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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Harvard risk taking pays off against St. Johns

I always take an interest in players, coaches or employers who operate outside of the box and who are willing to take a risk of doing something different such as continuing to allow a player to be on the floor with 2 fouls in the first 1/2 or the football coach who goes for it on 4th down.

This makes me curious if Coach Walz will run our normal defensive game against St. Johns today or follow the example of the gamble taken by Harvard women's coach Kathy Delaney-Smith whose team was 5-5 at the time of their December 22, 2011 meeting with St. Johns. She gambled that St. Johns's could not win while shooting only outside jump shots and in doing so instructed her players to sit back in a tight zone for the entire game which included not defending against the three while packing all of the gaps so the drive was not available.

From the field St. Johns hit only 27-77 for a total of 56 points for the game. Fortunately for Harvard, they were able to score 63 points which produced their first win over a BCS conference opponent this season.

Sandy W.

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  1. I dont think UofL would perform well in a zone the entire game. Best to run and gun them out to the gym.



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