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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watson weighs in on the Tournaments...We're linking you up.


-Watson weighs in with Tournament thoughts

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-Join in the fun in the CARDINAL COUPLE Women's  Bracket Selection !!!

(David Watson is a special correspondent for CARDINAL COUPLE. He's been a busy boy lately..)

Long time no talk to, CARDINAL COUPLE readers. No, I didn't join the circus and my CARDINAL COUPLE membership card wasn't revoked. The circus sounds pretty good right now, though.

12 days ago, a series of tornadoes swept through our part of this great country. I've been the road warrior ever since. As a claims adjuster, I see a lot of destruction and damage. Sometimes, the claims aren't so serious. These were. I could tell you all about the devastation -- relay the stories of sadness, of fate and miracles I've heard over the last 11 days, but this isn't what I came here to do today. I do believe, though -- that there is a GOD and that the spirit of hope and the kindness of mankind can overcome any obstacle that exists. 

I haven't sat down and filled out any brackets -- men or women's tournaments yet. I finally got to sleep in my own bed last night and I'm still celebrating that sweet familiarity that exists when you put your head on your own pillow and snuggle into your own sheets next to your loved one. 

I listen to the radio a lot when I'm on the road and mostly sports radio, so I've been forming some opinions on both upcoming tournaments. 

Here are some random thoughts, statements and ideas. 

-- I gave WKU no chance against MVSU. I almost turned off the BYU v. Iona game last night at halftime. If this is any indication of how the rest of the tournament goes, I'm going to need sedatives. 

-- I may be off a couple here - but I think Louisville has played 13 of the teams that are in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. That's almost 20% of the entrants. Impressive.

--Does the loss of Fab Melo for Syracuse compel you to go back and make selection changes? Will it affect your decision-making if you haven't done your brackets yet? 

--Louisville WBB got a raw deal. Walz and the players can sugar-coat it anyway they want, but how does a top-twenty team slip to a #7 seed and get shipped to Maryland? Time to bring the NCAA Tournament version of Shoni Schimmel out of the closet and show the inept stooges at NCAA Headquarters that it's not nice to fool with Jeff Walz. 

--The Louisville men got hosed, too. Portland? Seriously? Loved Howie Lindsey's tweet. "The media group finally arrived in Portland. We lost one to the measles and I got to shoot only one buffalo." 

--They didn't make it easy for Baylor WBB to get to Denver. A probable second round match against a sneaky Florida squad, then most likely Georgetown, a inspired Pat Summitt Vols group just to get to the final four. They probably have the toughest journey of any of the #1 seeds. Grind it out Griner. 

--If Hawaii, Guam or Siberia ever apply for 1st or 2nd round hosting chances and get accepted, you can bet that Louisville would be sent there. How do you say "guard the in-bounds pass" in Russian? 

--If women's basketball referee Bonita Spence is assigned to any of the tournament games...they should put a disclaimer on the bottom of the TV screen. "The views of the official do not necessarily reflect the opinions of 99% of the viewers." 

Enjoy the tournament, readers. The annual game-watch extravaganza is "on" at the Watson home. We'll have four TV's set up in my man-cave, a direct line open to our favorite pizza parlor, anywhere from 5-20 participants and a serious need for Febreeze and carpet cleaning after the first weekend. 

(David is the only guy I know who has a picture of Dick Vitale hanging over his bathroom sink. Autographed.) 


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The women's NCAA basketball tourney approaches. Whether you consult Zeke the Chicken Boy, the bracket busting beagle, wise and ancient prophets from the past, Floyd the Barber or do this puppy all by yourself...time to get your picks on! We humbly invite you to enter our CARDINAL COUPLE Bracket Selection gala affair. We'll send you a $25 Panera Gift Card if you are the 2012 Champ. We'll contact your local public access television station and send them out there to interview you and challenge you to a mud-wrasslin' contest. We'll tell the IRS you get a double refund.  

Linkie below. Good luck, steer clear of Prairie View and for bracket assistance, call 1-800 BAD PICK.

Our ID is 814 and password is ladycards

(When you get there, you might see that Paul Sykes has two picks. Rest assured he is not trying to stuff the ballot box. The second pick is a test, agreed upon by him and Commish Mark, to see how the lower seeded picks do in the tournament. That second pick does NOT count in the standings, cannot win any prizes and if we could figure out how to change the name on it to "Test" or something more creative...we would. 


  1. Hey - watch that trash talk about Portland. That's Schimmel country you're disrespecting.
    The Big East WBB team with the most to complain about regarding seeding is WVA -an 8 seed, despite having finished in the conference tied with Georgetown (5 seed; split 2 games w WVA); and ahead of Rutgers (6 seed; WVA beat), Louisville (7 seed; WVA beat); and DePaul (7 seed). Oh, WVA also beat ND.

    --PDX Phil

  2. No offense intended about the city, Phil. I like the city. Been there several times and always had a great time. The reference was about the travel distance from Louisville. Not many CARDINAL fans from Louisville will make that trip, unfortunately. It is up to the Louisville fans in the Northwest to get the men's team a strong cheering base and two wins.



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