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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cardinal Couple Thursday Edition - Big East Standings Check


( Staff columnist Jeff McAdams yawns, stretches, hits the snooze button one more time and then has a dream about the Thursday CARDINAL COUPLE article due. We're not sure, but he think Rip Van Winkle was patterned after him. But, when he does finally get around to posting, he's golden. Jeff looks at the BIG EAST WBB today and a volleyball addition. Then goes back in for a nap...The beauty of CARDINAL COUPLE is that there are no deadlines, no rush-rush articles or screaming editors. Just a bunch of chimps who somehow ended up with a website and the ability to type. Enjoy!)

(I was all set...had my schedule for the day laid write up the Friday edition of the Cardinal Couple...then I went back and checked my email and saw that I was slated to write today's edition, not Friday.  You can just call me Mr. Organized.)

Big East Standings

Its very early in conference play, of course, but let's check on the Big East Rankings...mostly because its fun to see UConn not be in one of the very top spots.  Rankings are very jumbled this early on since there haven't been many games played by each team yet, so wins and loses are radically magnified in their impact on rankings right now.

Tied for first place at 2-0 is Notre Dame, Seton Hall, and Villanova.  Notre Dame clearly deserves the lofty rankings.  Seton Hall beat Cincinnati and Pitt, which suggests that they're not a team to be totally rolled over this year, but they haven't contended with any real powerhouses yet.  Villanova knocked off Cincinnati and DePaul...and beat DePaul in convincing let's keep an eye on Villanova this year...usually not a powerhouse of a team, but maybe they've got something to them this year?

Tied for fourth is Syracuse and St. Johns at 1-0.  Syracuse got a solid win over Marquette, and St. Johns won a close game against Rutgers.  Hard to draw too much of a conclusion here, although after seeing Rutgers a couple of days ago, I'll be keeping something of an eye on St. Johns as well.

Tied for sixth are the 1-1 teams.  That includes the Cardinals, of course with the win over Rutgers and the loss to DePaul.  Also with us in the sixth spot are UConn, DePaul and Georgetown.  UConn, as I'm sure most of our readers are aware, lost a hot contested matchup against Notre Dame, so no shame there, and they will certainly climb back up in the rankings.  Their win was last night with a pretty lopsided score over Georgetown.  DePaul, well, let's not dwell on their win, but their loss was to Villanova as mentioned above, so they are clearly a beatable team.  Lastly, Georgetown, as mentioned, got pummeled by UConn, which shocks no one I'm sure, and they beat up on Providence for the conference opener.  Neither of those games shines much light on how good of a team Gtown is.

In 10th place, we see the 0-1 teams.  South Florida, Pitt, Marquette, and Providence.  Only Providence has a losing non-conference schedule, so as always with Big East women's basketball, it would be unwise to look past any games with USF, Pitt, and Marquette.

That leaves Rutgers and Cincinnati in the basement, tied for 14th, at 0-2.  Rutgers looked like they're a better team than that on Tuesday, despite the loss.  Cincinnati, with losses to Seton Hall and Villanova doesn't look to be much of a contender, but this early, you just can't tell.

The Big East looks to be a powerhouse conference again this year, though those days are numbers with slated departures from the conference.

Spring Enrollments

I'm only aware of one women's athlete that has enrolled in the spring semester.  And, of course, since I'm writing about it, that means its a volleyball player.

Javoni Faucette graduated from Francis Howell Union High School in St. Charles Missouri in three and a half years...quite an accomplishment...and has started here at Louisville for the spring semester.  Congratulations Javoni, and welcome to Louisville.

If anyone is aware of any other spring enrollments for athletes in other sports, we'd love to hear about them in the comments.


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  1. BIG EAST a mess. DePaul flops to Nova after beating the Cards? Walz let that one get away.

    Blue Lou

  2. USF should be interesting to watch this year as well. We get them twice this year. They lost on Monday to Notre Dame in overtime! They played Notre Dame close the entire game and took the lead in to halftime (I was watching that score as we were battling Rutgers). As always, should be an interesting conference slate of games.

  3. Does anyone know who the recruit was at the Rutgers game?

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