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Saturday, January 29, 2011

True Card Fans and Their Habits - Game Day 101

Mary and Brandon Springer

As much as our love for our Cards grow, the more thankful we are for washing machines.

What does that mean? It means Brandon L. Springer wearing number "19" (Michael Bush), pair of khaki pants, my watch, boots and hair fixed and clean...yes clean shaving for each game. I can't look sloppy for my Cards! That's what I did for the 05-06' season.

I can't really go into what I wore for the Kragthorpe era cause I think I changed so much and tried so many different things that nothing worked so I gave up. But I still cheered on my Cards, but not so much the coach.

OK...yeah....OW!!..STRONG ERA!!! So let me see...what did I do? Oh yeah... so my wife and I got season tickets this past year (finally) and what a fun year it was. Habits continued this year and went into full effect. Outfit was a black UofL Tshirt, khaki shorts and new to this year, a FOSSIL UofL watch purchased out of town from my wife as a gift to me!! Guys, each game I did this.

Some would call this OCD. Would I? Hmm......yes. Seriously, why do I need to wash my hands after anything I touch that's not UofL on game day? OCD. Why would I shut off a light because before I turned it on, we had a scoring drive? OCD. Why would I kick my sister out of a room every time UofL plays? OK, that's just damn bad luck on her end but come on!! There's other TV's chica! Don't worry, she's still my darling older sister...between February and August.

I mean, is what I'm saying all that weird? I heard a guy totally revamped his basement to a entertainment system that Bose and Samsung would piss themselves over, then cause the Cards lost two games in a row he has not watched a game down there since then cause he feels somehow that's tied together and doesn't want another loss. That was 3 years ago. OCD? Maybe, but I would not take anything away from that guy cause I would do the same thing.

So what is it you do? Do you shave your head? Do you say a UofL chant? Do you shower 4 times before game and paint your nails red and black? I bet there is a guy who just read that and screamed "HOW DID HE KNOW THAT!?"

Let me know what you all do cause this will be awesome to share. Again thanks for letting me share.

As always, stay classy Louisville and I'll see you in the lot!!

Brandon L. Springer

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  1. Is this guy serious or just wacked? Shame, his girl look fly but he crazy


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