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Thursday, May 3, 2012


-Softball falls to Vols 8-1

-Wednesday at Churchill.

The University of Louisville softball team traveled to 
Knoxville Wednesday for a non-conference game 
against the Lady Vols. It's a shame someone forgot to
put the Cardinal bats on the bus, though. Louisville
managed just two hits in seven innings against junior
Sis on the left shuts down the Cards Wednesday
pitcher Ivy Renfroe and fall to the Lady Vols 8-1

#5 Tennessee (45-9) jumped on starting pitcher Tori Collins for a bottom of the first inning advantage when Lauren Gibson took a full count pitch over the center field wall to give U.T. a 1-0 lead.

Louisville kept it close briefly. In the top of the second, Alicja Wolny took first after getting plunked
by a Renfroe pitch and made it to home plate on a
Maggie Ruckenbrod single to tie it at 1-1. 

Chelsea Leonard got
roughed up in
After two innings, Sandy Pearsall pulled Tori Collins and put the ball in the hands of Chelsea Leonard. That strategy the Lady Vols erupted for a four-run third inning. The Vols touched Leonard for four hits in the inning and it was 5-1 Tennessee after three innings. 

UT went on to add two runs in the fifth, off Caralisa Connell...who replaced Leonard in the fourth inning...and a additional run in the sixth for the 8-1 final. Louisville briefly threatened to score in the sixth when Whitney Arion drew a walk, stole second and streaked home on a Jennifer Esteban single up the middle...but center fielder Tory Lewis threw the freshman Arion out at the plate. 

Cards need to remember to put the
bats on the plane this weekend.
They didn't make it to Tennessee
on Wednesday...obviously.
Time to tear off the rear view mirror on this disaster and get ready for a season-ending series against the St. John's Red Storm in New York. Louisville (47-3) holds a one-game lead over USF and Notre Dame and can clinch the regular BIG EAST season championship by winning at least two out of three against the Queens residents. They'll play two on Derby Day (our coverage may be delayed) and a final on Sunday.


Used to be, a few years back...that Wednesday was the last relatively "sane" day out at Churchill Downs on Derby week. 

It'll have to be moved to Tuesday if this keeps up. 

It took three of them to keep an eye on me Wednesday.
I did manage to get Riza (right) trained, though.
Went to the track yesterday to enjoy a few races before watching the UofL vs. UT game on-line. Figured it would be a good betting day and relatively free of "turistas" and amateurs. Wrong on all three accounts...but still a fun afternoon. 

Christie and Angie have been fully trained and are
proficient at handling my nonsense.  
The gates opened yesterday at 11:00 a.m. and that's about the time I rolled into the Longfield Avenue lot. Parking was no problem but the line to get in the gate there was 150 yards long. We're talking a football field and a half here, folks. Fortunately, I scooted over to the senior citizens gate, plunked down my dollar and slipped past the suspicious money taker within seconds. In some venues, I am considered a senior citizen. I certainly have senior moments...

Louie is "the man" when it comes to hats
and gift of gab. 
Time between the entrance and first race was spent doing a little handicapping and walking around and visiting old friends that work at Churchill. Most of them are still there and doing well. I found my favorite security guy, Louie, in a new location this year. He's guarding the trainer and owners room down on the ground-level "bricks". He has two chairs behind him, too... a sign of respect and authority at Churchill. 

Ask Jo-An about the "Gordon's Fisherman" if you stop
by and meet her. Bring a stick of butter.
I also ran into my buddy Jo-An at her normal "live meet" spot...the Paddock Bar on the first floor. She's a character...and one of the most friendly bartenders you'll meet at the Twin Spires. Jo-An "adopts" a Derby runner each year and champions the cause of that particular horse to almost obsession levels. This year, it's the white horse HANSEN and she's even made buttons to proudly display. If you go to the track this spring, make sure and stop by and say "Hi" to her and tell her Paul and Tom sent you. She might even serve you after that.  

Joe (right) is being closely watched by security because
of his ability to sing any Beatles tune off key and with
great enthusiasm. 
It was a day for low priced favorites at Churchill to win...and since I don't play those real often...I wasn't doing so well early on. I was even hitting "Pick 3" wagers and barely getting back what I invested. As my buddy Joe kept commenting:

"Get out the erasers because there's chalk everywhere"

As I headed into the last race, I decided to change my strategy. Last moves of a desperate man. Calvin Borel, who hadn't won a race all day, was on a 4-1 shot named Red Wine and I liked a definitive longshot that I've followed for a few years named Steve's Revenge because a buddy of mine used to train him. I decided to bet "Bo-Rail" to win and worked up a .10 cent Superfecta wheel including those two and most of the rest of the field. 

Lady Luck was on my side in the 10th race. Borel danced Red Wine home five lengths in front of the rest and 28-1 shot Steve's Revenge took second by a neck. I got $10 on the winning ticket I placed on "Calvinista" and my .10 cent superfecta returned a  'shut the front door' whopping $275.90 off a $8.10 wager. 

The rally worked. I left the "most legendary race track in the world" with a pocket full of cash and got home in time to watch UofL softball on the PC. 

How will "I'LL HAVE ANOTHER" do on Derby
Day? We aren't leaving him out of the "gimmicks" 
If you go today, be prepared for a long wait on Longfield Avenue if you aren't going out super early. Last year on Thursday, I sat in traffic from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. over a half-mile stretch of the street that runs south of Churchill. Never again. Gates open at 11 a.m. and parking about an hour before that. 

We've also outlined three Derby horses that could surprise at a price and sent the article to Charlie over at Card Game. When he decides to run it, who knows...but Charlie's site is always worth a daily visit.

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(WE'LL HAVE KY OAKS picks in the FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE. You have been warned.)


  1. Beware Gemologist Saturday. This horse is a monster.

  2. Just want to say word up to Cletus the cardinals getting a good one in him i played against him couple years in football an that boy will knock u on yo ass. i glad he graduating i got one more year and maybe i join up with him down at the ville. congrats #72

    the real running deal see my shoes as i leave u behind

  3. We're very proud of Cletus. Not just because of his football skills...but because of his academics and way he chooses to lead his life. Good breeding begats good progeny and he is a prime example of what is 'right' about today's youth.

    Plus, he's a big ol' sucker.


  4. I have enjoyed reading about the weekly antics of Cletus since I discovered your site several months ago. At first, I thought he might be one of your imaginary characters like Co-Co and Bill the Goat.

    Hopefully, you'll continue to keep the Cletus journal going when he goes to college at UofL.

    I came to your site for women's basketball originally. Even though I live out-of-state, I am a fan of the UofL women's basketball team and have since since the Angel McCoughtry days.

    I've learned a lot more about women's sports at Louisville, though, since reading your site daily and also a bit about horse-racing. I don't follow horse-racing but I hope that beautiful Hansen can win your Kentucky Derby.

    Thanks for creating and doing this site each day. It's a daily "must" for me when I am on the computer and I have "spread the news" about it to several friends. Keep up the good work!

    Peoria, IL.

    1. Aw, shucks...J. Now you got us blushing. Thanks for reading and commenting. We'll probably keep providing Cletus updates, he's a case. We're just glad we don't have to feed the beast each week. A modern-day Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies when it comes to him sitting down at the table.


  5. Ok, it's official, my pick for the KY Derby is an exacta box:
    Dullahan and Hansen



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