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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bemis earns Big East Player of the Week honors

Louisville's hard hitting junior third baseman has been selected as the Big East Player of the Week for her efforts against the Huskies. She ended the final week of the regular season going 5 for 8 (.625) and drove home eight runs. Her torrid hitting included two double and two home runs. She also crossed the plate four times.

Bemis led the Big East during the regular season in slugging percentage.

She and the rest of the Softball Cards will play 6:30 p.m. in the opening round of the Big East Tournament Thursday night here at Ulmer Stadium. Louisville finished in third place for the regular season standings.


I absolutely hate the conflict that has developed here between the Cards softball tournament opener and the Cardinal Caravan Thursday night at Captain's Quarters. Originally, I swear I saw the the 3rd ranked team in the Big East final regular season standings would face the 6th ranked team to begin the tournament at 10 a.m. Thursday when I checked out the bracket pairings and times earlier in the week over at a Big East site. This worked out well for fans who wanted to attend both softball and the showcase of Louisville players and coaches. The official tournament draw that was released Sunday night, though...had the #3 vs. #6 at 6:30 p.m.

I can understand moving the UofL game to a later time and hoping to get a larger attendance...since more people will be home from work and able to attend and bring the kids. Putting it up against the popular Cardinal Caravan, though...which returns after a one year absence...makes no sense. Perhaps the Big East tournament officials didn't know about the gathering by the river.

Maybe the rains will delay one or both of the activities. The long range weather forecast for Louisville on Thursday doesn't look all that great. As if all this wasn't bad enough, yours truly also has a regularly scheduled monthly club meeting that same night.


We all appreciate a little humor on the golf course. Usually. Who could forget Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in CADDYSHACK? Adam Sandler and his golf antics in HAPPY GILMORE? Even Kevin Costner's tribulations in TIN CUP. The NCAA frowns on such nonsense, though and disqualified Norte Dame golfer Annie Brophy for joking around about her scores during the final round of the Central Regional Saturday at Otter Creek Golf Course. Brophy was keeping an accurate scorecard during the 18 holes but was telling people in charge of driving around the course and keeping track of the scores for the leaderboard that she was 6 under par after the first nine holes.

Brophy intended on turning in her actual scores at the end of her round...explaining that she wasn't lying or cheating on her score and actually keeping an accurate record of her strokes..but the NCAA got wise to her antics and disqualified her after 14 holes.

The problem? Seems that the scores Brophy was reporting had the teams from Florida State, Oregon and Kent State waiting around to see if they might be bumped by the Irish from finishing in the top eight and advancing to the NCAA Championships.

Brophy later admitted that her actions were not funny and she wasn't considering the long term effects of her kidding around. I wonder if she's majoring in Theatre or Political Science at Notre Dame.

(And people used to have problems with me replacing their golf ball with a hollowed out plastic one when they weren't looking. I submit the crown and title to you, Annie.) MANANANANAAAAAAAAA...NOONAN!


You may have noticed a new link in the "Sites We Recommend" at the top left of our site. THEY'RE PLAYING BASKETBALL is a great site that has a lot of articles about women's basketball and other related topics. Be sure to check out the article about Michigan State coach Suzy Merchant juggling her responsibilities as a head coach and mother. This was a great find by Sonja and I've made this site a "must read". Thanks to Sue for allowing us to post her link and spread the word.

Written by Paul (Happy bithday...Boats!)

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