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Monday, January 9, 2012

Cards need Shoni more than ever now


-David Watson checks in...

(David Watson is a special corresponent for Cardinal Couple. Here's today's take from the lefty...)

So, like I told you what would happen several days ago, the University of Louisville women's basketball team travelled to New York and took the loss. I'm not bragging, or particulary happy about it but the writing was on the wall. No starry-eyed, optimisism about this bunch without Reid and Gibbs. A leader hasn't emerged out of the rest of the remaining players yet. One needs to step up. And the choice here is Shoni Schimmel.

With leadership comes responsibility, though. At least on the basketball court if not so much in politics. Knowing when to shoot and when to pass. Knowing when to pass and not to dribble. The right word at the right time to a teammate, coach or official.

Time to be the
leader, 23.
Is it too much to ask of a sophomore? Not on this team, where only one senior and two juniors exist. Shoni has been under the spotlight since she was throwing no-look passes as a pre-teen on the Umatilla Reservation. She's responded well. From what Paul tells me, she's articulate, accurate and informative in post-game press conferences.

Time to grow up, Ms. Schimmel, Sr. Time to assume the role. Time to build upon the legacy. Next year, Ms. Reid and Gibbs will be back with you, we're assuming. Go ahead and return to the free-wheeling, OMG type passes and bombs from the sidewalk on Main Street in front of the YUM Center then. For now, you're needed to provide stability, security and consistancy to a bunch that sorely needs it.

David Watson
Right now, your team needs you to do more than just be flashy. Use the opportunities you've been blessed with and make a difference. The Lady Cards season depends on it. Become the head brave of this squad of Cardinals.

You're going to get double-teamed and draw the opponents best defensive player. Get used to it. The "stop Shoni" campaign that Paul talks about isn't going away. Use it to the team's advantage.

(David Watson used similar skills when he guided his 4th grade kickball team to the grade school championships in Muncie, IN.)


Here's a take on the St. John's vs. Louisville game from our buddy Rebecca, who runs the intensely informative and entertaining "GAME NOTES OF DOOM".... a great blog about St. John's WBB and the New York Liberty WNBA team.

Definitely worth a read! Click the link below and enjoy!



  1. Shoni is a great player, and she will develop into a great leader for this team, probably even this season. But putting the whole season on her back is not the answer. Developing some kind of inside presence is vital to the success of the remainder of the season.

  2. Good point, Stark. In order for Louisville's front line to be successful on offense, they need to get the ball, though. That's where Shoni, Bria, Jude or whoever comes into getting the ball to them. And, once they do...shots must be made in close. We saw way too many misses from five feet in yesterday after good passes.

  3. Schimmel's a great player- but right now the last thing she needs, IMO (based on one game), is the team put on her shoulders even more. She's at a point where she's too easily rattled for that to work- put too much pressure on her and, no pun intended, your team's gonna collapse like a house of cards.

  4. Winning begins with a winning attitude. Either Vince Lombardi, John Wooden or Cletus Pancake said that...we can't remember. Still, this team is 13-3's not like the flood gates are up and the Lady Cards are jumping in lifeboats. Sometimes you lose on the road...


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