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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UCONN takes BIG EAST Championship game


-UCONN wins BIG EAST Tournament

-PDX Phil takes "Pick 'Em" Challenge

-Where, oh where will the Lady Cards go?

The University of Connecticut used a late second half run to take the BIG EAST Tournament's championship game last night...defeating Notre Dame 63-54. 

All-tournament team was McBride (ND), Peters (ND), Dolson (Conn), Hartley (Conn) and Smith (no, not Louisville...St. John's). Most Outstanding Player went to Mosqueda-Lewis. WE can't argue with any of these.

The referee crew was "3D" last night. Dennis DeMayo, Dee Kanter and Denise Brooks. Rumor is that Bonita Spence showed up ready for duty and they stuffed her in her locker.  

"Gee, I've only got 12,000 fans here!
Wonder if the guys are playing tonight?"
Read all about it in the papers, or access the stats, stories and comments on-line. HOOPFEED has a nice write-up and it's accessible on the left side of our site. All we're going to say about last night's game...after congratulating the Huskies on their this:

It is time to get the BIG EAST Tournament out of Hartford every year. WE'D like to see the annual showdown become an event that hits the road for the future. Different site every year. Naturally, we'd like to see the KFC YUM! Center get into the mix, but there are plenty other BIG EAST schools that have venues, either on campus or in their cities, that could host the event and seat more than what the XL Center holds.

It's's been time for a long stop giving Connecticut a home court advantage year after year in this event. It's all part of that BIG EAST and UConn infatuation...walking along with their hand in each other's pocket while the rest of the conference members watch in disgust and disapproval.

Will Notre Dame losing knock them out of a #1 seed? 
WE don't see that happening. Who replaces them? Kentucky, Duke, Tennessee, Delaware? Not bloody likely!


CONGRATULATIONS to PDX PHIL, who won the CARDINAL COUPLE Pick 'Em Challenge! He went 14-1 with his picks and wins the 4-way tie because he had the winning team and picked all four of the semi-final contestants. 
No trophy, Phil...but a PANERA
CARD! Congratulations!

Shoot us an e-mail, Phil, with your mailing address and we'll get that PANERA Card in the mail to you. 

Second went to Smitty. He was 14-1 also, had UConn winning...but only 3 of the 4 semi-finalist.

It was a blast and we thank all those who participated. Same time, next year? 


The NCAA Women's Tournament brackets will be announced on Selection Monday at 7 p.m. on ESPN. We've been checking out a few of the Bracketology scenarios out there and hope that the Cards can pull off a 5 or 6 seed. 

We hope that the Lady Cards DO NOT
have to travel to Chapel Hill for the first
two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. 
We saw one that we hope doesn't come to fruition. Louisville is a #5 seed (we're OK with that) but they're slotted against North Carolina. In Chapel Hill, where the Tar Heels play their home games. Are you serious? Are you kidding us?  

It's one thing to have to play on a lower seed's home court. We get that. The Lady Cards did it last year in Cincinnati, at Xavier and did OK, we well remember. But to have to go in as a lower seed and play on the higher seed's home court? It stinks and air freshener isn't going to help.

Cincinnati is also about a two hour drive from Louisville and several thousand Lady Cards made the trek. Chapel Hill isn't a two hour trip, not even by plane and car from Louisville. To give a #12 seed such advantage? It reminds us of how the selection committee gave Gonzaga, a high seed, not only the first two rounds...but the next two rounds. Sure, they moved the third and fourth rounds down the street but...really? 

Makes you wonder if we could pull off such shenanigans here in Louisville with two games at Freedom Hall, then two games at the KFC YUM! Center? 

North Carolina may not be the powerhouse of previous years, but who feared Gonzaga last year? Yes, dear reader...a huge home crowd does make a bit of a difference. Wait until next year when Louisville and the KFC YUM! Center get rounds 1 and 2, if you don't believe me. 

Let's hope this scenario doesn't happen....this travesty of Louisville going to the Dean Dome. 

And, tongue in cheek here...who would Cierra Warren cheer for in a UNC vs. UofL match-up?  



  1. Louisville has been bumped to Tallahassee after the lastest update. This thing is always way off, so who knows where they will end up.

    1. Yeah, just saw that over on Charlie Creme's BRACKETOLOGY at ESPN. A #6 playing Dayton in Tallahassee. Bit too far for us to drive, unfortunately. Also saw he has UNC as one of the first four teams "out".


    2. Would love the Cards in Tallahassee! Live in Jacksonville.

  2. The point I was going to make is that UNC very likely may not make the Dance this year! That being said, it would be a fine place to go for the first round but then would look like a second round home court advantage for a Duke match up. Let's hope for a better draw.
    Although, at the end of the day, I would ideally like the team closer so fans can get there. Where would closer be? Bowling Green, OH or West Lafayette, IN are the likely choices. Nashville is also a close option. All three of these locations do still have the home team alive and Dancing.

    I do not see South Bend or Chicago as choices for us, due to not playing someone in your conference before the Sweet 16 guideline used in bracketology. All other options are less than ideal as far as getting fans to the game.
    Best we can do is wait, and hope for a good draw.

    Depending on where we are sent, I hope to make the first two rounds. With so few drivable first round options the odds are not in the Cards favor to get to a close home venue and get a crowd at the game. Fingers crossed for a favorable draw!

  3. Our fingers are crossed with you, Jenny.


  4. Fingers on both hands and toes too!

  5. In the WCBB tournament, location is not about neutrality/fairness. Instead, the formula is: Good arena + Projected Good team = host. Starting next year, this formula will work to the Lady Card's advantage. For this year, I think that seeding is more important than location for the Cards to advance to the S16. I don't see this Cards team beating any of the projected 2's (yes, I remember last year and still get goose bumps when I watch the highlights), but I think they are competitive with the projected 3's, so the difference between a 6 and a 7 seed would be huge, and a 5 would be even better, regardless of location.
    If the Cards get sent to Spokane, when the camera pans the crowd, look for a bespectacled, middle-aged white guy holding a Panera gift card and wearing a 23 Louisville jersey sitting amongst the Native Americans.
    --PDX Phil

    1. Couldn't agree more with you, Phil. Look for Louisville to get that 1&2 round site hosting regularly down the road and some regional hosting opportunities as well.

      Once again, congratulations on the "coming off the pace and sweeping by the front runners."

      Shoot me an e-mail with your address and we'll get that card in the mail to you.


  6. PDX Phil lmao! What are the chances of Louisville coming back to Spokane lol.--Umatilla23


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