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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Cardinal weekend ahead...


-Busy weekend for Cardinal Sports

-WE read your mail (and throw away the junk part of it for you)

-The "Sh" factor

-Show up...

Becky Burke, pictured here, will participate in two of the eight UofL sports activities this weekend that begin tonight. She's pacing's a busy weekend!

WE take this Thursday to catch up on a few things and prepare for the big weekend of sporting activities for UofL . It all gets started tonight with the Men's basketball team taking on Kentucky Wesleyan in the KFC YUM Arena. The action really picks up on Friday...with Tennessee visiting to take on the Lady Cards in hoops at the YUM. Volleyball plays Friday as well, on the road at Marquette. The undefeated men's soccer team goes against Notre Dame Friday night in the BIG EAST Tournament semifinals. Saturday is a home football game against USF and kickoff is at noon. Sunday brings women's hoops in Athens, Ohio against Ohio University, volleyball at Syracuse and, hopefully, the soccer team playing for the BIG EAST Tournament championship.

Eight possible events in four days. And, I'm sure we've probably missed one or two. I might run out of red shirts to wear before Sunday.


Mail call. Here at CARDINAL COUPLE, we try to give you a personal reply to the letters, e-mails and phone calls you make to us. We do like to put several of these on the site from time to time. So far, everyone is cool with this...but if you DON'T WANT your communique published...just let us know when you send it.

Trinity Grad writes:

"I like accessing Cardinal Couple each day to catch up on UofL women's sports. I wish you would include High School sports in your daily reviews.

THANKS FOR WRITING, TRINITY! It's tough enough to keep up with UofL activities but we'll try to include some of the upcoming high school girls' hoops when they start. We'll take this time to congratulate St. Martha on their girls' volleyball championship. Sara Jo Stewart's seven consecutive services aces were huge in the Shamrocks "bringing home the bacon!" And, if anyone out there would like to be a contributing writer for girls High School sports, send me an e-mail at WE can't pay you...we're non-profit...but we'll let you play with the chimps and ride Bill the Goat at all UofL functions...

BERT comments:

Whatever happened to former UofL women's basketball player Tise Wright? Is she still in the 'Ville? She was my favorite Cardinal.

WE see Tise from time to time on Facebook and she seems to be doing well. Not sure if she is still in the "Ville" but we'll keep an eye out for her at the UofL womens' games and try to get a few words from her for an article. She was one of Paul's favorite players, too. His favorite description of her was....'The big battleship cruising majestically down the floor...ready to post up and punish some unsuspecting center or create an impenetrable force field in the paint.' (Miss ya, #42...)

CASSIE writes:

How do you think the women's basketball team will do this year? Will they return to the NCAA tournament? Thanks for creating this website!

WE are "glass half full" optimists when it comes to Lady Cards hoops this season. Jeff Walz has assembled a powerhouse team...with all the parts needed to make a serious run in the BIG EAST and beyond. Youth, experience, shooters, ball magicians, rebounders and hustle. IF they can play a little defense and get the transition game going...look out!" And...THANKS FOR READING this website, Cassie!


While reviewing the UofL women's basketball roster yesterday, I started to chuckle. The (pronounced)"Sh" factor is alive and well at UofL. Sherrone Vails. Shawnta' Dyer. Shoni Schimmel. Shelby Harper. Charmaine Tay. Keisha Hines. Rachel Story. Michelle Clark-Heard. Beth Ann Shapiro Ord. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if we see some name changes. How about Asha Taylor? Becky Shburke? Chia Gibbs. (Oops, that sound like one of those Chia plant pets...skip that one!)

OK. Shhhh!!! Shucks...shall I shed any more shadow on this shill or shed this shameless sham? Shut down the shenanigans...


WE already know that the UofL women's basketball team has surpassed the 6,000 mark in season tickets sold. Love it! WE also already know that future games against the likes of Kentucky, Rutgers and West Virginia will also pack the YUM. Excellent! What WE want to know, will the fans come out in force for the weeknight home games? There are six of them that will be played on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights in the YUM. The opponents are Houston Baptist (Weds.) Mississippi Valley State (Thurs.) Tennessee-Martin (Tues.) St. John's (Tues.) Georgetown (Tues.) and DePaul (Weds.)

For weekend lovers, the schedule has (2) Friday night, (5) Saturday and (3) Sunday games. Sixteen chances to see the Lady Cards in the KFC YUM. Don't miss a single one...

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