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Friday, November 26, 2010

ODU knocks off Louisville 69-65



-Football blows out Rutgers 40-13.

Tough loss to the Monarchs tonight...tied at half, Louisville actually takes a 51-44 lead but watches O.D.U. run off 12 in row and hold on to win late.

-Shoni Schimmel with 19 points but a scary 1-9 from three point range. With the Cards down by two and 42 seconds to go, Schimmel misses front end of 1-1 and Cards don't recover.

-Monique Reid 13 in first half but no baskets from the floor in the final stanza. At times, it seems Reid's points show up during non-crucial stages of games.

-A double/double for Keisha Hines with 10 points and 12 boards. Quick whistles all night on Hines in the lane.

-Becky Burke with three trifectas and 11 points. Maybe her best game of the year...defensive improvement obvious for the junior.

-Tia Gibbs another blue collar type of night with seven points and nine boards. Maybe the best 5'9" rebounder in women's college basketball.

Louisville lost this one tonight at the charity stripe...going a woeful 6-14. Another revealing stat is that the Cards out rebounded O.D.U. 51-39...had 22 offensive boards but only 11 second chance points...

O.D.U. (3-1) got 23 points from Jasmine Parker, including their final seven of the game from the field. With Louisville leading 61-60 after a Burke 3...Parker returned the favor with an NBA range bomber to put ODU up to stay at 63-61 with 4:29 to go.

Like at Xavier Tuesday night...another case of Louisville looking good in the first twenty minutes and unable to seal the deal. Up by seven with 11:46 to go in the game 51-44...the Lady Cards found themselves down 56-51 with nine minutes remaining. This team is going to be good...but the growing pains right now are hard to bear.

Louisville (3-3) travels next to Fort Wayne, IN. for a 7 p. m. Monday night game against I.P.F.W.


Big effort out of Charlie Strong's guys in Piscataway Friday with the 27 point thumping of the Scarlet Knights. It was all Louisville early, jumping out to a 28-0 lead and coasting in. Bilal Powell, huge in the first half...along with Justin Burke and the Cardinal defense. Nice run by Jeremy Wright, too, in the second half to make it a 34-7 margin.

The Cards (6-6) conclude the regular season and await a bowl invite. Nice to be anticipating that after a 3 year absence...


  1. It's time to change the starting line-up and play the girls equally. Perhaps they will get better production in the end!

  2. Walz is doing a good job of substituting as far as we can tell. Slaughter and Taylor sharing the "4". Hines and Vails the "5" Burke, Tay, Story all of the bench last night. Not sure what else Harper, Johnson or Harringtom can add to the mix...perhaps we'll find out Monday against a "so-so" IPFW team...

  3. First of all I forgot to say in an earlier post that the new webpage looks great!
    As for as the starting line up goes with 1/5th of the season gone. The stats to me says keep things as they pretty much are. Just get Mo the ball more(she has to get opposing players in foul trouble). Asia an accurate shot(fg%.31), I still believe she'll be a BIG part N the teams success! Shoni 8 assist/g,(she's on/off with her passes and shots, but she's a KEEPER)! Tia 3 assist/g & 10pts/g(good job with the board work). Keshia a 5-10ft jumper( good job leading in reb)!

    "My" 2nd team, Becky needs to keep up the work on the boards & 3pt shooting! But she needs to get her asst/to up. Charmaine considering she doesn't play as much, needs to get her FT% up to about 75% and the rest I believe will B ok. Sheronne, must keep up the blocking and the FT's. And try to get at least 4reb/g N her 18mins on the floor. Nita's 3ptfg% is better than her totfg%?!**!? Otherwise, she's doing pretty good. Polly, eventhough she's not playing alot needs to get her shooting & ft% up and I think she'll B ok. Latoya, I can't really find too much 2 say about her" U Go Girl"! Shelby, needs her fg% up, inwhich I believe will happen. Rachel's ft% is good, just needs better fg% when she's in. These ladies playing 3 good teams(3 losses) will learn from it if they can take the critique. Go Soccer! Go Volleyball! Go Basketball! Go Strong!....Go Strong??
    GO CARDS!!!

  4. Give this group a little time to get it going. They probably won't beat UK. The Cats are playing very good right now with Mathies and Dunlap. Even though I am a UK fan and especially in WBB, I like your site and hope the Lady Cards have a great year...just not on December 5th.

  5. To Anonymous #1; It seems like Coach Walz either read your comment about a starting line-up change or else he believes it's tyme to experiment with the line-up also.
    Yes, Kentucky is good! But I believe the Cards can beat them if we can get A-Tay to be a scoring threat.
    Go Volleyball! Go basketball! Go Soccer! Go Big East Football!...Go Big East Football???
    GO CARDS!!!

  6. As I previously posted, changing the starting line-up will spark new life into this already awesome team. You have to keep all players on their heels. You have to work hard each and everyday; no one is guaranteed to start! Go Lady Cards-- Keep up the good work!


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