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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cardinal Couple Midweek update


( Jeff McAdams with the Wednesday report. He looks at softball, field hockey, volleyball today It may be the first day we haven't mentioned hoops since October! It also seems like this is the first article Paulie hasn't done since October. Welcome back, JMcA! Bring a friend! )


- Softball vs permitting

- Also...Softball vs permitting

- Spring Play for Fall Sports Round Up

It is mid-week and we've lost a sport to report on with the passing of Basketball into the rear-view mirror.  So...

Softball vs permitting

A chance of rain in the forecast for today, with Softball scheduled to play versus Pittsburgh at Ulmer Stadium.  First pitch at noon.

If you want to see the Louisville Softball team looking good, assuming the field doesn't stay covered under the potential of rain, today might be a good day for it.  Pitt, at 5-7 (16-22 overall), doesn't look to be too much of a threat to the, now 8th ranked, Louisville Cardinals, but it should provide a nice opportunity to see the Cardinal Softball team looking their best.

If you go to the games, just remember my warnings, if you're going to sit out on the outfield berms, Be Alert!  (The world needs more lerts....I think that joke works better verbally than it does in writing)  You could have homerun shots raining down on you at any time that the Cards are at bat.

Also...Softball vs permitting

Also this afternoon, how about that, Louisville Softball plays Pitt at approximately 2pm.

If you haven't heard, there's rain in the forecast, so keep an eye out for any cancellations or delays.  If  I hear of any, I'll post comment so you can be up to date.

Remember, if you're going to sit on the outfield berms, Keep Alert!  (There are too many homeless lerts already...really, verbally these are great...ok, maybe not)

(Editor note:  This is no truth to the rumor that the Cards Care yellow shirts who have outfield duty have been assigned hard-hats to wear.  For a couple of them, a softball off the top of the cranium just might do some good. )

Spring Play for Fall Sports Round Up

Saturday was a busy day for UofL sports.  We've had updates about Spring sports that were playing
over the weekend, Softball and Lacrosse, but Fall Sports were in action as well.  In addition to the Football Spring game, which caused parking challenges for nearly everyone, Volleyball was in action in spring play at Cardinal Arena, and Field Hockey had a two day tournament in action at Trager Stadium.
The first day of the Field Hockey Tournament, Saturday, involved 11 teams, with the Sunday event being a 7v7 tournament with 12 teams.  Alas, I couldn't make it out to Trager Stadium to catch any of the action.  Assuming you're in the same boat, they will be playing again, this Saturday, the 20th at 2pm, which should leave you plenty of time to make it downtown for the bulk of Thunder over Louisville after the game.

Volleyball lost a tough spring match against a very good, and big, Illinois team in four sets.  Spring play always plays a bit fast and loose with the rules, including unlimited substitutions and timeouts, but the action was fun and it was great to get our first look at Janelle Jenkins and Javoni Faucette.  Janelle red-shirted this fall due to an ACL tear in her senior year of high school play, so she's just now seeing her first action on the court.  Javoni is in her first semester at UofL, having enrolled early after graduating high school in 3 1/2 years.  She played the full rotation of all four sets and looks great.  Get used to hearing Javoni's name, I expect you'll be hearing it from me a lot.  Emily Juhl, part of my UofL All-Sports All-Rod team looks to be back to 100% with booming serves, and great hitting and blocking.  The volleyball team has a lot of offense to replace, with Lola Arslanbeckova, Gwen Rucker, and Kaitlynn James all having gone off to play in Pro ranks, and Tanya Lukyanenko expecting to head off to do the same after she graduates in May.  Volleyball will be playing its last spring play on the 20th in Bowling Green with several matches at Diddle Arena at Western Kentucky University.

-Jeff McAdams
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  1. Jeff - I had no idea that volleyball played in the spring. Are these exhibition matches? Looking forward to my second season as a volleyball season ticket holder.

    1. They are essentially exhibition, yes. They don't count for anything real, but its a good opportunity to get some practice and experience in.

      Nearly all of the Fall Sports have some sort of spring season...and conversely, nearly all of the spring sports (Softball, I know does) have a fall season that is similar...basically exhibition games that give the teams some extra practice times.

  2. A quick re-schedule note...the lacrosse game scheduled for Saturday vs. Cincinnati has been reset for Sunday @ 1 p.m.

    Why? We're not sure...unless UC was hesitant about being in Louisville on Thunder Day...



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