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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Basketball returns home


-Cards to ACC!

-Cards to face EKU in KFC YUM! Center Wednesday

-Cards WBB prospect scores 33.

The University of Louisville is the newest member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Cards were voted in Wednesday morning in a teleconference among ACC officials.

Bye, bye DePaul, Marquette and Seton Hall. Hello UNC, Duke and Florida State!

Tom Jurich...doing work. Lobbying. If there is a better A.D. in the universe, show me. 

Sixth member of the BIG EAST to bolt. Cards supposed to be out by 2014. We'll see. The buyout is chump change. A possibility of an early exit? And, unlike WVU...we don't need to hit the member schools up for $1 mil each to cover the tab.

We'll miss the challenge of not playing Tulane, Memphis and East Carolina in women's basketball.


The ACC, in case you were worried...does allow alcohol sales in arenas. Go ahead and renew your season tickets Mondo Vendo and Bread Boy...  

The Cards will replace Maryland, who heads to the BIG TEN. At a cost of $50 million.

After the disappointment of seeing West Virginia go to the BIG 12 instead of Louisville, this is cause for celebration.

For womens' sports...hello to top competition in field hockey, softball, volleyball, soccer, women's basketball and lacrosse. We'll miss Geno and C.Viv on the KFC YUM! sidelines...but Sylvia and Coach P. should be just as entertaining. And, there's always "Q"...

Time for some new hoodies and gear...


(CARDINAL COUPLE staff columnist Jenny O'Bryan gives us the scout on Louisville's next opponent and her thoughts on tonight's matchup)

Louisville Women’s Basketball returns home, after a 5 game road trip, to play Eastern Kentucky University today at 7:30 p.m.    The Cardinals return home 7-0, the best start for the team under Coach Walz, and look to extend that to 8-0 this evening.

The Cardinals had a dominant road trip leading the way most of the time and holding their opponents to under 23 points for 5 consecutive halves.    The Cardinals have had some outstanding stats, different leaders stepping up on any given night, and some outstanding defense over the recent road trip.  Two glaring issues Cardinals are likely working on are valuing every possession/minimizing turnovers and playing a full 40 minutes, with no mental lapses.   Controlling turnovers seem to always be a work in progress for the Cards, but regardless, they are taking care of business. 

Cardinals won at EKU last season, easily 77-53.  The Colonels return a veteran squad with 6 seniors and 3 juniors.  They also return 4 of the 5 starters from last year’s game.  Expect a starting line up of Alex Jones (senior forward), Jade Barber (senior center), Raechele Gray (senior guard) and Marie Carpenter (junior guard), all who started last season against the Cards.  The fifth starter is likely to be Brittany Coles, also a senior guard. 

The Colonels are led in scoring by Carpenter who is averaging 27 ppg, followed by Barber at 13 ppg and Coles, 12 ppg.  Cardinals have a height advantage with the tallest on the Colonel roster checking in at 6-2. 

EKU is 3-2 on the season, losing two in the San Juan Shootout to Florida State and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

On paper, this should be a win for our Cards.  Though, one can never take any opponent for granted.  For this game I would like to see our team minimize turnovers and get the inside game going.  With a height advantage over UT Martin, the Cards seemed to struggle with the inside game and relied heavily on guard play.  I would like to see our post players have a dominant game, thus heading in to the next big challenge, UK, with confidence.   Specifically, I’d love to see Shawnta Dyer have a great game.  WE all know she has it in her, dominating the paint and boards at the end of last season.   I am ready for that player to make her appearance this season.  

So, Cardinals, suit up and take care of business and keep this winning record going!  

( We agree with Jenny that 40 minutes of consistency would be a great thing to see Wednesday night. The Cards have the defensive skills and offensive firepower to do it night after night. Time to put the potential to work. )


2014 Lady Cards target Sydney Brackemyre had a very successful night for Clinton-Massie. Link below.

(Hey, Sydney...we're headed to the ACC! How do you like us now?)

Sydney scores 33



  1. Welcome to the ACC Cards. Looking forward to the basketball battles in both men and women's basketball.

    TarHeel fan

    1. Thanks.

      To say that CardNation is excited about this is an understatement. My twitter feed has been in meltdown all morning.

      Should be some epic matchups in many sports that I'll be looking forward to.

      I suspect Walz vs Hatchell will be a great coaching battle.

      I'm also looking forward to some increased competition in Volleyball (my personal sport of choice).

      Glad to be a part of a great conference.

  2. OK. I am very disappointed that the ACC did not take us and Cicinnati along with you to the league. We have proven year in and year out we are better than Louisville in women's basketball, field hockey, lacrosse and women's soccer. We just beat you in football. We got hosed. So did Cincinnati, who also has a larger TV market than you.

    Congratulations. I guess.

    Hartford Hal

    1. Quick! Someone get over to Geno's house and talk him off the ledge. With Louisville, Notre Dame and Rutgers leaving, he's playing the equalivent of the Seven Dwarfs in hoops now.

      Curtis Franklin

    2. Just one more trip to Hartford for the tournament? Doing the happy dance!

  3. I know that your comment was made somewhat in jest, but it bothers me that on three other websites this morning one of the first comments/questions was "will we still be able to buy alcohol at the football/basketball games"? Is that really one of the most important reasons to attend a game? Nothing bothers me more than looking at lots of empty football/basketball seats after halftime, even in close games against top opponents, where I assume that the ticketholders are lined up at the bars or beer stands. If drinking is a big priority, why not consider staying home in front of a high-def TV where the alcohol is cheaper, and giving your mid-court or midfield seats to fans who actually came to watch the (entire) game.

    OK...rant back to our regularly scheduled programming. Need a solid performance against EKU tonight to set us up for UK on Sunday. Still way too many unforced errors. UK will make us pay for each careless pass.

  4. Mike,

    I can't speak for Paulie or our other columnists, but it wouldn't bother me in the least if the ACC didn't allow beer or alcohol sales. I know that the beer companies, Woodford Reserve and the other liquor companies are big sponsors of PCJS and the KFC YUM! but I can guarantee you the wait in the ladies' restroom line would drop significantly if they were banned.


  5. Reminder:
    Coach Nell Fortner is bringing her game day show, "Nell On Wheels" to the Bluegrass! Catch the Coach & ESPN Analyst, along with some very special guests this Sunday, Dec 2nd at the Yum Center in Louisville for the big match up between #7 Louisville and #9 Kentucky.

    Nell On Wheels will be set up and begin pre-game activities in the main lobby of Yum at 5pm. Come and join in the fun as Nell and her guests talk hoops news, views and much more.

    For more information, you can follow on Twitter @NellOnWheels or online

    Sandy W.


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