in the strength of the female spirit and she makes it a point to cultivate that strength throughout her program. Individual strength and strength in numbers. That philosophy was illustrated by the 53 alumni from James Madison University and Louisville that submitted letters on her behalf almost immediately after that "story" broke. 53 strong, independent women who united in their belief that their coach was being portrayed unfairly. The purpose of collegiate athletics goes far beyond the wins and losses on the field. There are life lessons you carry with you and a loyalty to the one person who had the courage to see the person and player you are meant to become.

Thank you again for not piling on the band wagon, and recognizing the situation for what it was.

#Young Love

Samantha Warner
James Madison University '03

ps I have attached the JMU/Louisville Hybrid Logo that was created by one of our own in support of KY.

~I may not have gone where I intended to go
but I think I ended up where I needed to be~


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