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Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Cardinal Couple -- Staff predictions on the Louisville WBB season


-Staff predictions on the upcoming Lady Cards in the BIG EAST

We asked our staff writers to join Sonja and I in predicting how Louisville would do in the BIG EAST this year. Here's what we came up with:

(Note: the majority of these came in after the loss to DePaul)

We also tossed in a tie-breaker. What color shirt will Coach Walz wear Tuesday night against Rutgers?


I predict a 13-3 record in the BIG EAST for Louisville. I see losses to UConn, Notre Dame and Syracuse. The Cards will win several very close ones (I thought we'd squeak by at DePaul by 2-4) but I see double-digit losses to UConn and Notre Dame. The Syracuse game is one I put a lot of thought into. It's the final game in regular season play and we're 1-3 up there lifetime. The 'Cuse could be battling for a tournament berth by then and they might just squeak by us in that one. In order for me to go 13-3, we better win.

Walz will be in a white, long sleeve dress shirt Tuesday night. Lookin' GQ.


10-6 is what I come up with. I predicted the loss at DePaul. We beat them in the KFC YUM! Center. I also see losses to Notre Dame, UConn, Rutgers, St. John and at USF.

Coach is in a red shirt Tuesday.

Jeff M.

I'm tempted to wait until Sunday to turn this in, but I'll go ahead and step out on a limb.

I think we drop 3 games. UConn and Notre Dame and DePaul. I think we've got a chance to win one of these, but my prediction is that we lose three.

I think we also could drop one somewhere else, but I'm not sure where...maybe to DePaul again if they're a little more healthy. Of course, I hope we're healthy then too.

On Walz, I'll go with a light blue thin vertical striped shirt.


I show a 12-4 BIG EAST record. I also start with a loss as I would have picked last night's DePaul game as a win for us. If for no other reason, out of loyality and being hopeful.

I don't feel good about us on the road this year and with both UConn and Notre Dame on the road, I show losses in home arenas at Hartford and in South Bend. I predict a split with USF winning at home and losing in Tampa. I also show a final season loss at Syracuse. Hope I am wrong about the Syracuse loss as even with a good Big East Tournament this would particularly hurt our NCAA Tournament draw, which we don't need after finally receiving home games in the first two rounds.

(No shirt selection by Sandy. She's busy enough, we surmise, with her own weekly laundry concerns.)


I am going 13-3. Louisville loses the rest of the way to UConn and Notre Dame. I had a wild hair we could beat Notre Dame, then Dyer went down and ND beat UConn. Maybe if we have Asia back by then...we can give ND a run for their money.

(Jenny did not have a shirt selection for Coach either. We interpret that to mean she thinks he'll go shirtless, in order to create a diversion for the Rutgers players and C Viv.)


I'll say we will go 11-5 with losses to UConn, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Villanova and South Florida. We had to rally last year to beat USF at home. Play them twice this year -- most likely will lose the road game.

Walz wears a black shirt against Rutgers.

OK, there you have it. We've laid it on the line for all to see. Got a different take on it? Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us at

(We should note, in all fairness, that Timmy the Intern turned in a 0-16 selection, but had Seton Hall scrawled across it. Bill the Goat made 11 marks with his hoof in the dirt. Co-Co just handed us a picture of Shoni and then started jumping and running wildly around the CARDINAL COUPLE conference room. Darn chimps!)


NOTE: This is the 1200th post for CARDINAL COUPLE.  We'd like to thank our writers, staff and readers for their
patronage and loyality. We had a top-five hit count on Sunday's article about the DePaul game. We appreciate you!


  1. I'll go with 11-5. Losses to DePaul twice, Rutgers, Notre Dame and UConn. Should be good enough for a #4 seed in a NCAA region and home at hosting two rounds in the YUM at 23-7.

    --Joe Hill--

  2. Can't believe I forgot about what Coach would wear! I put him in gray slacks with a black button down. I've seen him look snazzy before, he can pull it off!
    For the record, I had us escaping DePaul on Saturday. My prediction was going to be 14-2. We should beat the teams the rest of the way, excepting UCONN and ND (and I would not be too surprised if we pulled off an upset of ND), thus my 13-3. Either way, Go Cards!

  3. Black shirt with deep red tie - NOT!

    Red with cardinal sweater


  4. I'm claiming the tie breaker anyway. It wasn't only vertical stripes, but it was light blue stripes.


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