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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sypher trial: Day One

So, after day one of The U.S. vs. looks like we have the "liar, liar...pants on fire" prosecution strategy going up against the "poor, poor pitiful me" defense. About the only thing the two sides can agree on is that Sypher was at Porcini's the night of the tryst, rape, lettuce and croutons...whatever you want to call it sordid incident.

Defense attorney "Sweet Baby" James Earhart paints a picture of destruction:

"What this case is about is power, money and influence. When you are raped by a person of power, money and influence, you have to be destroyed."

(Note that here at CARDINAL COUPLE...we know very little about power, money or influence. Destruction...yes, we are familiar with it. One look at our Fred Sanford like garage will prove that.)
Prosecutor John E. Kuhn indicates a different scenario:
"By the time the trial is over in two weeks, you will not believe a word that Sypher has said about anything."
(I wonder if this takes into account the issue of Sypher commenting several years ago that she was a UofL fan. With fans like this...who needs the Big Blue Nation as opponents...)
If we learned anything at all yesterday, it was that Sypher isn't very good at voice recognition and that CARDINAL COUPLE isn't very good at predicting what might unfold in this trial. Sypher claims she didn't recognize Lester the Phone Guy's voice when he called Pitino with the threats. Happens to us all the time, I often fail to recognize my own voice when I'm karaoking a Lynyrd Skynyrd song after several beverages.

We also surmised in a separate article over at CARDINAL DOMINANCE that Pitino probably wouldn't take the stand nor would the rape issue get much play. We got rocked in the first inning on both of those issues. We could see Rick detailing things as early as today.

It looks like this thing has now moved from the circus tent to the midway of the carnival. On one side, we have a carney advertising that the "house of lies" is open...step right up and hear them all, folks. On the other side, the barker implores you to experience the most dangerous, scary and intriguing thing you'll ever witness...Rick Pitino after sex.
Former Lady Card great Angel McCoughtry will be back in the Ville August 2-6 to run a skills camp for girls 6-16. It'll be at The Basketball Academy and details can be found at Angel's website:
Angel's skills have looked pretty good lately and she'll get another chance to demonstrate them tonight against Tulsa.

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