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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Cardinal Couple -- Recognition for UofL women's sports growing but not where we want it.


-Gains and progress are there. More coming.

It pleases me when friends and associates, even people I don't know...will mention the women's basketball team at UofL when we are engaged in UofL sports discussions. This always hasn't been the case. Maybe it's because a lot of them know I run a website about UofL women's sports. Maybe it's because of the successes that they've had over the past several years...this year, in particular. Maybe they're starting to notice there is more to UofL Athletics than Rick Pitino, Charlie Strong and Russdiculous.

A nationwide showcase of a basketball program that shocked the women's basketball world by defeating the "expected to be crowned Queen" Baylor Bears. A team that backed it up with wins over higher-ranked Tennessee and California after that. A unique duo on campus, both basketball programs in the final the final game.

And, the publicity is wonderful. Deserved and well-earned.

But, we can be greedy here at the Ol' Cardinal Couple. We want more. We want nationwide attention to the incredible play of Nikki Boltja, Kaylin Morissette, Cortnee Daley, Katie Oliverio and their teammates displayed this season in turning Louisville Lacrosse around. They finished the regular season 11-6, you know. We're hoping they get their first-ever NCAA bid on May 5th. A talented combination of freshmen and veterans that have jelled and are commited to working hard every a team.

We want front page news about the Softball success in Ulmer this year. Alicja Wolny, Katie Keller and Taner Fowler. The strong hitting, very solid pitching and Cardinal propensity to "run rule" any opponent at any time. Tied for the league lead in the BIG EAST at 17-2 with Notre Dame. 44-8 overall and facing a regular-season three game deciding conference title set with the Irish in South Bend this weekend. 

We are unrelenting. We think sports shows and sites beside ours should be discussing Volleyball and Anne Kordes' top notch job with the already powerhouse program and the rebuilding job ahead of her after losing Lola, Gwen, Kaitlynn and Tanya to graduation.

We'd like to hear discussions on all 13 UofL women's sports on a regular basis on the local sports show...the regional sports shows and regular discussions...not just passer-by comments when one of them do well.

It's a long, hard road to travel, though. The popularity of women's sports at UofL is (in our opinion) at a all-time high...but a recent "listen in" to two popular Louisville based radio shows produced 360 minutes of air-time and not one single mention of any UofL women's sport.

This must change. We challenge our associates that cover UofL sports in general to step up their game. We are grateful that sites UofL Card Game, Cardinal Sports Report, Cardinal Authority and a couple of others do pay homage and do wonderful work with articles about women's sports at UofL. The official UofL is also a great provider of news and information on all UofL and women. We rely on them for news and information. They never fail us.

We're demanding, though. We want to see more from other sources. The games, the story lines, the players and coaches are there...and there are some wonderful stories waiting to be told. To shared. To be discussed.

Join us, won't you...Louisville and regional media? The water is fine and the action fantastic....the attention is well-deserved and definitely earned. Give the ladies more coverage and props. It is time. It's been time. Spread the word.

We'll be here, and always will be...but we also ask you to let the other sources of Cardinal sports information outlets out there locally what you want. Call them, e-mail them, put it in your blogs, twitters, facebook time lines and on your "to do" lists. Eventually, they will have to listen and provide. Be diligent and persistent in your task. Acknowledge your desires and demand satisfaction.

Thank you!




  1. The UL @ Notre Dame Saturday softball games are being broadcast on ESPNU at 4:00 & 7:00. Set your DVR 's to record the games for viewing after your Derby festivities. The Big East regular season championship is at stake.

  2. Agreed. Call, write, demand that main stream media outlets give more coverage to women's sports. From experience, I can tell you that you will be told that they write/talk about what the public wants to hear about. Obviously, your call/letter puts them on notice that their statement is false.

    Secondly, demand that all entities clarify, as necessary, that they are talking about men's or women's teams. If you are going to say "Lady Cards" (a designation I hate) then you must say "Gentlemen Cards" The women are not "girls" as that term is defined as a female under the age of 18. The women of the UofL sports department have more than earned the respect that should be accorded to them. (The attitude of many toward women's sports, reminds me of the once expressed attitude of that Lexington school toward what they termed a little brother) The financing demanded by Title IX put women's sports on the road, now we must ensure that they are not traveling on the side road.


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