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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple

Softball, Soccer Stadium, Signing, Sticks and Soundchecks

Softball Schedule and Honors

Anyone have a synonym for "honors" that begins with "s"?

Softball is off to a good start to their season, with ten games under their belts already, and only two losses.  Today is the home opener for softball, against Kent State, with a first pitch scheduled for 2:30pm.  Kent State plays an earlier game, starting at noon, against Buffalo.  While we were worried about sleet, ice, and other wintery weather last night, game time is expected to be mostly sunny at 53 degrees, which for the end of February, isn't too shabby of a forecast to go watch a Softball game.  I may play hooky for the afternoon and head out to Ulmer Stadium to catch at least a few innings. 

Softball continues play in the Cardinal Classic at 12:30pm on Saturday in a game with Buffalo.  Buffalo starts off the play Saturday at 10am against Eastern Illinois, and there will be a late game at 3pm between Kent State and Eastern Illinois.  The Cardinal Classic finishes off on Sunday with a 10am first pitch between Eastern Illinois and Buffalo.  UofL will play the last two games at 12:30pm versus Kent State, and 3pm against Eastern Illinois.

Sandy Pearsall's squad is sitting at number 18 in both softball polls and has already shown that they're going to be putting a lot of shots over the fences this season.  If you sit out on the berm, keep alert when the Cards are at bat.

In addition to the team ranking, Hannah Kiyohara picked up a Big East Player of the Week award, and Rachel Lecoq was named to the league honor roll.

I saw several games last year and was mightily impressed by the intelligence of the play of this team.  I saw very few mental errors in their play...occasional bobbles and mishandled balls, which just comes from being human...but almost never mental mistakes.  This is the type of play that I really love to see as a spectator.  Many people get excited about athletic prowess, like who can run the fastest and jump the highest...and that can certainly be exciting...but I find there's a sublime pleasure in watching a well executed play, regardless of the sport, and even if it doesn't require amazing jumping ability or speed.

( How about salutations, Jeff?  --Paulie)

Soccer Stadium Announced

Hard to miss the coverage yesterday of the new soccer stadium that Tom Jurich is building for Louisville Soccer.  Both the men's and women's squads will play in the new home for Louisville Soccer which will be basically across the street from the Yum! Center on Floyd street on campus.

The soccer teams have been playing in the infield of the track and field stadium...not bad digs, to be sure...but will have their own dedicated facility with all the features that you would expect of a world class facility, as well as all the features that you would expect of a UofL athletics facility...but I repeat myself.

The plan to build a soccer stadium has been anything but secret around the UofL Athletic Department, but the official announcement of the plan was being held until the initial funding was in place.  A more than generous gift from Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn has gotten the effort to that point.  The Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium is expected to be ready for the 2014 season to start off UofL's tenure in the ACC.

Signing News Continue

Justine Sowry continues to ration the National Letter of Intent signing news for Field Hockey.  This week, announcing the signing of Stephanie Byrne.  Also out of Eastern Regional High School in New Jersey, she'll be joining her teammate from that school, Gianna Peronne, who's signing was announced on signing day two weeks ago.

There are three more Field Hockey signings to be announced, so I expect I'll have another three weeks to run the singing vs signing joke well and truly into the ground.  Will there be more Eastern Regional teammates joining Gianna and Stephanie?  Stay tuned and we'll be sure to let you know.

Lacrosse Sticks in Action Saturday

Lacrosse is in action against Saturday against Old Dominion at 1pm in the Lacrosse Stadium. Lacrosse is off to a perfect start in early season play at 2-0.  The Lacrosse team is coming off of a huge upset win over Ohio State last weekend.  It may be a bit chilly, but Lacrosse appears to be a team on the rise, so let's support them in what looks like it might be a break-out season.



Look what we've done now, Ma.

CARDINAL COUPLE is taking to the radio. Beginning Saturday, March 2nd., CARDINAL COUPLE will have an hour-long show on Crescent Hill Radio from 11 a.m. to noon.

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the Internet and this happens...

Crescent Hill Radio (for now) is an internet-only station. That, in itself, though is pretty cool. Tibetian Monks, huddled around a laptop...listening intently to Paulie discuss the Villanova game. Day-traders in Hong Kong grimacing as Jenny describes the horrid refereeing in the USF contest. Ranchers in Montana on their smartphones reacting to the BIG EAST Standings report. The possibilities are endless!

This site is about the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. That's what the radio show will be about also.

We will look at Louisville women's sports for an hour each week. You just might never be the same.

Join us, won't you?



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